Kana, Little Sister

Most reviews you’ll read of "Kana, Little Sister" will probably start out the same as this one. Get this game. Play this game. Cry your eyes out at one of the most heartbreaking stories you’ll ever experience, in one of the most beautiful games ever created. It’s one thing to read about someone dying, but in Kana, Little Sister, you’re her brother… and your every choice affects her chances of survival.

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Kana has some severe health problems, and is confined to the hospital most of the time. She doesn’t have any friends except a nurse who is too busy to spend enough time with her. You’re about the only influence she has… and that makes things very, very personal. The gifts you give her, the conversations you have, the choices you make shape and mold her personality as she ages… will she be intelligent, gentle, and wise beyond her years? Will she grow up with as close to a normal life as she can? It’s your call.

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It’s hard to describe what an incredibly profound effect this game has. You come to love Kana, to feel pain at her pain. You are her "bro" and she is your sister. Or is she? "Bro" can’t help but notice that she’s growing up very attractive, and she’s not really experienced enough to take his teasing as just that… and after a while, it isn’t. While the leanings towards incest is a bit of a distraction, rest easy, gentle gamer, she’s adopted, feel no guilt. Though actually, there are very few compromising experiences with Kana in the game… only right at the end. Which, since the game spans her life from childhood to college-age, we’re all thankful for.

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It is a bishoujo game, though, and what would a bishoujo game be without copious wanton sex scenes? One that doesn’t sell of course… and Kana is one of the best selling games of this genre (though that’s certainly for the story, not the comparatively tame hentai scenes) So, throughout the game, to keep you lusty players happy, is Yumi.

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Yumi is, well, yummy. When they were very small children, she and Bro had a crush on one another… but the cruelty of children is legendary, and a love note read aloud before ones peers is like breaking a deer’s leg in front of a pack of wolves… they just can’t help themselves. But eventually, with the help of copious amounts of alcohol and the god of whatta-coincidence, Yumi gets her man. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is a generous amount of naughty mixed in with the nice, and plenty of totally no-incest mosaic-free artwork to enhance your gaming experience. Sorry, I’m not including any images here that would get us blocked by corporate firewalls… but there are plenty of screenshots at JList (not even remotely safe for work. Kana’s way down on the page. you’ll have to scroll) and G-Collections (also not even remotey safe for work. Includes character bios and theme song mp3–very pretty).

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There are 6 possible endings to this game. Some will leave you feeling quietly sad. Some may touch you forever (I last played this 3 months ago and I still get choked up whenever I remember one phrase in her diary in one of the endings: "Today I saw the ocean. I’m not afraid anymore"). In one, you go completely insane. And in one, and only one… she lives.

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I don’t have any hints for you on this… you’ll want to play the game through multiple times and make every possible choice, so you can get the complete story. But if you’ve just suffered one of the saddest endings and want to experience the happy one to make up for it, you can find walkthrough guides at gamefaqs.

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Like any bishoujo or hentai game, it’s hard to find Kana, Little Sister in the USA. You can purchase it through JList for $49.95 (windows 95 and up, uncensored, english text, japanese voice). (Same price at G-Collections) It also comes as an option with several of their multi-game packs… you can get it and DOR and one other game for $95, or it and DOR and two other games for $135. Or if you have enough patience and either wouldn’t buy it anyway, or want to try it before you fork out your money, you can probably download it using Shareaza or something, you bad pirate person you. Obviously, I’d suggest buying it. First, because then you get a real legal copy with the manual, second, because it encourages the manufacturer to bring more of these games over to the US and translate them to english. But however you get it, get it, and play it… you’ll be glad you did.


  1. ... says

    How censored is the censored version of this game? I don’t *like* hentai games (and my parents would probably have a problem with it too :P), but it seems from your review like it’s such a good game.

    Or, for the uncensored game, how much of the game is hentai?


  2. says

    I think you can get it with or without mosaic… but it’s still probably not something your parents would appreciate, just a blurring out of actual points of contact. There’s supposed to be a pair of XBOX versions coming out next year sometime, with and without the adult themes… might want to wait on that.

  3. J-SOngS_Maniac says

    Where can I find mp3’s downloads for this kind of games? (no torrent pls) T_T
    They surely have tons of good theme songs like Kana~Imottou and Snow Drop ^^
    (Quite ironic if I say so myself)

  4. Sander says

    so i have both the pirated XP (Pro, Eng, SP2) and kana. that means there’s no way to try now and buy later because the game just won’t run? There must be a solution to this. Do you know if the problem lies with kana or XP? please help me out, tnx.

  5. says

    Thank you for that very thoughtful and insightful review of the game. It made me remember just what Kana meant to me, too, especially the ‘I’m not afraid anymore’ line.

    I’ve seen the game for as little as US$30 at sites like http://www.animetoxic.com and http://www.animecornerstore.com (plus shipping, of course). I thoroughly recommend buying it – it’s worth every cent, in my opinion.

    Because I didn’t find the ‘happy’ ending very satisfactory (and because I couldn’t find anyone else who had done it), I wrote some fanfics that continued Kana and Taka’s story, picking up a couple of years later. The website is here.

  6. Linus says

    I would not be exaggerating anything if I said that this game changed my life. I just finished playing it for the first time, and I cried my eyes out when I read that same sentence pointed out before… “Today I saw the ocean. I’m not afraid anymore.”

    If you follow the same path I did, it’s a sure bet you will end thinking about any of these things:
    – how you live my own life
    – how important it is to take risks in life
    – how incredibly lucky you are to be healthy
    – and, surely, you will think a lot about what you regret.

    Personally, I felt as if I myself saw Kana’s life slowly slipping away, instead of just playing as her Japanese brother.

  7. abs says

    It’s Cool and exciting…but i hope i can try it to play…indi me pa alam..ni recommend lng 2 ni Fosis…..

    nightwalker c”,)

  8. stimpack says

    I have bought an older copy of kana from g-collections and it does not contain the japanese voice… does the new ones (at g-collecions…) have them?? If they do, is it worth it to get a copy?

  9. k4lv1n says

    do anyone know where i can download g collections games for free.. i been trying to download the sagara family but i couldnt find any site!! please help me!!!!

  10. Max says

    is there a place where we can download the game im thinking hmmmmmm I wannna play it i wanna play it… i’ve never seen a game like this before.

  11. bIgNuts says

    ok i just played that game and OMG.. Now im not a person who likes reading but I just couldn’t help my self i wonted to keep going and find out what happen.

    (no im not going to spoil it) but dare god shocking events from one moment to the next and i nearly gave a tear to that game it was actually better then any movie i’ve seen in ages.

  12. psyte says

    i just finished the “normal” ending of this game and i just gota say….. i cant even rerember the last time i cryed so hard. i have never experienced such a sad and powerfull story like this before. the english translators did a flawless job on the translation. although expensive, this game is deffinately worth every penny and the only way you will belive me is if you play it through to the end.

  13. Guttersnipe says

    I’ve played a wide variety of games in the last 15 years; from old ega based games on my 386sx to modern mmorpgs and first person shooters.

    Somehow, they all seem remarkably shallow and insignificant next to this masterpiece.

    If you’re looking for a game that’ll blow you away, get this one. Then get Divi-Dead by C’sware, cause that was the bomb too. If you play Kana and aren’t blow away, I’d recommend getting an imagination.

    Peace out.

  14. hokuto kazama says

    i salute all of kana’s fans out there. kana’s the one girl one who would make you see everything about yourself and shows you the value of life. it maybe fiction, but what really hits you the hardest is it’s way too real…anyone wish at times that there’d be a kana todo in your life?

    i would.

  15. Cheebajones says

    Its definately the best erotic bishoujo game ive played so far..
    Exceptional story… good system…

    Definately a winner

  16. Lily says

    This is a gay game because Todo and Kana are brother and sister. It is just gross. I can’t believe that someone would make such a nasty game. Oh my gosh. I don’t like how people mad ethis game. This people must be stupid then to make a nasty game like this. Why can’t people just make it that Todo is still in love with Yumi and Kana was in love with Yuta. Why can it just be like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Kahn says

    U may be right. I would like to be able to have an additional happy ending about yuta with kana and Yumi with Todo , too.

    But I’m also allright with the way it is… The
    greatest game (all genres) I have ever seen !!! I… I won’t cry :)

    KANA won’t DIE!!!

    I’m also waiting for the new version translation … I’ll definitely buy it also !!! I wonder if they added an alternative ending to new version.

  18. says

    Kana ~Okaeri~ (the remade version released in Japan for the PC) has voice acting and two new vocal songs. All the artwork has been redone, too, with new character designs.

    The story and gameplay are exactly the same as the original version.

  19. -[slave]- says

    Seriously, how can I run my pirated version? I can’t afford to order online for $50, my financial situation is pretty tight right now.

  20. Elle says

    Even though Kana’s adopted, they still grew up brother and sister so it’s phycological incest. Gross. Like, if you found out your sibling was adpoted, you’s still feel like they were your sibling and would suddenly want to bone them >_Even though Kana’s adopted, they still grew up brother and sister so it’s phycological incest. Gross. Like, if you found out your sibling was adpoted, you’s still feel like they were your sibling and would suddenly want to bone them >_<…

    • Debit says

      Yeah … there is a phenomenon known as Westermarck Effect, in which there is a negative sexual imprinting which takes place during the first few years in a person’s life (roughly the first six years of one’s life) The key point is about whether or not the kids in question have been growing up together, not about their blood-relations.

      A flip side of this is, if two blood-related siblings who did not grow up together but meet each other as adults, they may find each other sexually attractive!

      From the perspective of Westermarck Effect, the incestuous relationship between Kana and Taka is highly improbable, considering that Kana and Taka have been growing up together. This phenomenon should give away an easy hint that Kana-Taka relationship is a literary device (to make the story more dramatic), not reflective of real-life.

      • pyrespirit says

        The thing you have to keep in mind is the abnormal nature of their lives.

        Kana has spent a huge portion of her life in hospital, and is a desperately lonely young woman. The only person she’s ever been able to depend on is her brother, who, since the events at the onset of the game, has protected her and nurtured her for most of her life.

        Her brother, too, has had half his life devoted to this one young woman, feeling a deep sense of responsibility to treat her well after he realized the effect his actions were having on her in her childhood, and how lonely she was.

        Of the many themes in this game is the isolation of Kana; the isolation induced by being different, by being fragile and ill for most of her life.

  21. Valk says

    Greatest game I’ve played in a long time! I thought the normal ending was pretty sad, but it was the “snow” ending that really hit home with me. The potential of crying is usually an aspect of gaming that just doesn’t appeal to me, but this title blew me away…

  22. Detox says

    Dam`n it!
    Thats the most heart breaking game I have ever played.
    No movie or pcgame was ever able to touch me that deep.
    The normal ending with that voice mail record was…outstanding sad!

    greetings from germany…

  23. Danny says

    This is a completely a perverts game.
    This gay man f**cks his little sister.
    How kind.
    I tell you guys, the man who produced it is insane.

  24. xxx says

    for those who want to download the sagara family game and the likes… it’s all in bittorrent sites. they’re free to download. in fact i’ve played some of the games(hentai, bishoujo)

  25. Daniel says

     I got this game a little while ago. Well, I played it. This game hurts. After playing this game, I can barely eat. I didn’t know that a game such as this would have been so touching. I do suggest you purchase this game, but if your weak-hearted, then it may be too much. Well, maybe it is just because I am a caring person. Well, I really want to play it again (I got the 4th ending first, after feeling my heart get ripped out then I got the 2nd. That hurts…) but it may be a while before I can stomach it, again.

     Beautiful game

  26. Scott says

    People should tell their friends about this wonderful game. I played it through the first time and got the 6th ending, and I cried my eyes out. I may be a guy, but I’m not afraid to say that I cried during it. I then got the 2nd, 3rd, 1st. One really needs to play through to the first ending.
    And to anyone who thinks this game is wrong, doesn’t have a soul.

  27. Oscar says

    I’ve encountered some things in my day that definately jerked at emotions one way or another, good movies that I watch over and over, sad books I’ve read more than once, but I’ve never encountered anything that really choked me up though. I’m not a kid anymore and guys don’t get choked up in the first place. This game REALLY choked me up! If my friends found out, I would be ostricized from the “Man-Table”

    The characters seem so real after a while you begin to realy feel for them and start yelling at your monitor in despair when they do and say certain things, it’s that engrossing. Some parts of this game, the dialouge, the characters, keep me up at night! I even came home from work early so I can read through the alternate endings after spending all night going through it the first time. Its been a few days now and thankfully I’m back to playing some war games but this story will stick with me for a long time

    I used to think it was ridiculous when girls would cry over thier love stories that they read but after playing this game through all 6 endings (I just had to download a walkthrough after I played through it once to see the other outcomes) I totally understand now! I appologize to women everywhere who cry over thier romance novels!

    Thats probably the best way to describe this game, it’s like a Romance Novel but for men. It realy hits men in their soft spots and I think only men can understand the pain and struggle the main character is going through.

    If you’re a fan of Anime at all, this game should really affect you

  28. Guttersnipe says

    For all those whining about incest — it’s your *adopted* sister. And you don’t even have to sleep with her. You can choose to do so, or not. Just like real life. Seriously, the people complaining about incest didn’t pay any attention to the story line and probably just skipped to the nudie pictures.

  29. Cyle says

    I just finished this game for the first time.

    I downloaded a slightly buggy copy to try it out.

    I will be buying this game.

 that’s all I have to say about that

  30. Francois says

    Oscar, that is a great review. A romance novel, by men for men, that is not pornographic but is still erotic. It pulls at a man’s emotions in ways that a western video game could not begin to.

    Instead of the unrealistic “harem” situation where 4 or more women are helplessly attracted to the main character, this is a much simpler but more well-developed story. Figuring out the endings is also a lot more involving than “Be nice to girl A and not nice to girl B = sleep with girl A”.

    Despite the simplicity of this book-like game, the endings will blow you out of the water…

  31. johan says

    good game…. the best i ever play in my life. good story line and gonna make u cry like a baby for sure. i never cry so hard in my life before.

  32. director says

    the best game i’ve played for a long time.. possibly the best ever. heartbreaking.. words fail me here, sorry.

  33. Scott says

    I 100% agree with Oscar. This game made me sob like a baby, and I’m not afraid to admit it, because if I do admit it, maybe more people will get this game. I guarentee, it will WILL change your life. Don’t believe me? Get it! I’m still working through the endings, but after the first one (#5), I’ve found myself appreciating life more. I even sat outside for about an hour, just enjoying and experiencing everything. I also agree with Director. When it comes to games like this……words just fail. How did they come up with it. I hope to god one ending wasn’t a true story…That would be the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. I could go on and on, but I’ll sum it up: I think that you should buy this game, but if you REALLY don’t have the money, you need to pirate it. Everyone in the world should play this game. If you pirate it though, you should buy it at some point when you have the money. And spread it around. Once you buy it and have played all the endings, give it to someone. Leave it in a park with a note. Sell it again. Something to pass on the touching, loving message portrayed in this game.

  34. Alan says

    This game will never get the publicity it deserves; i wish there was no hentai in this game so that it could publically be discussed; lord knows that it doesn’t properly fall under the “Hentai” category…

    After playing this game, my heart literally hurt whenever I thought of Kana.

  35. Brando says

    I want to play this game. I am poor. Someone let me know how I can get a full, uncensored version of this game for free. Details please.

  36. Tamix says

    Well, I won’t describe the game since it has been really well described already on many coments, and it’s hard to write how it really makes you feel anyway. I feel sorry for everyone saying the game is incest, maybe you’re not mature enough yet. As Alan said, this game does not go in Hentai category of games, BUT it is a fact that you would never find such a story in a general game, or movie, or anything. And again, Play This Game (And finish at least the 3 main endings). This game should be required to live, i mean, criminal rate would drop to 0%, how can you actually kill someone after playing, i should say feeling this game. If you can’t buy the game for any reasons, pirate it,(I’m trully sorry D.O). I do it myself, I know im bad, but i got my reasons (I don’t care if you believe me or not).

    The best site for bishoujo torrents is DeltaAnimeTorrents (datorrents.com), the games ALL works and everything needed to play it is included.

    Also if you really like Kana LS and maybe you’re searching for more games like this,
    I STRONGLY suggest Figures of Happiness, I think it’s actually better than Kana LS, although it’s different, it isn’t a game that makes you cry but a game that makes you think, deeply (I cried, anyway). And you MUST go trough Minamo in the land of light path.

    I also recommend:
    Heart de Roommate (that one makes you laugh so hard you’re gonna cry too, in fact its the funniest THING I ever played or saw or did in my life)
    Private Nurse (Kana LS like a lot)
    Season of Sakura
    Nocturnal Illusion (Old but as good as I remember it was amazing)
    The Sagara Family (Altough this really is a hentai-game, but it’s funny as hell too)

    You can see I am a bishoujo fan (and a pirate too, i feel so bad), in fact i played quite a lot, so if you have questions or want to know about a game, you can always ask me, i didn’t go trough all games tough.

    Tamix ~~ [email protected]

  37. Sam says

    This is a must play game. No, i’m not here to promote it, i’m just trying inform people around play this game. this is one of the things that has touched me and for that reason i became a better person. I just want to recommend all the One Piece Fans out there what i have experienced and wanted to share that with who else? All of the OP fans out there. This is not actually a game but a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. BELIEVE ME, this game will change you. So get this game any way possible, i don’t care if you buy it or not, just play this game some how. It will surly change you in a way you never imagined. My friend recommended me this game while @ lunch break ( yes, i know i should be looking at this) but he said to me that this inst one of THOSE kinda games, of course i didn’t believe him, but i tried it out. First i was awkward about it, playing a game that has such a unusual storyline, but as i played it, i learned a lot and yes, it made me cry. I cried and sobered, which is definitely not the kind of guy i am, but i could not help it since i bonded with the game and so will you. I Guarantee it. Just try it out and play it to THE END. It will change your life to a Happier one. Oh yes, sorry if there are any run-on sentences or fragments, i had to write fast because im getting sleepy.

  38. Mirari says

    well, i read the reviews, and it really captured my interest….sadly i am jobless and no $$….i downloaded the game from torrentreactor but sadly, it is incomplete…i cant even install the game,,,so if i is possible can anyone tell me any site to download the game’s complete version so i can install it and play ? thx in advance…i dont mind direct download or via torrent

  39. john says

    i’m usually not the kind of person to post comments on web sites but for this touching game, I’ll do anything. I found out about this game through serfing the internet and all the reviews pointed me towards the same direction. I just go the game last Saturday (I’m sorry guys, I downloaded it… I feel like crap right now) and I’ve already played through it twice. For the first time I cried towards the ending but for the second time, I cried EVERYTIME I see Kana being hugged, or have tears in her eyes. I cried the hardest when the story reach the point where Taka found out that Kana has only six months to live and found himself in the restroom of the hospital crying. This game is a life changing experience.
    After reading all of the comments on this site I found myself couldn’t agree more with most of them. But I have to comment on those of you who feel disgusted by the “incest”, which in my opinion, DOESN’T EXIST in this game. Two simple reasons: 1. Kana is adopted, which means Taka and Kana aren’t blood-related. 2. I realized some of you said that even Kana is adopted but they still grew up together, but get this: Kana spent MOST of her time in the hospital. Taka and Kana haven’t had their whole childhood together and therefore they in my opinion doesn’t have an incestuous relationship. I may not truelly understand this since I am an only child. But I feel strongly that Taka and Kana’s relationship is pure and nonforbidden. Tamix, thank you for those recommendations of other related games and I’ll look for them.

  40. marko says

    i must say something: you people are sick

    sorry for all of you who were impressed by this game, but come on people! what are you? animals?
    even if “legally” they are not brother and sister, they were raised as brother and sister, and that makes it sick. i have a younger sister, so i know what I’m talking about.

    second, you have an option to f*ck your sick sister that will die in a couple of days! what are we here, on the edge of incest and necrophilia? the game cold have easily be done with such a “good” story without the brother-sister relationship. I just have to say it, this is bloody sick, and filled with so much “moralities” about life. makes me throw up.

  41. NoBody says

    Hey, Marko & others who whine about this game being sick, perverted or whatever…can i ask you – have you ever even played the game? If not, you’ll better shut up, but if you really completed the game just as once and you still think, its perverted, then i’m really sorry for you, ’cause somehow you managed to miss the whole point…(not to mention, that you probably don’t have soul.) And no – it’s not about incest and necrophilia, (i actually think it’s disgrace to use such words to characterize this game), ’cause despite of some sexual themes, it’s about love, caring, commitment…about life and important things in life…and also about death, which will wait us all..and is ironically a part of life. And that incest thing – yes i was little worried about that too, but in the end it didn’t matter anymore, they weren’t bloodrelatives and loved each other – so where’s the problem here? Besides…making love with Kana is optional…you don’t have to do that..its simple…
    I managed to complete “Kana” first time couple of days ago…and still i can’t get it out of my head…i got ending with snow & now i better take a break cause this game really gets into you. I’ve never played anything like this before…and probably (hopefully) never will…
    It’s was actually quite weird to read all those replays, where grown men admit that they’ve cried while playing the game, week ago i would think…What? But now…now i know…..Damn, i would never believe, that cynical & ironic person like myself could cry because of computer game…but hell…i did it.. several times actually…And now i wonder, will i ever be the same as before…”Kana..” makes something with you, somehow you realize, how important is to love and care for somebody and how we should cherish every day and every moment that we live, cause we cannot get another chance…every second is unic and never returns, so if we waste it, it’ll be gone..and does’nt matter how much we regret…
    And yes…those, who said that everybody should play this game at least once, were right. But still i wouldn’t recommend it to people with weak nervous system…it might be just too much…
    But for others – yes dl or buy it, and play…play it with your heart and hopefully you’ll end up being better person than before…i think i did….

    Sorry for my bad english and keep this beautyful game alive…

  42. John says

    An incredibly beautiful and thoughtful game, truly a masterpiece. This is one of the most touching stories I’ve ever experienced, through any medium – all books, TV shows, movies and games included. Maybe that’s quite a claim to make, but I stand beside it, and I’m sure most of the other people who’ve actually seen “Kana” for themselves agree with me.

    It’s almost a shame that “Kana” has been labeled as a ‘hentai’ game, because apart from the very few sexual scenes, it’s really nothing of the sort. It’s an incredibly well-told, brilliant story which happens to include some emotional and romantic sexuality. None of the sex is really ‘meaningless’ or ‘gratuitous’. It all happens very late in the story, and is an extension of the feelings of the characters (which have been developing throughout the story) on the few occasions in which it happens.

    What “Kana” is definitely NOT is just a ‘sex story’ which happens to have a good plot. It’s unfortunate that some people have been blinded by the few apparently ‘immoral’ themes (in their eyes, at least), because they can’t see the largest part of the story for what it is: an emotional and insightful look into the human spirit, and what life and death truly mean.

    There’s just one thing that baffles me about this game, though. Why has nobody taken this story and made into a movie, with real people?! Seriously! Sure, the few explicit scenes would probably need to be cut, and the love theme between brother and sister may need to be toned down slightly (since this would have to appeal to the mainstream public). But I don’t think this would affect the emotional impact that the story has as a whole.

    I would definitely pay to see a movie which managed to capture the spirit of this story, and I think that a large number of other people (in fact, anyone who has a heart) would do so too. So what’s keeping the movie makers? It’s a brilliant storyline – making a movie out of it would not only be potentially very profitable, it’d also be like a public service. Everyone should hear Kana’s story.

    But I digress. Regardless of whether a movie ever comes about, PLAY THE GAME. I’d recommend it to anyone who isn’t so closed-minded that they can’t see past the sex and the apparent ‘immoral’ themes (which don’t even exist, in my opinion).


  43. Novice says

    Ah yes, a game so touching, I daresay it touched my very soul…

    Now, there are those of you who are disgusted at the fact that incest plays a crucial role in the development of the story, but you really have to consider it from the point of the characters, as well as the story as a whole.

    It is a tragedy.

    It’s tragic that these two individuals that care so much for one another are socially separated by the concept of brother and sister.

    It’s tragic one of them is going to die in a few months

    It’s tragic that they know the end is coming and can do relatively little to nothing to stop it.

    The sibling element is an essential aspect of the tragedy of this story. Sure, it could have been removed, but the story is no longer as tragic, no longer has heart wrenching as before.

    The main character himself initially has incredible guilt and is nearly overwhelmed by said feelings.

    It isn’t the case of some beastial, basic level of lust that most of the individuals here seem to describe it as. It is the case of absolute and total love; the ability, the willingness to totally and completely give yourself up for another, nurtured by feelings of safety, companionship, understanding. Most siblings don’t carry this sort of strong bond, it’s only something seen in people who are madly in love.

    Consider it from the point of the characters themselves.

    Kana has had little contact with others, sheltered her entire life by her sickness. Taka is her only real contact with the world, the only person willing and able to spend whatever possible time with her as possible. He has sacrificed so much for her, and has nearly died protecting her on occasion.

    Thus, when you consider it, is it really questionable where Kana and Taka’s feelings would end up?

    While you are given the option of making love to Kana, its real use is to convey to us, the player, the depth of their attraction. This wasn’t an attraction that appeared overnight, but that’s been harbored for years, the other months.

    I found Kana imouto so good I had my younger sister play it. She got the intellectual ending 2, and she reported to me how much she liked it. She could feel the pain and guilt that the characters shared, as well as the looming fear of death approaching. She could understand why they, as a pair of siblings were so heavily attracted. She wanted to play it again and get the Kana lives ending.

    And finally, why would anyone write such a thing?

    Because it’s a story worth telling. What are hailed as stories worth telling? These same tragedies, such as those written by Shakespere.

    Thus, do not despise it upon its premise. Despise it for the lack of feeling it instills in you, as any good story will fill you with whatever emotion it is meant to convey. If you focus purely on a single aspect that you dislike, you miss out on the overall feeling it is meant to convey, and are instead left with a bad taste in your mouth.

    The only failing in my opinion? There was a lack of a Yuta ending. It felt as if his character was added in only to hasten the development of the feelings of Taka, despite the fact that what has been hinted of him would have proved incredibly interesting had such a union formed.

    Of course, I could simultaneously see such a pairing fail as well, considering the natures of Yuta and Kana and how they view each other…

    • Debit says

      … lack of Yuta ending?

      Now that I am thinking about him, a Yuta ending would be pretty interesting. But in order to pull that off, the number of decision points will have to go up from 30 to 40 (just taking a crude estimate), in order to make room for storylines in which Kana and Yuta develops feelings for each other. While at it, split Yuta’s ending like the rest (Best/Normal/Yumi vs. Intellectual endings). In other words, as Yuta’s storyline develops, he feels the kind of pressure that Taka has been going through. But because the storylines are driven by Taka’s decisions, Yuta’s storyline is more indirect. In effect, in Yuta’s storyline, Taka becomes a 3rd person narrator.

  44. Aeval says

    “For all those whining about incest — it’s your *adopted* sister. And you don’t even have to sleep with her. You can choose to do so, or not. Just like real life. Seriously, the people complaining about incest didn’t pay any attention to the story line and probably just skipped to the nudie pictures.”

    Well… yes. This IS a hentai game, after all. The whole PURPOSE is to skip to the nudie parts.

    And while I can deal with the whole “heart-warming” and “tear-jerking” aspect… this is a story about incest and wanting to have sex with your little sister (“Adopted” or not — it’s still, as someone mentioned, psychological incest). Feeling sexual attraction for a family member is NOT okay. It’s a common theme in hentai, but that doesn’t make it normal. And it’s hard to overlook that no one seems to mind it..

    Why not make this game a regular game, minus the hentai aspect? It would probably be an even bigger hit, especially since the focus seems to be on the story as opposed to the sex like with most games. I would have loved to play an Xbox version without the hentai (though I heard that plan was cancelled..)

    • jacob says

      Reading some of these comments reminds of these siblings I once knew, They were really close to eachother and someone started rumors that they were kissing at the park. everyone stopped talking to them, and they were bullied ferociously. Butthey kept trying to see eatch other no matter what. Why is it so bad for two people who love eatch other to do things other couples do. no matter who it is, people should follow there real feelings.

      And i’m serious when I say this is one of the saddest games ever invented in the history of ever. should that change becouse the two main charcters are siblings? hell no!!!

  45. RHAC says

    Yes its psychological incest, so what? this is an extremely touching story that hits the core of human feeling picture this she loves him he loves her but of course hes always repressed his desires because incest is taboo right ? now he and she know they have 6 months max together shes afraid of dying and she wants to experience the things in life that she has been denied but the only person she trusts in the world is here brother ?

    He knows shes going to die and she practically throws herself at him could you truly break her heart when it might be the last time you ever see each other coupled with the fact that birth deformity the principle no no of incest is no longer a factor ?

    Yeah its not such an easy question is it ? peoples feelings don’t always follow societies socially acceptable rules i know i used to have some damn strange feelings for my younger sister when i was not long past puberty sure i never acted on them and ive long since outgrown them but fact is they were there all the same. And that wasn’t even love like this is that was pure lust. Would i ever tell my sister or any of my immidiate family? hell no it would only make things awkward for no reason and there are many good reasons not to persue relationships like that. Does it make me feel less of a human being ? not a chance in hell!

  46. J.E. says

    Hello, I was googling for “Kana Little Sister” (just so see what people think about the game) and I found your blog. My friend let me borrow this game and I finished it yesterday. I don’t like hentai or porn in general, so I played it for the story. Guess what? I spent 75% of the game crying. I felt like a new person when I had finished it. Everytime I see snow (which should appear VERY soon here in Stockholm ;P), I’ll think of what happened to Kana in the ending I got. And then I will cry.

    And for those who are afraid of the incest parts of the game… Give it a try anyway. I don’t know if the sex scenes with Yumi are optional, but I know the one with Kana is.


    • Debit says

      I have been tinkering around with Kana for a while and I have noticed that the storylines are loaded in favor of Yumi becoming too too much involved with Taka, regardless of how much you try to make Taka to distance himself from her.

      With regard to Kana: There is one ending in which you are not provided with a decision point to stop Taka from going over the line with Kana.

  47. Shawn says

    I was able to find a free copy of the game on the internet. Sorry you guys have to search it yourselfs. I don’t want it gone

    Is so sad, I didn’t shred a tear but I spend 50% of the game almost have to. I felt like crying. Is true this game changes a person.

    Play it !I recommanded for 12+ however due to hentai 18+

    It would have been great, even with out the hentai.

  48. PK says

    I have to throw in my 2c worth, I never was and still not into hentai, but I don’t think of this game as a hentai game. It’s less than 4% of the game.
    This game truly touched me like no other story has, because its about the humanity of life and death.

    As other have put it so eloquently its about love, and how to cast aside what we as a society has accepted as normal behaviors and normal love. the character do indeed struggle with these emotions, and rules so much so it pains you.

    The other thing that moved me so much even to this day was the music, I heard a blip of it on the internet awhile ago and became entranced by it. The music stirs the very soul, so much of it was so haunting I still remember it and find myself humming it every now and then.

    don’t believe me? just youtube it and search for Kana: Little Sister. type in “The White Season” and listen to the clip of it. For any of you anime fans and music fans out there just try it. Listen to it and FEEL.

    As a guy I never cried so much and I still get teary-eyed when I think about Kana, Taka and Yumi. Heck, just listening to the songs make me smile in a sad way.

    I highly recommend playing this game even quickly zip through the H scenes if you find that disgusting.

  49. Done says

    Why. WHY! WHY DID I PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!! SADDEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED. Like i can get this out of my head, it’s a good game but not worth it when you start crying like a baby. I can’t even finish the other endings because I don’t want to feel like I’ve lost my house, job, girlfriend and car at the same time. I’m going to have to buy this and give to my friends as a joke to ruin there lives.

  50. cw says

    p.s. this game is so emotionally gripping, and I found it so sad, that I had to pause frequently while playing and do something else for 15 min., just to compose myself enough before continuing on (only to wind up doing it again just a little bit later).

    As with commenter #69, this game is incredibly sad and I also can’t finish the sad endings because you really feel the tangible loss. Also, to be honest, I am a caregiver to my aging grandmother and this game’s treatment of death and loss cuts so deep that it is hard to handle if you’re a little emotionally raw from RL stuff.

  51. cw says

    p.p.s. ….. with a slight nod to “The Outsiders,” the sunset symbolism/motif and its relationship to death reminds me of

    Nothing Gold Can Stay (Robert Frost)

    Nature’s first green is gold,
    Her hardest hue to hold.
    Her early leafs a flower;
    But only so an hour.
    Then leaf subsides to leaf.
    So Eden sank to grief,
    So dawn goes down to day.
    Nothing gold can stay.

  52. Valik says

    One of my top 3 games of all time. I’m not gonna go into detail of how much I liked the game as I’ll find myself typing for hours. The most emotional story I ever heard, made me cry a whole lot. Even to this day, when I see first snow out the window I remember of Kana. This game will change you perception on life, death and siblings (if you have any). Music in this game is as much exeptional as he story is. Very deep atmosphere that will suck you into the game for hours. 6 endings is a great adition to the game. I believe the 6th ending is the most fitting in this game (don’t shoot, I like ending 1 more). You very actions will change Kana’s future and life span. A little hint, make her feal as a kid as much as possible and show as much care as you can to get the best ending. You have 6 endings, and only ONE where she lives. You MUST get it, she is depending on it. Through the tears, emotions and uncontrollable sobbing/crying, you have to play it to the end.
    Oh and if you liked the game, you should check out Kana flash! Its made the same style as the game, both graphics and storyline. It continues of from the first ending, you must play it, Kana is waiting…

    • Debit says

      Regarding the ‘Best Ending’: I have tinkered around for a bit and I have noticed that whichever choices Taka makes with regards to Yumi, with the exception of the final decision point involving Yumi, have only a marginal impact compared to whichever choices Taka makes with regards to Kana. (In a way, this makes sense, since Yumi-Taka relationship is pretty much built into the story and there is not a whole lot you can do about it.)

      The No. 6 ending is sad at first but uplifting in that Yumi gradually understands what Taka and Kana have been going through and forgives him.

      The No. 3 ‘Yumi Ending’ is perhaps the most frightening: This is the only one in which you get to see Taka’s darker side not available in other endings. On a brighter side, you get to see a different side of Yumi; she is much more than a mere nymphomaniac.

  53. ninja1000 says

    Well,I have never played it,and dont know if I will,unless I get one answer.
    What is the exact disease she is or was suffering?
    I am an MBBS,thus watching people die, life slipping away is my daily routine.I feel for patients at bedside, but on the same day enjoy the tv forgetting it.
    The years in the bedside really teach you to deal with death.
    In my opinion, the game has a huge fault.If kana was in CRF, then her brother could have donated a kidney. . .Oh, not real brother? Then how about HLA typing? And what disease? Polycystic kidney disease? Complete renal atresia?
    Maybe some short of atypical nephrotic syndrome? Or MGN? Was renal transplant tried?Or is it the same trick that “the character concerned has such a condition or such a rare genetic makeup that grafts cant be used.”
    Seriously,I think thalassemia could have been a better disease to suit this story, since, Kana’s pictures do not show much signs of a renal disease.

  54. Kana says


  55. Helena says

    I have not played this game.
    But just reading the comments made me cry.
    P.S. I desperately want to. Play the game, that is.

  56. Debit says

    I downloaded Kana from G-Collections.com at $24.85 a while back. I think the price for downloadable version was pretty good, considering the quality of this visual novel.

    The explicit artwork in this game fits into the storylines, not the other way around. Games that tend to get too carried away with sex generally have very short shelf-life. But one with excellent storylines like Kana would be something that one would want to go through again and again.

    I have yet to get all the story endings (2 out of 6, so far!), but so far, my impression is that I really get a sense of impact from whichever decisions I make. (Feeling uneasy or even nervous at times!) I have to think and feel through as I make each decision. Perhaps this is the strongest element in Kana. Furthermore, the overall theme of this visual novel involves life & death, which gives a rather philosophical undertone beneath apparent ‘crisis imminent mode’.

    I do not think the incest aspect of the story a big deal. Less to do with what Taka finds out about Kana towards the end, but more to do with the fact that Kana’s life is barely hanging on a fragile tightrope and she has only so much opportunity to experience life before it snaps.

    The triangular relationship among Taka, Kana, and Yumi greatly adds to the tension. Yeah … feels like a soap-opera, but this tension helps to impart human imperfections to Taka. Otherwise, Taka would be no different from a typical ‘heroic’ action figure.

  57. -Kotaro- says

    I am a very (and I stress VERY) get-in-to-character kind of person, if this game is as heartbreaking as everyone says… I don’t think my heart can take it…

  58. Magoichi Saika says

    I wonder why they removed the adult scenes in PSP version. Kids can access any version one way or another.

    • Debit says

      Something like Kana Imouto is over 10 years old. Any teenager who can surf the net and know a bit about torrent downloads can easily obtain one and uncensored version at that. Even pretty outrageous titles like Rapelay can be obtained fairly easily and it was first released in 2006!

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