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Win Funny Geek T-Shirts from! [Giveaway]

It’s Christmas, so why not another giveaway? has partnered up with us to give away THREE funny geek t-shirts. “Not another t-shirt giveaway!!!” some of you may be thinking. But hey, can you really have too many geek t-shirts??? Methinks not, so if you think the same, you’re going to love these funny tee […]

Contest’s Over, Giant Godzilla Christmas Tree Wins!

If there ever were a contest for the best of the geekiest Christmas trees, then this giant Godzilla Christmas tree might just send every other tree running for the woods. Spotted at the Aqua City Odaiba in Tokyo, this ginormous Christmas tree not only overwhelms because of its size, but also because it’s – well, […]

Jingle Bells Batman Smells…

Dashing through the snow… Everyone know how that goes. But wait, the guys at Nursery Rhymes TV want to do something different and risk the ire of the, arguably – very much arguably, the best superhero of them all. So what do we get? Jingle Bells Batman smells… You’ll have tons of fun singing this […]

Watch the Newly Released Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie Revival of “F” Trailers

Dragon Ball Z has made countless men and women fall in love with characters such as Goku, who, together with his gang defends the earth from all evil. It has been quite some time since we’ve seen something new from the franchise, but next year, we’re going to be treated to a new film: Dragon […]

Meet Brewie, the World’s First Fully Automated Home-Brewery

It’s pretty amazing what you can find on crowdfunding platforms, and if you’re a hipster person who loves his craft beer, then you’ll want to check out this Indiegogo project called Brewie. (I guess they couldn’t come up with a better name.)   Brewie is the world’s first fully automated home-brewery, which allows you to, […]

5 Great Movies That Kind Of Sucked

“Good” and “bad” are subjective when it comes to art, and filmmaking is no exception. But while we all try to get together and assign reasonable standards of what works and what doesn’t, there are moments where we get it wrong. In the same way that films like Office Space can flop upon first release […]

Revive Your Game Boy Classic With hdmyboy

If you had a Game Boy Classic back in the late 80s or early 90s, it is likely that you will never feel the same way about any other gaming device. It’s not that the modern consoles and portable gaming devices today aren’t way, way better. It’s just that the Game Boy Classic evokes a […]

The Order of X: X-Men in the Middle Ages [Concept Art]

What if The X-Men existed in the Middle Ages? The possibilities are endless (and who says some of them weren’t around then anyway?), and if you ask artist Nate Hallinan, what you will get is The Order of X. He created The Order of X, a collection of concept art depicting The X-Men as lords […]

16 Awesomely Tacky Thanksgiving Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a hit during the holidays – mostly among hipsters and women over 40. Everyone loves a good old fashioned tacky Christmas sweater and, if they don’t love them, they love to make fun of them. But what about tacky Thanksgiving sweaters? Those are much more rare. Just because they’re rare doesn’t […]