r rated star wars movie

Why The World Needs An R-Rated Star Wars Movie

Can we be honest here for a second? The people who grew up on Star Wars are now old(er). While many of us were kids when the first movies came out in the 70’s, many of those same kids are now fully grown adults. Wouldn’t it then make sense that there would be one upcoming […]


The Best Open World Games of 2015/16

Open world games offer some of the most exciting, interesting and enticing games to have graced our desktop, laptop and mobile gaming devices since the birth of the industry itself. Growing ever more sophisticated with each coming year, the idea of entering through a game into an entire world doesn’t seem such an impossible to […]

best star wars vii fan art

Fandom Friday: Best Star Wars VII Fan Art

Four months till Star Wars VII hits the theaters. Can you wait that long? Not that you have any choice, but there’s a lot of material to keep you busy. There have been leaks for months now, trailers, and speculation left and right. For Fandom Friday this week, we won’t go into all that. Instead, let’s highlight the […]