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It looks like the folks at GoogleLabs have added an RSS/Atom feed to Gmail. Very cool. It’s even SSL to keep things nice and safe. Now, where can I get one of these to install for my regular pop/imap accounts? I’m hooked!

Thanks, Netaku!

Update: Just to clarify… the “visit site” link below is the gmail atom feed link. If you want to subscribe to it in your RSS reader, though, you’ll probably need to use a URL in the following format:
https://USERNAME:[email protected]/gmail/feed/atom
That’ll plug your username and password into the request, since your RSS reader probably can’t prompt you for one. Also, this is mostly just to let you know you have mail.. it only displays what you’d see on the gmail inbox screen. This is probably what they’re using for the Gmail Notifier, behind the scenes.


  1. ive heard a lot about this rss stuff… it really useful or just nice to have?

  2. Seems like it just tells you when you have new messages in your inbox.

    I had heard about this back when they released the new features like drafts and inline contacts. But have never seen the ATOM button show up on my inbox page.

  3. Gmail feed? Where? Donde? Shit. Joder.

  4. where where where please tell me where

  5. Sorry if this wasn’t clear… in the post here, where it says “visit site” — that’s the atom feed link. Just put your gmail userid and password in and it loads the XML.

  6. I got to the page with the xml, but when I tried to subscribe to it with bloglines it said no feed was found. Am I doing something wrong?

  7. It doesn’t work if you’re at the feed location. Also, it won’t work as a live bookmark because it’s not an RSS feed. If you’re using Sage or any other Atom-compatible aggregator, it will work perfectly fine with that.

  8. sojo_slim says:

    I LOVE THIS – Gmail has once again that this is not your ordinary e-mail account! I use Sage on the new Firefox 1.0PR build and it worked like a charm!

  9. sojo_slim says:

    uhhh it is late the above comment should have read:

    I LOVE THIS – Gmail has once again *proved* that this is not your ordinary e-mail account! I use Sage on the new Firefox 1.0PR build and it worked like a charm!

    /I will always use preview before posting . . .

  10. Doesn’t work with RSS plugin for trillian =/

  11. If you subscribe to your Inbox using Bloglines does that mean that Bloglines will now be searching your Inbox and allowing other people to subscribe to it?

  12. Hi Stuart

    I think we can set the feed to be ‘private’ in Bloglines which probably means nobody else has access to it ?


  13. Kol Tregaskes says:

    I’ve set up the URL in News Crawler and whatever I do it errors with Can not load SSL library.

    What am I doing wrong?

    If I click on the link, it asks for my username and password, once I put that in it gives me the XML page, no use to me though. :-(


  14. BTW this not how the google mail notifier works.
    It works via the standard HTTP way.

    Also btw, the Remember personal info should NOT clear out the data i just entered if i change my mind to not save my info!

  15. George L Smyth says:

    Unfortunately, if you have more than one Gmail account, it changes the description for each feed to the same description and does not properly send one to their proper account.

  16. I dont want to read this bullshit anymore

  17. I hate spammers says:

    stupid spammer

  18. Why the hell would anyone spam something like this? Why not a forum or something more practical?

  19. anyone here know how to get a list of my contacts from gmail using the feed? Maybe other folders rather than just the inbox?

  20. I’ve never been able to get the feed to work in Google’s own feed reader. Frustrating. Does their feed reader not work with https or passwords or something?

  21. Works great in Feed Demon with multiple gmail accounts, with a slight modification to the above. If you add feeds for multiple accounts, just slightly change the URL by putting a question mark with a different string after the question mark on each different account feed. Google throws away the question mark and anything after it, but the aggregator (Feed Demon, in this case) sees that’s it’s a different feed and happily scans all of them without complaining.

  22. Because of SSL, authentication works quite different in RSS readers from web browsers…
    Here’s a little demonstration on how you would get the XML in visual basic.

    Imports System
    Imports System.Net
    Imports System.IO

    Public Sub Main()
    Dim Client As New WebClient()
    Client.Credentials = New System.Net.NetworkCredential("username","password")
    Dim FeedStream As Stream = Client.OpenRead("")
    Dim Reader As StreamReader = New StreamReader(FeedStream)
    Dim TextInXML As String = Reader.ReadToEnd()
    End Sub


    the two instances of “gmail” should just be “mail”

  24. nope, ‘gmail’ works, gets converted to ‘mail’

  25. Justin G Lynch says:

    I have tryied This whole convo of ideas gmails’ rss feed does not work in their own reader. If it does it is not one of the above formulas.

  26. Just add

    to your feed…

  27. there’s no rss support for it.. hope goog will add it soon.

  28. j random user says:

    Thanks very much – that last link

    works in Opera.

  29. Really nice.

  30. Thanks for share.. very helpfull..

  31. TY a lot!

  32. TY a lot!

  33. Thanks for the tip. I tried it out in Outlook 2007, it works fine.

  34. Maybe, I can attach emails to my CRM software with this way. Thanks!

  35. Nice & hooked

  36. How can you view the body of the message I see that there is a link but you have to be logged in to Gmail to you I am trying to just parse the body or the actual message.

  37. I know this is an ssl connection but passing your username and password in a url, isnt that dangerous?!?!?

  38. jaypee ed laer says:

    Is there a way instead of putting your email address and password.. Just put them in federated login..

    • jaypee ed laer says:

      What I mean is that after success login to google get the RSS.. Is there a way? Please help..’

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