Play Nintendo DS Online

XLink Kai, the people that brought online play to the Gamecube, Xbox, and PS2, have already partially got internet tunneling working for the Nintendo DS. It’s in the very beginning stages at the moment so it’s not something that just anyone can do, but it looks like it will be possible, even if Nintendo never implements online play themselves.


  1. Norgus says

    Everything I read about the DS makes me wonder if it should be the next thing I save up for. Despite my lack of fundage >.Everything I read about the DS makes me wonder if it should be the next thing I save up for. Despite my lack of fundage >.< Look forward to seeing this project evolve.

  2. jakez says

    LISTEN, i was just like the majority of you, bought a DS, thought it was awsome, thought NINTENDO might have the balls to push this thing like no tommarrow (because, well, goddamnit, nintendo is dead almost) so i though they would bounce back with this, but no, nintendo fucks up again, and i hate them, do yourselfs all a favor, wait and spend the extra 100 dollars.

  3. Supergameboy says

    Hey y’all. i just wanna know when & where i can play my DS online so i can school the entire world in Metroid Prime Hunters.

  4. PSP RULZ says

    Psp is way better, i got fucked over buying the ds, yoshi touch and go is pointless and was a waste of money…, Mario was fun but got old fast , and Metroid Prime Hunters will suck cuz of the controls and the graphics.

  5. fuck psp says

    you guys are retarded dont wate ur money on gay psp, trust me DS will be comming out with things that will blow PSP away!

  6. timmeh says

    Well, does anyone know for sure that the DS will have online play? I’ve heard that Hunters will have online play, but I haven’t heard anything for sure.

  7. Bsbllmn9 says

    the only thing the psp has that is better than the DS is the graphics. DS is gonna come out with some awesome games like mariokart ONLINE!! which is gonna be sweet. And because of the touch screen it has the capability to play RTS games that are fun. Age of Empires: Age of kings will come out for it later this year. and i have looked at other games that will be online, and more RTS games are coming out.

  8. Napoleon says

    The nintendo DS does and will go online with the use of wireless technology. Making it possible to play multiplayer games around the world. I’m not sure about pictochat, but I’m sure they got that in there too.

    Oh yeah the DS has a microphone in it.Does the PSP?Noooooooo freakin idiot!God!

  9. kurly says

    the ds is the baddest got one the other day an think that if they get it online then it will be the start of something big for nintendo. they used to make the best consoles by far with the super nintendo and n64. they rocked the charts and now i think its the nintendo ds’s time to shine

  10. ian says

    the nintendo DS RULZ!!!!!!!
    ive played psp and the only thing that is cool about it is the fact that you can put music on there. Its too big to keep in your pocket so what are you going to do with the music. the pictures that you can put on there was the stupidest idea by SONY. Sony is a bunch of bitches that copy and steal everything that nintendo does.
    DS was a good investment

  11. Master Cob says

    More than likely your going to see that the DS is going to become like the virtual boy (don’t say that God doesn’t makes mistakes ). I myself have a DS and I’m disappointed with it extremely because of the lack of games that actually take advantage of the touch screen – cross plat forming doesn’t count . I’ve played the PSP, and, dead pixels aside, it is very cool. Not to mention the ability to save whole games onto memory disc to sample them (you know like the DS). Both consoles are great but with everything I’ve seen (despite how fucking bad ass the DS concept .. .. CONSEPT 
 is) the PSP , unfortunately, is going to win this battle. . . . Oh – forgot to mention next generation Nintendo game systems may just use the touch screen on it controllers. I.e. works alright as a handheld – will rock as a full blown system.- One last thing – has anyone figured out that you can program your own games – then with wi-fi play them on your DS – ….. figure it out

  12. Squireonfire says

    I think nintendo either released the DS too early or was just plain desperate and didn’t have the time to put out much more than sad cheap games and ports. BUT if all of you wise up and WAIT for a little while, DS will SWEEP SONY OFF OF ITS FEET!!!! Sony will FALL!!!! Do yourself a favor. Keep your DS and sell your old gameboy advance, so all the sad PSP owners who blew all of their money on the system itself can have something to play. Have pity. Show mercy. They’re gamers too, just not so smart.

  13. Vicious Vic says

    ……….i never thought so many people would find something so gay and pointless as fun.

    …wow! a stylus! fun!!!!!

    ……………why 2 screens? why touch screen? its pointless and dumb………..
    ds doesn’t deserve be in existence.
    lol, and nintendo is dead……..always was.

    the ds is nothing, and its games are nothing either.

  14. cHokOi says

    ….viciouse vic,2answer ur questions on y nintendo created 2screens,a touch screen n ‘a stylus fun'(wat ever you meann-_-‘) , it is bcoz nintendo do has originality,if the brand was ‘PsP’ den u wouldnt b sayn shit lyk wat u
    im a sony gamer but i 2am a DS plyer,both are great,but nintendo DS is goin 2b big!

  15. cHokOi says

    ….2answer ur questions on y nintendo created 2screens,a touch screen n ‘a stylus fun'(wat ever you meann-_-‘) , it is bcoz nintendo do has originality,if the brand was ‘PsP’ den u wouldnt b sayn shit lyk wat u
    im a sony gamer but i 2am a DS plyer,both are great,but nintendo DS is goin 2b big!

  16. H_man says

    All of you who think Nintendo was killed by the Ds… You’re wrong. Sony is getting owned in the video game market now that the Xbox has GTA and every game that PS2 has except for Grand Turismo. Sony’s next-gen console will have the worst graphics of the three and the DS has sold 3,000,000 copies!!!! PSP has sold only 600,000. you think psp can beat something that has outsold the ipod?

  17. chessmaster says

    this is my opionion, but i think ds is gonna kill the psp. just think about it:
    psp: exacly like a game boy advane
    ds: duel screens, touch screen, wireless conecting, pictochat, easily portible, everything.
    ds is gonna KILL sony. anyone who bought psp is gonna be sorry they wasted their money.

  18. ss4jr says

    When i bought my ds, it was the greatest investment i ever did, but then i heard of the other portable machines graphic which is the psp, which is close to ps2. i thought about selling my ds over psp that plays music,movies,etc. The final thought were to stick with the DS, be patient and wait for the online gaming which will be late this year. It be awesome playing your mario ds and Metroid and the new goldeneye:rs online against people around the world. If nintendo keeps this up the DS will kill the crap out of psp.

  19. Lil Romeo says

    I got off the phone with Nintendo and they said that they were working on something for picto chat. I dont think the ds will be able to play music and movies like the psp. We can wait and see.

  20. Shawn says

    Yeah good call guys, too bad I can play my PSP online RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. I have a DS, and there are NO GOOD GAMES FOR IT, IT IS A TOOL, A WASTE OF MONEY, I drove 50miles to get it and spent 150$ the day after it came out, and it is a WASTE. Buy it when its 75$ and Animal Crossing and Metroid are out. Until then, the DS is the modern day Virtual Boy.

  21. Adam says

    Why argue about what system is going to be better, honestly, both systems have their strong points and their weak points. The PSP’s battery life sucks ass, unless you want to pay $130 for a battery that lasts 5 hours, and $80 for a memory card that is more than 32 MB. The DS’s online play is available but no games have been released for it… why don’t you all wait, and see about which system “kicks the other one’s ass”

  22. Mr. Truthful says

    Why the PSP wipes the floor with the DS:

    1)It looks much sleaker and more sophisticated rather than looking like some child’s toy
    2)The games are graphically better to an eye-popping degree. They’re generally much more entertaining to play as well.
    3)It has the functionality to play music and movie files, hence it has much more versatility and is a kick-ass media center in comparison.

    The DS is a primitive pile of puke with games that boast graphics marginally better than a Game Boy Advance. Piddly little accessories and two screens that barely exceed the dimensions of a PSP’s screen when put together won’t excuse it from being crap. Anyone who despises the PSP is just bitter that they can’t afford such an ingenious gadget that’s in a class of its own.


  23. Look Here! says

    Just so everyone knows, in september (i think thats when), Animal Crossing DS will be coming to DS. Animal Crossing DS will feature wi-fi connectivity meaning that you can put 4 people in the same village at the same time. And if thats not good enough, Everyone will be able to talk to each other through animal crossing and possibly pict-chat. DS will blow Sony AWAY!!!!!!!

  24. Brian says

    PSP All the way man…
    I myself was a devout Nintendo fan who thought that there was nothing else better than their great company. I denied Microsoft and Sony, and stayed curled up in my extremely small world of Nintendo. Then I saw the light… I ditched my POS gamecube (which is so cheaply priced for a reason) and converted to better game consoles. The PSP is the perfect machine. I hear all of you whining about how retarded it is to put pictures on it etc. but that feature is actually very useful. I have several episodes of Red vs. Blue, video clips from when I travel, pictures of all my friends, and still have room for about 25 mp3s. All Im saying is atleast sony takes advantage of all the PSP’s capabilities (unlike the DS). The screen is extremely clear, you can buy dvd’s for them (or if you are cheap, burn your own, and compress them with some program, then convert to mp4).. All that, and I haven’t said anything about the games. Holy Crap, they are sweet. Its like having a PS2 in your hands. The cosole itself is sleek and comfortable, (another aspect the DS lacks) I mean god, when you open up the DS, its a frickin laptop.
    So anyways, I love the psp, but I don’t have anything against the DS because I believe you get what you pay for.

  25. Clark says

    I’ve yet to play the PSP, And all you dicksuckers who are like “SONY SUX NINENTO RULZ LOLOLO!!1!” And “NINTENOP SUX0R GET PSPL OLZ” should honestly shut the fuck up and find a better way to spend your time than making a jackass of yourself.

    Anyway, The DS has been alot of fun for me. I only have two games and the metroid prime demo. And yes, Its getting boring. Honestly. I played Mario 64 enough 5 years ago, The Metroid Prime demo is only fun oh so many times. And sprung really isn’t anything special. I haven’t met a single other person with a DS to play with, And so far have met three people with a PSP. Two of them would probably sell it to me for 5$ (They HATE it. O_o) and the other can’t stop Ogling the graphics.

    Still, It would be nice to be listening to songs off my DS when i’m not playing it. The PSP is currently alot better than the DS. But since I have no money left to buy one, I’m gonna be patient for the awesome DS online play. Besides, I can still play Advance Wars or Metroid Fusion when I get bored of my other games.

    Did anyone know that the PSP’s memory stick can be hacked and used as an Emulator?? Fucking awesome.

    PS: DS can go online out of the box too Jackass. And you where foolish to expect it was gonna be God-In-A-Box. Read the reviews first idiot.

  26. muffin says

    All of you fanboys shut the fuck up and listen to my plan:
    Okay we’ll pitch in on ebay for a time machine. We’ll travel to the future till DS Online is up. We’ll pictochat the plan for games; first some wipeout pure multiplayer (PSP) then some good old Halo 2! Then we’ll travel farther in time till Xbox 360 is out them some kick ass online. (no I’m not a fanboy) Oh yeah Clark There is no online shut the fuck up and danny you’ll pretty much calling yourself a geek :) Yes I own a PSP and A DS! Yeah and lets steal a PS3 and a revoloution! Feel free to flame I’m not comeing back to this bloody gore fest of a board!
    (press skip to end!)

  27. Random says

    All hail the mighty muffin.

    But seriously all you fanboys stfu. You guys act like you are 6 years old and all you do is play video games.

    Personaly I like the DS more because of its touch screen. (and that it is $100 cheaper and in my mind just as good). Also it has much better graphics than game boy advance.

    But The PSP is great to but I feel that if you say that the PSP is great because it plays music. Which is great and all but it costs another 100 dollars for half a gig. To equal the mem of my Ipod on my desk next to my DS that would cost um… 4000 dollars for 20 gigs using 512 mb flash drives.

    “The DS is a primitive pile of puke with games that boast graphics marginally better than a Game Boy Advance. Piddly little accessories and two screens that barely exceed the dimensions of a PSP’s screen when put together won’t excuse it from being crap. Anyone who despises the PSP is just bitter that they can’t afford such an ingenious gadget that’s in a class of its own.”

    So you are saying that the DS sucks and that the PSP is great because it has a big screen.

    Lets put our hands togther for Mr. Truthful who just made a complete ass out of himself.

  28. Henry says

    DS will have over 200 games (212 exactly) by the end of this year. psp has 20 now, I doubt they will even reach fifty by next year.

    DS has sold over 5 million. psp, not even half that and it came out only a week later in Japan.

    A DS game (nintendo dogs) is the top seller in Japan. what about psp…no one knows

    Nintendo dead? That kind of hard to imagine concidering they own 62 percent of the market. Sure sony sold more consoles, but who do you think made more profit?

    well look at the facts. playstation and xbox has a lot of third parties and more games than gamecube. Gamecube games are mostly first party.

    Gamecube was able to survive another round againt ps and xbox and also make another console with free online, gyro controller, and Nintendo DS. Usually if a console is dead this wouldn’t be possible. Obviously someone is spreading lies ***caugh ps and xbox caugh***

    oh by the way DS will have a rumble feature for it games. Sorry psp,but you are just old technology, your fate is sealed hah ahahahahaa.

  29. unknown says

    Yep I agree with him ^^^ after reading what he has to say then any psp fanboys and ds fanboys stop fighting and bitching because he’s made the biggest point and most clear point as well as i have a ds and its great so far

  30. Nagzul says

    notice most of the ppl bad mouthing ds are the only ones bad mouthing, showing they are stuborn and only sway one way… whats wrong with having a ds and a psp…. i mean one you get to watch costem lil dvds on a lil screen, the other you get to play games that have an entire new game play..
    personal opinion.. most things on psp i can do with other things, and better(like watching dvds on my big screen), but nothing else can do what the ds can..

  31. Truth: Plain and Simple says

    Alright.I am writing to state that everyone hear has put up good arguements, but I have to side with my DS on this one. Don’t get me wrong, I think the PSP is a pretty cool gaming platform, but nothing can exceed the critical thinking of the DS. I mean think about it: DUAL SCREENS. What other gaming platform can produce such a high quality in gaming. Alright, all you PSP junkies have a point. The graphics are better, but I’m not paying $300 just to watch some movie, play music, and get better graphics. That is what a dvd player, iPOD, and a gameboy are for, and those things put together are still CHEAPER. And I can afford it, Mr.Truthful, but some people like to use their money wisely. Another thing about the DS. If you have ever heard one, THE SOUND IS GREAT. I highly doubt the sound on a PSP can get better than that, because Mario sounds like really birds are flying around you. Where is the mic on the PSP? No where. A DS has one, and in the future, imagine telling your games what to do. Battery life is horrible on a PSP, my friend has one, and personally, I thought it was very sleek looking. But it does not matter if something looks sleek, it matters what a system can deliver, and I like my DS just they way it is. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  32. Mr. Truthful My Ass says

    EVERYONE, LET’S RAISE A HAND FOR MR. TRUTHFUL, THE DUDE WHO SAID THAT WHOEVER DIDN’T BUY THE PSP IS A POOR DUDE WHO CAN’T AFFORD IT. “Anyone who depises the PSP is just bitter that they can’t afford such an ingenious gadget that is in a class on it’s own”

    WOW, WHAT A DUMBASS! Hey, assclown, maybe your the poor ignorant dude that just hides behind his friend’s PSP saying he owns it, then brown bags the platform after it bombs, and makes an ass out of himself trying to convert. Next time,when you right a comment, please make it so we don’t have to read your 3rd Grade writing style, and listen to you bagging on people who don’t have the PSP. Dude, lighten up! It’s a godamn PSP. “Ingenious gadget” DO YOU ACTUALLY SIT THEIR AND EXAMINE THE THING? IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU DON’T EVEN PLAY IT, JUST SIT THERE AND TAKE NOTES. Alright, once and for all. Don’t be like this retard and start bagging on people who don’t have a piece of plastic like this. And lighten up. I haven’t seen people this wound up since the Pokeman craze.

  33. says

    Well i think ds is beter, well theres music on psp but there is a thing called play chan for nintendo ds. it allows you to play music just like psp. Also there is online comming out sometine around september. This is just my opinion and im sure you have yours. But what i would really like to no is where i could get play chan and what time online gamming is comming out if im wrong. One last thing, who really cares what system is better then which.

  34. Genis says

    Guys, I hate to break it to you all but the Nintendo DS isn’t Nintendo’s new handheld. It’s a different type. They wanted to have three types of consoles. Home, hand-held and the DS. PSP = hand-held. Compare the SP and PSP.

    Who wins?

    PSP. Because nintendo has not had a chance to get thier new handheld out onto the market yet. The PSP has nothing to stop it in it’s catagory.


    Hey wuts up i hhope u guys get 2 my comment cause i skipped the last 10 i was thinking about selling my ds but im probly going to sell my game cube if i get a good enough price. online game play sounds awsome and the fact that is free is even better. i love my x box cause of the grafics and online play. FUck xony the are all fucking dorks with all the final fantyisey or wut erver it is called i cant wait tell the x box 360. Bill Gatesx can go suck my cock cause he said the price will be no less than 300$ cant wait for Haol 3 im having a hell of a time playing Halo 2 online if u guys are in the high 20 ranks on Halo 2 send me a friend request my sn is Nevesnet

  36. Strife_Clou0 says


  37. Jim says

    Imageine being able to talk to others through your ds while playing on line across the world. Thats what the ds can do. There is also a cheap add on called the play yan which lets the ds play movies, music etc. What good is a psp if the battery dies after just watching one movie?
    The ds also has virtual surround sound

  38. sreenath the tech geek circuit builder says

    #42 is a fucking genius actually I WAS GOING TO SAY SOMETHING EXACTLY LIKE THAT look at it

  39. chessmaster tech geek circuit builder says

    and to add to that beautiful set of statements (check out $24 and 25, my other comments as chessmaster), i would like to point out Mr. Truthfuls OTHER flaws (including the ones that #42 pointed out:
    “1)It looks much sleaker and more sophisticated rather than looking like some child’s toy” -HE SAID THIS
    “2)The games are graphically better to an eye-popping degree. They’re generally much more entertaining to play as well.” -HIM AGAIN….(SIGH) HOW DO YOU JUDGE HOW ‘ENTERTAINING’ A GAME IS YOU IDIOTIC FOOL!!!
    “3)It has the functionality to play music and movie files, hence it has much more versatility and is a kick-ass media center in comparison.” -HE FINISHES WITH HIS WORST REMARK OF ALL……FIRST OF ALL, THAT DOESN’T MATTER, AND SECOND YOU CAN GET A $89 KIT FOR DS OR GBA THAT LETS YOU WATCH MOVIES, TV, ANDLISTEN TO MUSIC….WHAT IS VERSATILITY?


  40. Ivory Boyd says

    For those of you who want some psp capibility on your ds buy the gameboy advance video player.(it works on both ds and game boy advance) It allows you to play movies of all types of formats, mp3s,ebooks, and load pictures on your ds for (for whatever reason you might want to do that.It requires a flash media card to store the data. and when you convert the movie files they will be smaller in size than the psp’s, because the psp’s srceen is bigger and requires more visual space. As for the on going argument about the psp and the ds……………they both rock. It does not matter which one is better becuase at the end of the day your going to buy and play whichever system you want. so really all the arguing is pointless. Nintendo has always been kown for thier innovation and creativity, and that should not be taken likely.

  41. Iovry Boyd says

    oh and it only cost $25 dollars. And when you add in the 512Mb flsh media card. all together it is only about $50.00. So DS(with video player)is $200.00 and psp is 250.00. all depends on what you want and what suits your needs.

  42. Ivory says

    As fo rthe online aspect. The ds will bve going on line sometime this year via wireless. Find a wireless hot spot and your are in. are you can use a wireless router right at home and connect. that means you too people who still have dial-up(counting me). I am really looking forward to nintendogs and Mario kart Ds. And you just know someone is going to make a tunneling program for the ds. Just like xbox connect and others. I am just ready an waiting.


    Alright, another asshole comes on here to write. Xbox rules. Hmm, if Xbox was so good, why can’t I find any of the buttons on the controller. There is like 20 million. Game play is confusing, the games suck (except for Halo 1 and 2), and they are mostly fighting games. Nevesnet I don’t think anyone will want to be on your team, considering the fact that the PS2 and Gamecube are 2 of the most bought systems in the world. Why don’t you go play with yourself. XBOX: Needs a special remote to play movies. PS2: Throw a movie in, right out of the box, and hell, COMMAND THE MOVIE WITH THE CONTROLLER. XBOX: Live has a monthly payment. PS2: FREE, unless you want to play Everquest, or FINAL FANTASY, you dumbass, which is probably better than any shit Microsoft can shit out their ass. XBOX:Best game is the Halo Series PS2: 20 GAJILLION GAMES.

    Now answer all if you at home: Which one would you want?

    P.S. Wow, how much better could 360 be

  44. supremeruler99 says

    Wow, what a passionate subject. It’s funny how people take their console to heart, or thoroughly disrespect those they don’t consider worthy.

    I was under the impression that more Xbox had been sold worldwide than Nintendo’s latest console, or did I read wrong?

    Nintendo are great in the hand held department, but personally when it comes to consoles I find them lacking.

    The PS2 is great, I have one myself. However, having the choice of an Xbox is excellent. I love the large handcontrollers – they are much easier to hold and control, etc. As far as hardware specs go, the Xbox beats the PS2 hands down. Only when it comes to some games, and market share does the PS2 win. Win the Xbox 360 comes out, Live will be free.

    It all comes down to personal preference, in the end. And people are idiots for trying to convert people anyway. Also, there was a really good TIME Magazine article about the Xbox and the console industry in general that was very interesting – Bill Gates has some interesting plans for your living room.

  45. big d says

    wats the point of umd vids if they cost more then dvd movies…….. only losers would buy umd dvd’s. The psp is really good n so is the ds, but i think the ds is gona win the war

  46. Brian says

    Hey you wanna know something funny?
    Psp sold 500,000 value packs within 48 hours of it’s release, while the DS took more than a week to sell that many consoles. PSP ended up grossing 150 million in two days… sorry nintendo…

    if there’s anything I’ve realized from reading these posts, it’s that the forum is retarded. Does anyone hear think they are going to convince anyone else that they are right? I don’t think so. No one is right or wrong; it is completely opinion. The only way all of you DS lovers can convince yourselves that you are right is because the majority of people on this forum just happen to like the ds more. For god’s sake this is a DS devoted forum people.
    I have a psp, I love it, but I know that nobody cares because they have their mindset that they wont change.

  47. says

    scanning though Brian is the most logical thinker here. I own a DS, I think its pritty cool, but still I look at the ad’s for a PSP and think thats pritty cool, both have pro’s and cons, although at the same time everyone has different tast, if we all had the same taste I’d kill myself >_scanning though Brian is the most logical thinker here. I own a DS, I think its pritty cool, but still I look at the ad’s for a PSP and think thats pritty cool, both have pro’s and cons, although at the same time everyone has different tast, if we all had the same taste I’d kill myself >_< PSP is amazing, but so is DS, you have to grow up and acept that, god, no wonder Gamers are made out to b like the sterio type!

  48. says

    the psp is the gayest thing ever, ok you can play media on it ,better graphics (the ds will blow the psp with graphics eventually though)and the psp has a internet thingy wireless whatever it is.
    but the nintendo ds has two screens, a touch screen, better games available, and will eventually thrash the psp away with that wireless connection thingy (witch i am so despirate for) and ive heard eventually and maybe the ds will be able to search the web and i think most of it will be free (yes most withch is a lot ,ithink well i hope)
    the psp has loads of sticking out buttons on the front wich put you off when playin games.

    in conclusion PSP SUCKS! AND DS ROCKS OH YEA!
    P.S. im gonna get a revolution and from what ive heard about it its really gonna revolutionize games ‘forever’.

    maybe the ps3 should just stick with there plain consoles (ps2 , ps1 , ps3)

    oh and got a ds 2 weeks ago , and im selling my psp on ebay and mario 64 is the best game ive seen on ds that ive seen so far also star wars 3 , the flying missions are best(oh and pokemon pearl and diamond version , im gonna get them.)

  49. says

    me again

    by ps3 i mean sony

    and again psp can lick my friends dick (wich it would proberly like to do)

    DS rocks oh yea ,psp sucks.

    money wasting alert oh my the psp is £179,

    save £80 people get a ds and the other £80 could get you 3 top games for the ds. well i guess all the games on ds are top and good.

    and by the way get nintendgs red version you can stroke the puppies with your finger.

  50. xigency says


    Well i never really liked sony and i kinda like nintendo once. Im a PC Gamer, but i want a mobile game system.

    My friend bought a PSP. It was cool. Good graphics, looked very hackable for linux and stuf, web browser and all, nice screen, and a WHOLE 2 HOUR BATTERY LIFE. Wow, thats real great on an 8 hour flight 2 flippin hours!

    the video: you can buy expensive UMD versions and waste your money or like my friend you can search through thousands of japaneese sites to find a freeware encoder to put it on a 256 mb card that costs $100!

    im frugle, so i cant afford psp

    ds i can

    ds looks ok graphics but touch screen is real nice, my other friend has ds and i played hunters demo, and although game sucked for FPS controls were sweet combine that with good games like spliter cell, golden eye, and Age of Empires and it rocks!

    Thats why i never bought a playstation, never really liked any games for it, psp too

    they both have a very limited selection but niether are gonna just die so buy either

    personaly, i think ds is better for battery, price, and games
    plus games cost $30 on ds $50 on psp
    i dont hav much money

    burnt toast clan is…
    UT2004, HaloPC, Quake3, Doom3, CS, AmericasArmy

  51. says

    They should make a super smash bros. ds
    game,for us smash bros. lovers and have awsome grafices. Plus with the ds online thing thay should have a phone game,you could talk through the mic,and listen by the speakers, plus create and order ring tones!

  52. Brian says

    Actually xigency, the battery life is way longer than that. I can get through a whole 2 and a half hour movie, and still have enough juice to watch another hour of whatever. Your friend’s battery must have been faulty (or you just don’t know shit).
    You can buy a $15-20 power brik (it’s a lot more compact than it sounds) and charge your PSP all they way 2 times. That’s roughly 11.5 hours of battery life (depending how you use it of course).
    The movie UMD’s start at 14.99 and cost as much as 29.99 depending on what movie title you buy, just as regular DVD’s do. You go out and try to get a brand new release on DVD for reasonably less than that and tell me what you find.
    I’m not really sure why you mentioned FPS controls, because the only FPS game that you listed was goldeneye. If you have read up on Goldeneye for Nintendo DS, you may be disapointed by reading this, because in fact, RARE has no part in its development, and it’s not even going to be the classic goldeneye that we all know and love, it’s going to be goldeneye: rogue agent. I owned that game on gamecube, and I’m sorry, but it was a joke compared to the original.
    Also, I have a 256 MB mem. card, which I bought for $50. You can even find good deals on 1 gigabyte cards for less than $100.
    just thought other readers should know.

  53. Clark says

    @ Muffin:

    What the fuck is this then smartass? I’ve seen screenshots, And the Xlink Kai team has already begun to program tunneling. So shut the fuck up unless you know what you’re talking about.

    PS: I only skimmed through whats already been said, Sorry, But I can’t seperate the spam from the actual conversation.

  54. Chris says

    i just bought a DS….and i love it….all those who think the psp is betta….go fuck yourselves with it

  55. Twitch says

    im srry but i can’t see at all what you DS lovers are talking about. There’s plenty of pointless flames, but no foundation. DS games better than PSP? WTF? PSP games dont just have better graphics, they have all the classics that the ps1 had backing it. N64 sucked compared to PS1, and has more in the name of RPG’s. RP-what? Playstation pwned N64, with it’s awesome games, even if N64 had slightly better graphics(couldnt tell blocks from blocks). No one should ever revisit the 32-bit or 64-bit era, Nintendo! It was there because 3-D polygons were new and looked cool, but had shitty camera angles and everything else. So why the hell would we go back to them? Dreamcast is as low as new graphics can go, and psp beats them and brings us back all our classics. So what it comes down to is, the only people who are playing DS are the ones who dont care about graphics and think that N64 games were automatically better than PS2 games.

    P.S. N64 lasted like half as long as Playstation ONE :P

  56. kobayashi says

    PSP games are just PS2 games with diffrent names :/

    Nintendo is working to make free online play, along with the release of NintendoR (revolution).

    2 screens useless? touch screen useless? Yeah, okay, and I guess paying almost $160 for a decent MemoryStick isn’t useless. Please, use a little logic before you actually say something.

  57. Brian says

    $160 for a memory stick? where the crap are you shopping? have you actually read these posts?
    On my $50 memory card, I have like 10 episodes of Red vs. Blue, a few really good Mp3’s, some music videos, homebrew games, like chess, casino games, and doom. I also have dozens of pictures, and collections of PSP magazines as well. You can put text files, and even whole books on your psp.
    So please heed your own advice, and use a little logic before you say something…

  58. hobotent says

    i’ve got something for all u ds fanboys. the psp can run many emulators (gameboy color, SNES, NES, PCE, and some more..) the ds only has SNES that was just released not too long ago, and is still VERY buggy. not that psp emu’s arent buggy, dont get me wrong, but the psp scene is looking FAR, FAR better than the ds scene. and u dont even need a big memory stick to play these emu’s a 32mb one would be fine. if ur an emulation freak (which is me), or a grafics whore, then u would definetly buy the psp. however, if u like pokemon, not into emulation at all, dont like watching movies on the go, or are too poor (or dont want to spend too much) to buy a psp, then a ds is for u.

    i do wonder how old all the people that say “PSP SUCKS!!!” are, because ds is really aimed at ppl 17 and under and the psp at 17 and older…

  59. hobotent says

    oh yea one more huge thing that i left out. are you nintendo fanboys even aware that NINTENDO IS MAKING A BRAND NEW HANDHELD as i type this.i dont know when they are going to release it, but probably next year. i also read somewhere that its practically going to be like a PSP only with a nintendo logo. but when it does come out which i think its going to be next year, are you aware of whats going to happen? NO MORE GAMES FOR DS! its going to be over for the ds, and the psp will go on. nintendo is going to ditch the ds, just like they did with the sp when the ds came out.

  60. MANIC says

    The people who hate the psp are just mad because they’re too cheap/poor to buy it and have to settle for a crappier handhelp by the name of “Nintendo DS”.

  61. Twitch says

    that post didnt have logic either. PSP already HAS free online play (TM: Head-On), since, um, LAUNCH. So what if Nintendo Revolution has emulators built in… i can do that on my comp, AND play SNES and NES games on my PSP. Guess Sony beat Nintendo to emulating its own systems. And $150 for a memory stick? spam. I know where to get them for at least thirty dollars cheaper than ur ridiculous claim. It’s called EVERY FREAKING CHAIN STORE IN THE U.S. And they’re even cheaper online.

  62. says

    finally ds online play is coming out in october 2005. mario cart and tony hawk are going to be the first games to go online. im really exited i got a ds a month ago and i love it my brother has a psp but i dont like it because its just like playing the ps2 BORING!

  63. Twitch says

    if you have an N64 dont get the DS its frickin stupid an someone play me online in… oh, i can do it right now.

  64. werner says

    How sad for you hobotent becuase the new nintendo handheld console is called the game boy micro and is merely an upgraded version of the SP so actually nintendo hasn’t dumped the SP. just for the record the PSP has many hardware bugs not to mention a digital volume control, which means no playing when you forgot the volume on, just face it the DS is superior to the PSP and sorry if I’m rubbing salt in the wounds here, but the PSP has a screen prone to getting DEAD PIXELS

  65. hobotent says

    hey werner, im not trying to start a flame war, but the ds and psp both have LCD screens, which means they’re both prone to getting dead pixels. im a HUGE fan of the gba, i DONT want to see it dead! unfortunately, thats whats happening, because the ds is more appealing than something that is 4 years old. as for the micro, thats just a way to cash in! i mean seriously, a 3rd remake of the gba? thats just sad, and im a HUGE gba fan! and this is EXACTLY what is going to happen when the Gameboy Advance 2 is going to come out. NO MORE DS GAMES!! notice how nintendo said that the DS wasnt a gameboy? the DS was a way to cash in, just like the micro is going to be….just watch.. i’ll be digging the grave for nintendo..

  66. says

    say what you want but im playing mario cart online in october on my ds and my brother sold his psp on ebay today cause he hated it its just a ps2 but smaller and if your wondering im john i changed my name

  67. BEN says


    PSP CONS:$250

  68. hobotent says

    if u say the psp is like playing the ps2, then playing the ds is like playing an n64. that being said, which system would you rather buy? n64, or ps2?
    the answer is obvious, just like the answer to to this whole debate.

  69. hobotent says

    oh yeah, and twitch, ur forgetting that the psp can also emulate gameboy color well! so thats SNES, NES, GBC.. am i missing anything else from nintendo? btw, nice quadruple posting evanthehunter. did ur CAPS key break?

  70. Twitch says

    neone notice that the only people that are making valid arguments are the people who are neutral or defending psp? seriously, all you “DS Roxxors” people just admit it, there’s nothing better about DS, you just like the games better than the PSP games. Neone who had a PS1 and liked it over N64 will have a PSP. Neone who bought N64 and thought its games were better will buy DS.

    P.S. again, note, PS1 Lifespan > N64 Lifespan, even with earlier launch.

  71. Aurion says

    Although i am a devote nintendo fan, that wont make me biast in this ‘debate’. I think that the nintendo ds was released a little early, but still a nice clean console. When october comes, it ll be even better. From what i hear of the PSP, it s also a cool console, with some good games comin out. As far as i see it, it s a matter of taste and opinion, and people should just play games for fun, not competetion, or anything like that. Just enjoy it. Have fun..

  72. says

    I agree totally with Aurion. Whatever you feel would be more fun to play. Play it. Theres no need to voice your opinions about how stupid the other people are if they like something different to you. Myself, I have only played the DS, but there are some things about the PSP that I would love to experience.

  73. evanthehunter says

    dont you get bored of playing ps2 on the go i have a ps2 and its boring playing the same old games when on NDS they change the games

  74. evanthehunter says

    well dont i like playing bad graphic games on the go its something different then the sistems

  75. grittles says

    the nintendo DS is cool but it doesn’t play DVD’s and y fy is not out yet whitch sucks my hairy balls+dick but it dose have the the touch screen that is cool yet it needs a bigger battery it only lasts for ten hours so i rate the nintendo DS 7 out of 10
    and the psp 6 out of ten

  76. tommy balsvinsky says

    how old are u guys….ds is for 6 year olds …psp with movies ,music way better games both in gameplay and graphics will kill ds. Dont u guys noe that PSP already has online play lol, and soon to be able to surf the web lol. nintendo sucks dick

  77. u have a DS! LMAO! u suck says

    oh and theirs gonna be playstaion 3 soon and it has grphics that wil blow ur ass awaycheck it out at ign xbow 360 is too verynice, but nintendo ……….errrmmm

  78. blow me bitch says

    the dum nigger above me is a dumbass, ps3 is gunna be like 400 dollars wile the revolution probebly guna be 250, and everyone said before gc came out that the graphics were guna be whak but gc graphics is way fucking better then ps2 graphics

  79. psp lover says

    ok all u psp haters r soooo fucking stupid…. have u even seen the psp graphics compared to the ds….did u know that the psp plays movies,music, plays games,goes on the internet, and u could save ur pitcures on it……….can u do that with the nintendo ds NNNOOOOOO ….

  80. ds owner says

    i have to agree with psp lover…..the psp is a whole lot better than the ds……the nintendo ds could hardly suport 3d games. the psp has extremly great graphics compared to the ds

  81. prostar says

    yeah lol the psp is way way better…..with the nintendo ds touch screen get scrached up realy easy expecialy with wario ware tuched…i m going to trade my ds in for store credit {cuz it sucks} and buy a bunch of games for my psp .

  82. johny says

    the psp is cooler…the ds is mostly more perfect for lil kids cuz it has a tuch screen {aaawww} …and theirs mostly baby games for it.the psp is more for 13 year olds and older…so ds owners have fun with ur baby toy …psp is way cooler

  83. dragon says

    ok its like this..
    PSP= movies, pitcures, internet, online game play, music, ps2 graphics, memory card,bigger screen, better games like “grand theft auto” “final fantasy” {coming soon} and a anolog stick …

    what does the ds have that is so cool?? {sarcastic} omg wow a tuch screen how exciting…the nintendo ds doesnt realy have anything cool to ofer except a stupid touch screen and cheapy graphics..lmao

  84. sexy girl says

    the DS does suck cuz their is mostly baby games…”pokemon dash” lmao what a stupid game…omg i think nintendo is runing out of ideas….psp is the best portible gaming divice ever !!!!!!

  85. changed my mind says

    ok lol….i used to b a psp hater ….but i played one today and i LOVE IT . It is a whole lot better than the nintendo ds. like the graphics r very smooth compared to the nintendo ds. When u play the psp it feels like ur playing a ps2 wich is very very very cool…acutaly i think i m going to sell my ds and on my next check buy me a psp ..TRUST ME PSP HATERS .. THE PSP IS A WHOLE LOT BETTER :)

  86. bob says

    the ds can play movies and music just like the psp. You just need to buy a ds/gba movie player and a compact flash memory card. there are tons of brand new ds movie players on ebay. they are cheap, and they work great.

  87. john says

    omg i m so sad that nintendo made somthing so stupid.. i used to b a nintendo fan but now i think i m switching to b a sony fan….sony kicked nintendos ass with the psp…..and i think sony will kick nintendos ass again with the ps3 .

  88. nintendo could eat my shit for all i care says

    omg i c more pple with sonys psp than i c pple with a ds ive seen 9 pple with a psp so far and ive seen like 2 lil kids with a ds…..

  89. amanda says

    omg the nintendo ds is a piece of crap cuz its more heavyer than the psp, and its also bigger , but the screens on the nintendo ds r way smaller even if their put together. i m also so disapointed at all the dumb games they made, all the games for he nintendo ds r 4 like 5 year olds. THE DS IS SO FUCKING LAME.thats i have to say about it, ITS JUST A PIECE OF SHIT.

  90. yoda says

    omg i cant believe i waisted my money on sumthing that stupid {nintendo ds}. the graphics r so crapy, i rather go trade my ds in and put an extra $100 for a psp {witch i m going to do lol}.

  91. Here are the cold hard facts says

    Alright, Alright, I’ve played a PSP. But I’m here to put out some facts. First off, to correct this Brian character, DS sold over 500,000 in the first 24 hours, unlike PSP, because it came out after. Play Chan enables to play music on DS, and put that together, its still cheaper than PSP. Personally, two screens is cool. If you think about it, it helps you with gameplay, and also, when u play online (when Nintendo gets around to it, the screen can help there also. PSP is a good system, and I can say they both have their pros and cons. But DS does have, as of right now, a little bit more of an edge bc of the price factor. Peace out.

  92. Steven says

    you guys are all gay, the psp just came out with a web browser, beat that with a DS i wasted my time buying a DS and i must admit the touch screen thing is pretty neat but the psp will still beat nintendo in the end. I have enough money to buy both the psp and the DS but my DS is collecting dust. Nintendo is falling but i will like to see their revolution. It better wipe my a$$ to get some respect back up there but i think nintendo is going to be the only “kids console” mario is cool and metroid was fun, but damn, come on nintendo

  93. Steven says

    Im still reading other posts on here you guys are dumbasses imagine talking imagine graphics, and another one, imagine ONLINE PLAY, you guys are fuckin stupid, the psp has this already you dumbasses. Shut up you stupid poor bums who cant afford a psp and sell your POS ds on ebay and youll be closer to a psp. Just wash some more of your moms dishes, grow some balls and ask for some money, if that doesnt work go and get an allowance or something. Hell even offer to mow your neighbors lawn asking for money

  94. djdude says

    I agree with Steven. I have a DS. I have a PSP. I’m selling my DS. Why? Because it sucks shit compared to the PSP. The PSP beats it in graphics. It beats it in sound. I beats it in controls. It beats it in games. It beats it in EVEREY aspect BUT battery length. But so what? it lasts for 4 hours with Twisted Metal:HO, so i’m fine with that. You guys are bloody retarded. The DS WON”T GO ONLINE! WHY CAUSE NINTENDO SUX ASS! Have you seen their new gameboy? It’s a brand new f****** version of the old gameboy advance, only smaller! NINTENDO WILL SCREW YOU ANYWAY YOU CAN! Besides, WiFi on DS sucks, too. And, GTA will come out in September for PSP. Something Nintendo will never offer to her babies. (You.)

  95. I haven't got any says

    i just read this today…and i don’t know how old this is…but it sounds like the DS just came out?
    cause all you guys are saying they have crap games, but i can see HEAPS of cool games just out and coming soon like kirby and meteos.
    the PSP looks cool, i feel however this is just aimed towards the graphic whores who want nothing else but bragging rights and to show off to their friends how cool it looks, because let’s be honest, you can’t really show off how innovative or fun a DS game is bcoz all they’ll be looking at is the graphics.

    i like the PSP functions however and how you can download a newer bios if the older one had any errors. some games look cool aswell, but once again it was just looks. i never played it so i can’t really judge it, but the one game that i REALLY looked forward to was Metal Gear Acid and after seeing the review for it…i think i’ll be avoiding it now.

    i don’t want to sound like a fanboy here but i’ll be buying the DS soon and after i’ve had my taste of it, i’ll let everyone know if it really IS crap or not.
    while i’m at it. everyone here is gay, blind, arrogant, ignorant or just doesn’t study enough about the rival handheld that they argue about. so shutup before you start something.
    i know nothing about either. that’s why i plan to buy both and REALLY know what it’s like.
    PSP sounds mighty temping though with their super features and the USB which will probably give them a microphone aswell if they wanted.

  96. i haven't got any says

    oh and just so everyone knows LoL, i forgot this bit
    i’m not too worried about graphics, because i’m just into pure gameplay experience and if it’s in a handheld, i’d like it to be simple.

    who knows? maybe the PSP can change my opinion though…

  97. i haven't got any says

    oh crap. one last thing i forgot to mention.
    Yes a PSP IS just like a ps2, except for some of the games that are coming out soon ie.mercury, and if that’s the case i’d rather not strain my eyes on a small screen if all of it can be done on a much bigger TV
    and for all you losers who say “psp is like ps2, ds is like n64” STFU!
    i’ve had an n64, and i don’t remember in ANY GAME having to touch the screen to do things or two screens coming up on my tv, sure graphic wise it’s the same, but you can’t relate it to the n64 just because it’s graphics are similar.
    DS kills, PSP owns.
    which one is better?

  98. age~BLAH!~!~!~! says

    ok every one is going psp rocks and ds sucks and ds rocks and psp sucks……here the info…ds is goins online and for some games that are gonna go online you can talk to the person your versing through the mic, picto chat is also goping onlne and theres also going to be anoth game thing or what ever that come with a head set you you can just chat with other people onlone. ds also allows you to play gba games. theres also a program for nintendo ds called play chan it allows you to record music videos music movies and pictures on sd cards which you can look at listen to or watch……..psp has the music and pictures and movies and online play and also in one of the internet browsers theres a glitch that allows you to get nintendo 64 games super nintendo game boy gamecube ect…. psp also has the internet. but you canty play ds games yet. it also has mor games then nintendo ds but i dont no which one has better graphics because the graphics depen on the games and what the system is capable of….so choose for your self which one you want….for me i like ds.

  99. age~BLAH!~!~!~! says

    i forgot one last thing i have both systems……and i grew up on nintendo to also the oraginal playstation was devolaped by nintendo and when they had it made they thought it was gonna go nowhere so they sold it to sony(which was a stupid choice) but if that never happened we might not have either of there systems and not slittin eachother throats

  100. hobotent says

    all the people that own a ds touch themselves. nuff said.(i mean, only an idiot would go for a system that has worse graphics and a sucky homebrew scene)

  101. Henry says

    You say that only an idiot would go for a system that has worste graphics…well RE4 on p.station2(very old graphics card by nVidia) has worste graphics than RE4 on Gamecube (graphic by ATI) So you are pretty much correct.

    But there is something you can’t deny and that is DS has sold over 5million by now and I haven’t herd any news of psp selling over 3 million. I see sony pulling a microsoft and just selling their handheld for dirt cheap just to get it out to people regardless of how much money they loose.

    go DS

  102. tehqin says

    My friend tricked me into buying a ds because he had one i was going to buy the psp but thought selling my ds would be a waste of money after I bought it. The psp has graphics that are pretty good and is a great system but its not as much to my liking as i thought. The ds has a handfull of good games and i have only bought the good ones ei: goldeneye and asfault or whatever its called but what really through me off the psp and onto the ds is how durable they are. Lets face it if ur a guy like me and are hardly ever home u need something to play away from home buy a ds. Here is why the ds doesnt break. I have dropped it countless times even stepped on it and nothing has happened. I also have this weird habit of cracking screens the psp is lacking what its very title suggests portability. The ds is good for this because it can fit the ds in my pocket and still still has decent gameplay. Another friend of mine bought a psp put it in his pocket and it had that gay little soft case it came with cracked the screen on a desk just by bumping it. So now the grafics look like crap and half the pixels are dead. what a waste of $360 (that is after he bought his memory card). Not to mention his pocket looked like he was trying to hide something in it that was huge. Its like u go to a store and the clerk sees ur pocket and call security thining ur trying to steal something. So about a month later he dropped it while playing and the case cracked in half it was funny. (Although he didnt think so) So now all my friends, except this kid that is overprotective and amazingly reliable, has a ds so we lan in goldeneye its cool and he sits in his corner in c++ programming class watching us lan when we finish our work early. So go to ebay there are so many people auctioning off their used ds’s. (I got mine for $50) But its really up to u how reliable are you if ur afraid of ur psp breaking and just play it at home then we sould compare the psp to the xbox. Now lets begin xbox has waaay more games than the psp. Xbox has waay better graphic than the psp. Xbox has halo 2. Ah screw it i think just buy what u feel comfortable buying. So if u want to look like a rich bastard with ur gay little pocket protectors for ur psp buy a psp. If u want to look middle class and rugged buy a ds and spraycan camo on the outside cover which looks really cool my friend in ohio just showed me a pick of his ds with camo spraycanned on it. If anyone is undecided just buy what u feel would be more fun. If u are a graphics whore buy the psp. If u are a serious travel gamer that likes portability and is sometimes clumsy buy a ds because u might feel really bad if u break it.

  103. atrox says

    I am a sexy bitch mother fuckers…thats right hoes!!! Anyway I have a Nintendo and im one of those bastards that plays GoldenEye lans with tehqin…the bitch above me. I know his writing sucks but dont hold it against him, its not his fault hes failing english III. Anyway later bitches, you may all continue worshiping me.

  104. irondan says

    hmmm… it would be way easier for ds to go online if they use seperate wireless hub that the ds is ABLE to ocnnect to and the hub can connect to ur wireless router. people should just wait a while instead of trying to hack the system

  105. says

    im not much of a gamer-well that was the truth untill nintendoDS caem out-i love the fact that u can close it and put it away without turning it off-my friends and i were playing it 1c when we had to do suming fast that took us 1 hour, all i had to do was close my ds and run-when we got back there was my game rite where i left it-if ur bout to say psp is better think bout this-shure u can take pix and listen 2 music-but the things so big wuts the point of it-psp is trying to beat nintendo by being BIG haveing everything-thing is by doing this there really killing there selves,there makeing play station “portable” so big that soon its going to be called psr (play station removeable-lol)there basicly trying to put the ipod nano in the psp-music pictures-and of course the gaming-thing is is that thats just gunna make a natral war between ps and ipod-but think bout it-if ppl want the music and pix they can get a ipod nano which is alot cooler-and smaller-u dont c ppl walking aroud with a psp in there hands just bobbing there head to music do u? NO u dont-but how many times have i seen ipods in cases or pockets or even being caried out for a walk-BINGO U BETR BELIEVE IT-thats wut is killing psp-there trying to be super,amazeing,gr8,WONDERFUL,BUT LIKE I SAID IF WE WANT MUSIC WERE GUNNA BUY A IPOD,besides nintendo DS has been selling out majorly-psp still selling but its sellin like its already dead-ds has brought nintendo back to the living-nintendos been resurected-psp will most liklly never die-but it will soon someday be just like the living dead-unless they get to it-kids want gaming they buy gaming system-kids want music they buy ipod-kids want picz they buy camera-were a gaming system-so maybe we should sell more of the gaming then the other stuff-maybe pix and music is killing us- psp is ment to be portable-it needs to be smaller-if they realise that and have the time to make a small ittle fun gaming system, then maybe they will be a bit more alive-but god damnet ds was a good idea-the touch screen is fun-and the mic is awsome-if psp comes out with a mic or touch screen -or 2 SCREEENS FOR THAT MATER-then nintendo can sue them to hell

    there are gr8 games that have come out ow-its hard to get a s game-cuz there always sold out-plus there r games that u can play with ur mic-SONY and psp need to wake p and smell deafeat-
    go DS touching is good

  106. Shitfacecockmaster says

    You can buy a PSP off ebay for like 50 bucks,so why buy an expensive psp from Wal-Mart when you can buy both for 1.50$ total off ebay?

  107. DarkMaelstrom says

    Fifty dollars for a PSP? Which planet is this?

    Right, new releases? What new releases? Do you know why most of the average pessimistic shmos are selling out to the DS? Because they see the XBOX-PS2 paradox being created all over again. Sorry, this claim that PSP is coming out with MORE titles; and radical titles, is primarily bogus, and a poor challenge. So far, DS is doing just fine and dandy in BOTH faculties.

    Why two screens? Why touch screen? – Let me ask you something: Do you WANT to make a public laughing case of your rhetoric? Because it IS quite funny.

    Let’s address your rather childish queries up there:

    1 – The touch screen is actually serving a mouse-like tool for people to have a better feel of other genres as well. Sorry, mate, LINEAR action games aren’t the only genre on the planet. Let me remind you, this is 2005, not 1970-somethin’, when Pong was as good as things got.

    2 – Two screens actually do help in many ways, not the most creative concept, but helpful no less. The touch feature can actually be used like a touchpad, you do know that… right? Yeah? Let’s consider the FPS genre: We’ll be spending most of the time trying to manage between the D-PAD and the analog stick, BOTH which are on the SAME side of the unit. Meanwhile, the DS users will have the thumb stylus to easily attain control over such titles; I LOOK FORWARD TO METROID!

    Sorry man, these points are baseless.

  108. says

    Get nintendo dogs online and the best stuff only comes on pc when it is like so last year and probably when im dead i wont be able to play it on pc coz ill be dead and i will become depressed and only get joy out of haunting the fucking dicks who only put it on the pc in 3004! when none of you can be bothered to play games on pc because you got this tv screen and it dus it all for you and sliding doors so get it online now u mother fuckers!

  109. puffy says

    If you ever listen to anyone listen to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    First off I have been playing video games for just over 20 years now and I currently own a nintendo, sega master system, super nin, sega gen, turbografix 16, saturn, sony 1, sony 2, psp, nin ds, game cube, and xbox. I know alittle bit about videoo games!!!!
    And I don’t really give a sh*t what everybody thinks because everybody has different opinions! BUT if you want the honest to god facts about the psp vs the ds well here it is…………………………………………………………………………….THE PSP FREAKING KILLS THE DS PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now everybody can stop arguing about it because I just told you. There are pro’s and con’s to both systems but overall the psp beats the ds in every single way and man are the graphics every awesome…..hahahahahaha all you stupid ds lovers out there!!!!!hahahahahahahahahah

  110. game kid says

    the best system in history would be a fusion of DS and PSP
    look at the facts

    PSP good part
    size of screen
    ipod like feature
    what it comes with

    downside to PSP
    very easy to break it shatters to easy
    size of system
    lack of buttons
    crap case
    expensive skins
    memory cards to hold game datta
    expenses$ to high

    DS upside

    double screens
    plays both gameboy and ds
    very durable shaterproof
    touch screen
    free demo
    saves memory on little chip of a game
    stylus pen styles
    many games
    surround sound

    ds downside

    limited colors
    small easy to lose games
    sells to fast
    light can blind in dark
    skins and atachments are expensive$$$$$

    add up all the good things together and you have the ultimate hand held sytem

  111. Nick the gamer says

    I rly want to know how to conncect the DS to online play , i bin looking for a website to tell me and se if i should get it or no

  112. Sp says

    I’ve mostly played Nintendo systems, but cmon. DS Sucks graphic wise compared to PSP. I’m glad I didn’t spend my money on that lame peice of crap. Way more features on PSP than on DS. DS disappointed me, I thought they could do better.

  113. Jesse says

    i just wanted to post this.These are the items and which system is better at. Look for yourselves
    Games-PSP because of emulators,so u got every game made before now almost
    Music-PSP because the ad-on for DS to play music is 150 bucks plus 100 bucks for the memory card
    Movies-PSP because look at music
    {BIG} vs {2 small} screens
    Wireless-PSP because its not proprietary like nintendo so it can link up to almost anything-nintendo needs to set it up themselves
    Winner-PSP because,although it costs more,is better,better than an ipod,better that a DS,and nintendo didnt know what the hell they were doing.My DS broke already(i got one of the first) but almost never played it. The DS to gameplay is not like an actual system but like a cell phone game or playing with something simple like a paper airplane.the touch screen is a good idea,ill giv em that,but its just not practicle because the touch screen is meant so you dont have to change menus but only time you need the touch screen is when you whould change menus and it would pause,so its pointless.the buutons are way too small for anything else other than a babys hand and its a 2-D dpad for 3-d games which is just hinge on the ds screen is porly made,the screen is heat sensitive so it barely works and the touch screen is imposible to clean.the speakers suck ass,it can only go online i 2 GAMES unliked the PSP’s 20+,I have to wait to download a game through ds download play,although with psp its instantly through the 802.11 b wireless(11 Mbps) the DS you have to be within 30 feet of a person to play multiplayer with them,the screen is so tiny i have problems squinting and hurting my eyes,although the psp does not do that with its giant screen,plus NINTENDO HAS NO GOOD GAMES WHATSOEVER,microsoft at least has Halo,Sony has the rest,mario sucks ass its just a gay plumber with his gay fiance luigi and is to busy screwing him to keep princess toadstool from being gangbanged by bowser.
    bESIDES THE ds CANT EVEN PLAY GAME BOY GAMES WHICH SUCKS THEY DONT EVEN HAVE BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY.With PSP even if you get bored you can go online and make or find a program for it.and you cant even play DS on a tv screen but with PSP you can because there is the PSP2TV adapter for like 30 bucks that puts your psp games on your cant even hook up to gamecube AND IS MORE EXPENSIVE THAN GAMECUBE and is suckier.

  114. Nathan says

    I dont care what you guys say, DS wins on all fronts exept for music. But thats why we have MP3 players and ipods. I used to have a psp and there is no way psp graphics are better than ds. and all together, with games and stuff, psp is like 450 bucks. I dont know what kind of idoit would spend that much money on a piece of crap.And at least nintendo trys new things.

    P.S. Why isn’t Microsoft into handhelds. I mean come on, wouln’t that be sweet to play Halo 2 on the go?

  115. says

    The DS has the best FPS controls on any gaming platform. Unlike Bungie did with Halo, NST is taking their time with Hunters. When FPS games are no longer made for consoles, they’ll still be making them for handhelds, and it’ll be the DS family that has the best games around.

    Dual-analogs, and PSP analog, suck for FPS games. If you don’t know that, you’re not worth debating with.

  116. jo3 says

    ds sucks i bought a ds and bought mario 64,wario ware touched, and metroid.But in only about 2 months it got so boring.I just got a psp and you can download music and all that stuff. ds is just to kiddie

  117. Fred says

    If you ask me, which you didn’t but oh well, anyways I don’t know much but I think that when sony heard about the DS they didn’t want to miss out on something that would be big so they said “Hey let’s make a handheld console, that can have music on and movies, even though it comletely defeats the object of a handheld gaming system.” Plus who’d want to watch a movie on a little tiny screen? Come to think of it do you watch it on that lil screen? Sorry if it’s wrong I don’t really care about PSP…

  118. Cloud says

    this is old but now you guys should have seen that the psp is better in most ways than the ds. it has online gameplay now,internet browser,the game sharing feature,the movies are actually selling, and the sell a cable to plug it up to your tv to watch those movies and play those new games and they now sell the gigapack were you get a 1gb memory stick or u can buy it seperetaly and hold a lot of stuff in it, you can even play most NINTENDO roms on it, even n64, so the psp so far has my vote. Im not hating on the ds is but sony has made a better system. oh and who watches movies while on the road on a big screen tv, not me, so that should make people think about the movies on a little screen

  119. sony sucks balls says

    psp sucks balls i think that sony is tryin to copy nintendo by makin handheld games. sony should stick to making regular consoles for the t.v. besides nintedo has been making games for years.

  120. Elevatorkid says

    People who are Hating on the PSP obviously have never seen what it can do. You are all getting excited about pictochat…c’Mon now. PSP has built in Wi-Fi and you can surf the net with ease…link PSPs in the same room or across the world for multi player games. Also…you can play ALL old-school Nintendo…Super Nintendo…Genesis games on the PSP with the emulators that are available. AND…I have seen ripped games on memory cards that play as if they were running on the UMD. You can compress movies…Add custom tracks to games..and oh yeah…does Nintendo have GTA? No…they have Pokemon. DS is cool and a smart idea with the touch screen…but its a kids toy. If you want to move to the adult table then you should be converting to the PSP and giving your DS to your little brother.

  121. Turbo_X says

    DS does have WIFI where you can play people in your region, around the world, your rivals (same skills), or friends. The thing I like about friends is you can switch codes with anyone. My friend moved away recently and he has a DS and I know he has Mario Kart. I called him and we swaped friend codes now all I have to do is call him then we can play anytime. You only listed one game for the DS then said it was a kids toy. There’s only been one pokemon game on the DS. It’s illegal to emmulate Nintendos games. I was reading something earlier in a nintendo site that said DS will browse the net! All the DS needs is the software for it released. The Ds is capable of alot. I never knew it would have online play but now it does. The DS has a variety of games for everyone to enjoy not just pokemon as you say. The GBA had GTA so whats the chances of the DS having it? I’m 16 enjoying my DS and I know a toy form something that’s not a toy. If it was a toy it wouldn’t even be with all of the other systems. Besides i’ve had a portable DVD player and an MP3 player years before the PSP even came out. I also have hundreds of DVDs that can play in my computer, PS2,my poratble DVD plaer, and all of the other DVD players. I’m not gonna buy one movie for almost the same price as a DVD that only works in the PSP. Games are differdnt though. The DS has more top games than the PSP at gamespot. Don’t get me wrong though the PSP is an amazing platform..I just can’t stand when people say the DS is only for kids. How many kids do you know that hjave a DS and the touch screen is scratched really bad. When I see a kid in the store playing a DS they are always trying to touch the top screen instead of the bottom screen. I guess the PSP is more of an adult platform thatn the PS2 because the PS2 has had childish games like bratz, neopets, and even a barbie game!! The PS2 is fro everyone so is the DS and PSP.

  122. Dave says

    PSP has WAY more potential than DS with its over 6x the graphics memory 4096KB compared to DS’s 656KB, 8x the ram 32MB while DS has 4MB and over 3x faster processor the ds has 1:67mhz and one 33mhz and the psp has one 333mhz. Not to mention the PSP multimedia featuers although memory cards and umd movies are a fair amount of $$ for what they hold/do ds doesnt even offer these the psp comes with more accesories(in north america). Also PSP has way more homebrew potential . The PSP has more pixels 30% than ds thats both of ds’s added up. But no one can make great games for psp

  123. Dave(again) says

    I do own both PSP and DS and I own gta for psp as well as atv gretzky 05 and 06 , socom too and i must say psp shows more potential. The reason i listed those games is to show i own some of psps “top” games but i dislike them atv is the truest to the consle gta feels outdated socom i just dont like and i think we need a ea sports hockey game mobolized because gretzky is well baddd.

  124. oneway>> says

    I’m not aiming this message at anyone here. It’s all my opinion.

    When you think about the DS vs PSP war it all depends on what style of games you’re into. All because you prefer one style of gameplay another system offers over another it doesn’t mean the other system sucks and nobody should buy it, because different people are into different styles of gameplay…that’s why I think comparing DS and PSP is completely pointless.. You can’t try to convince someone to chose another style of gameplay over the style of gameplay they like. I happen to like the style of gameplay both systems offer, but I only have a DS. There’s a guy I chatted with at at a DS vs PSP forum a few months ago, and he said ‘why don’t you just get rid of that system you have…the games are childish and if you want to move to a more mature gaming device you should just sale your DS and get a PSP!’

    I said ‘I like the style of gameplay both of these systems have to offer. I don’t think the DS games are childish. Why can’t I like both styles of gameplay? Why does choosing a PSP over a DS have to be a mature requirement in handheld gaming?’

  125. Jerome says

    PSP Rules!!!!!!!!!!!
    DS is for Babys!!!!!
    The Games Are CRAP!!!!
    And You Can’t Watch Movies!!!!!!!!!
    PSP Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Umetroid says

    2,22,06 Lets start off today with more current facts I wont lie but the UMD’s and the memory sticks arn’t so hot anymore.(Opinion)Probally because the price is refuseing to lower with the emerging of better memory, also I payed over $100 dollars for my 512 stick and I’m not looking foward to paying a lot more for better, and the movies are to expensive the quallity is perfect, but paying for the price is outragous. They both are going strong and they both are doing well. Nether company is complianing.

  127. ye its me says

    u psp fukers are so gay ever heard of the new ds web browser? SONY SAYS PS3 WILL COST ONLY JUST UNDER 900 POUNDS!!!!!!! WTF BAD MISTAKE NO-ONES GONNA BUY IS YOU SONY FUKAS!!!!!!!!

  128. Jessica Fleming says

    I believe X-Box is the best. Made by microsoft of course. They always come up with the best stuff first, then the other crap copies. All I can say to Soni is, get your own idea’s! Oh and Sega RULES!!!

  129. Jojo says

    Who tares about Nintenod benig abel to go online. This is not the real issue. The real issue is how sexy X-box 360 will be. I play Halo 3 all the time in my tot tub and gruble over it! Gangstars unite now and smash snoy and nintenod! Box-x 630 is awesome and ill walywas rulay

  130. sandywabbit says

    DS is way better. The PSP’s pixsels always die. PLUS the DS is cheaper so its easier to buy em. AND I love the DS games my faves are nintendogs and mario kart DS.

  131. cripple says

    The nintendo ds is way better than the PSP.
    1. It is cheaper and still better.
    2. It has awesome games such as Nintendogs
    and the Mario games like Super Mario.
    3. It has different colors like pink, teal,
    blue, silver, and red but the psp has 1
    stupid color: black!!

  132. poetikal says

    Umm, whoever says that the PSP is the best, how many did it sell, like 1 million, and they still keep shipping them, and sell scarcly, while the DS sold more then 12 million, selling out in Japan, and selling here in North America. Even days before the DS lite was released they were selling like no tomorrow.

  133. kenny says

    psp is beter just wate till the ps3 cums out and then we see becos u can link ur psp to ur ps3 and the ps3 is going to be the best out i got a xbox 360 but the ps3 is well beter than that

  134. eddy says

    you guys are RETARDED TO HELL! DS can’t do anything but play games. The screen is the size of your dick (about 1 cm.) No internet, pictures, video, grand theft auto, stuff, and stuff. email me, i don’t care my email is edder2000 @ PSP is going to have a digital camera and a gps soon. DS is cool, but not better than PSP dumb asses. I would buy a DS because its cheaper, not because its “better” than psp. Touch screen and dual screen is kinda a dumb idea.

  135. Steve Da rich boy says

    I have a psp and a ds personally ds is better by a hair! (double screen really tops it off) psp is a fun game for airplane but ds is addicting! If your stuck on a decision ds or psp get the ds (or what i did buy both and stop complaining!)

  136. phatman xxl says

    i got both a ds and a psp both bot their pros and cons you can get the gba media player for the ds and it makes the ds better than the psp. Why dosent nintendo push the plat-chan? i love nintendo but i wish they push the ds like sony pushes the psp.

  137. says

    i got both a ds and a psp both bot their pros and cons you can get the gba media player for the ds and it makes the ds better than the psp. Why dosent nintendo push the plat-chan? i love nintendo but i wish they push the ds like sony pushes the psp.

  138. 224 says

    I recently bought a Max Media Player for my DS, it isnt 64 or 128mb like the psp sticks either its actulually 4 gig! thousands of mp3s and movies, it even has a built in emulator for DS and other downloadable emulators and roms from other websites, this mixed with the DS makes it
    that dam good!

  139. babeomia says

    Why do you people argue over some stupid little consoles?its as thou ur lyf deopends on it or summat!! both are good although i prefer nintendo ds because i lurve r u on bout xbox 360? that was out agesss ago!!

  140. Foam says

    Get this through your head, although the psp is cool and all, all in all the psp with all of the stuff( new battery, etc.) will cost close to 700$ RIPOFF> no dis respect. The psp is great but the ds lite will get bigger and it will stay pretty cheap(compared to the psp)

  141. NFS Carbonxx says

    I have both they are both good ds i think got better crystal graphics but lax in violent games but got fusy graphics and got better games so i dunno guys DS probably outrun psp but the ds u can put movies music photos and go on da web so i dunno its hard to decide wich 1s better.

  142. amy-louise thornton says

    hi ya i would like to play nintendo dogs on online because i get bourd sometimes and i would like to play and i also love dogs but i have asked for the ds game of dogs but my birthday is still a long long away and i would love to play it now

  143. ChanelGirl says

  144. nick says

    MY ds broke countless times lets say 3 ds’s… i try not to be ruff but they keep breaking but the freaking gameplay is amazing. metroid prime hunters is a must have it rocks. also pokemon diamond is suppose to me appazing

  145. says

    DS is da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  146. joe says

    I have both. PSP rocks the socks off of ds with graphics, but the sound gets a better score on ds. So many fun and cute games and shooter I hate to say it but shooters are better on ds cause it’s like using a mouse on the ds and I love it so much. PSP however has monster hunter and ofcourse the fact that you can play any adhoc game via xlink so yea get both don’t be stupid get both.

  147. LostInGamePLayTranslation says

    Tunneling for the ds? nice…i used xlink with my first xbox very good indeed, despite the noobs (that i thought that where all on xboxlive).
    As for the so commented battle Psp vs Ds, actually i have both (PSP fat / DS Lite) and i gotta say PSP is miles better, but ds is miles more addictive… sony did an impressive machine, nintendo did an outstanding toy! For someone of my generation (almost 30 lol) it brings back cool memories.
    In resume, i play on the psp 1/2 times a week, and its great also in the car to watch divx on the road, or with company somewhere, on the other hand the ds i play everyday, even if its just 10/15 minutes.

  148. Ian says

    I got the DS and the game “New Super Mario Bros” is awesome!
    Go look about NSMB (New Super Mario Bros) at!

  149. )3ig_)7addy says

    are ya fuking kiddin psp is the all time greatest. u get to listen to music watch videos use skype as a phone buy psp games at psp network store online and get on the internet. i dont know why the hell some people think ds is better than the psp ur gay and dont have good taste. the greatest ganes ever made came out for psp, what the ds got ….pokemon =/ wow. psp iz no doubt the best handheld ever whoever dont like it suuuk my D!!!!!

  150. big daddy says

    psp and ds rocks dick heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. says

    look guys get a life ds has touch screen awesome games(now) originality and a microphone but do not waste money on ds, ds lite or psp as the new ds is comming out (is out srry) ndsi it has all the great fetures of a ds with more.
    it has a camera better microphone better clean graphics and better hearing along with bigger sceens and slimmer console.
    it now has the ability to not just store pics but also take them, now it can store music manipulate pics and search online through google.some no MOST games are onine now and i am srry the ds has sold over 100,000,000 copies how is that going to look (sonny psp is trying desperatly to outsell the ds a game console that has out sold the ipod)

  152. OtakuGamer says

    There are add-ons made by people that you can put on your DS to play music, I read about ’em somewhere, don’t remember now tho.

  153. OtakuGamer says

    Also, i have both PSP and DS and I think both are nice.
    However, DS has more potential, and PSP is kind of old now… I haven’t seen any new good games for it…
    Not to mention DS has a touch screen! And a mic! That makes it awesome, hands down. Even if the graphics are not as lovely. Also, PSP has all those damn pieces O.o The memory cards are expensive and it really sucks if you lose them. And DS is prettier. I have the crimson/black one and I love how it looks. Also, the fact that you can close the DS and it goes into sleep mode is good for not getting caught while playing when you’re not supposed to be *wink*
    I pick up my DS every day, whereas I don’t touch my PSP anymore. It just sits on my desk.

  154. louise says

    if we could play things online i’d like to play the following:

    mario and sonic at the olympic games
    mario kart
    theme park
    guitar hero
    cooking mama 1 + 2
    gardning mama
    imagine teacher
    imagine ballet dancer
    imagine baby club

    and lots lots more!

  155. chuckie, x says

    there is loads of ds games online

    guitar hero is online and proffeser laytons curious village is online. i LOVE the nintendo ds and im a teenager. its not the actual things that are rubbish its the games. if your worried about grapics. its not the ds its the actual game you put in it. dumbass, and i bet half the people who write on here are like 40 year old men so obv the nintendo ds might be a bit boring and if not old men. geeky boys and girls wiv nothing better to do.

  156. fatima says

    I gust got the new DSI and is amazing its so cool and i can take picz download music and connect with anyone anywere

  157. Gabs says

    heya x why dont somone (THE BOSS) make up a website on (its for free) to get the public to see if DS or PSP is better then we will know then we can stop fuckin about with all the milarki

  158. says

    I think that ninetendo games r good. Because if u buy them an u don’t play with them and they are ur favourite game it will be wasting ur parents money

  159. says

    all u ppl suck like me!!! bob junior shut up u ppl i live in a mansion and i can afford a ds and a psp so all U PPL SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. says

    Hii! ppl my frnd bob junior drank alot of pepsi!!!!!!!!!! and hes quite crazy (its real) AND ITS NOT FAIR BECAUSE HES LET HIS ANGER AND CRAZINESS ON ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AND COMPUTER JUST 2 LET U NO AND HE ACTUALLY REALLY RICH I ACTUALLY HAD 2 BEG HIM 2 GIVE ME 10,000000 DOLLARS) > <

  161. says


  162. amro says

    hey dudes i downloaded ps1 and 2 and gameboy advance on my pc and instead of costing alot alot of money i can play all of them on my pc with hacks and now im downloadng nintendo ds after i download it im gna tell u guyz:)

  163. Julie says

    I am Julie.I have a DS and a DSI. You know the DSI? It so fuckin’ cool! Because the DSI,you can take pictures and stuff like that. So it’s fuckin’ ass cool! The normal DS is cool too because you can chat to your friends and you can hold up to more than 1000 games! The normal DS is fuckin’ ass cool too!

  164. says

    Well it would be nice but tenicly would`nt the want money on pc to play online like $5.95 a month beacause its so popular PSP sucks has internet
    connection but hard to do things online nintend DSI has better internet connection. :)

  165. says

    DS is great, I have a TV for movies, An album for Photos and a Stereo for music. The DS is for games, do you really watch films on your PSP, I don’t think so the screen is soo small its pointless and gives you a headache from eyestrain. Pictures on your PSP again pointless unless you can see a postage stamp with a magnifying glass. The DS is brilliant for all generations and has a game for everyone from my 2 year old to my Granny.

  166. cassidy says

    hi i love this web site so you can call me game girl iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  167. says

    u are a mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  168. says

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  169. anonymous says

    Guys, Be quiet, and enjoy your shit, if you didn’t know any better, you’d know that the psp and ds are a match, if they’re alone, but, if you hack both, which has more greater power and more capabilities? PSP, just so I won’t bore you, I will just say just like someone mentioned earlier, that PSP can be hacked, and can have many of SO MANY, emulators that have been on the PC, and can be played, From psx all the way to amigo, or atari, now can DS do that? sorry, and all of you don’t know anything about those two systems, look up a lot of things, hacks, anything, both are good, but when you do something, the PSP definately wins, and it was worth the money.

  170. i love ds says

    listen i love the ds but the psp is not bad but please do not use the words fucked and shit in this commentery box

  171. desters says

    i love my ds but nobody near me ever picto chats and for the creator of this sight you sound like a little kid or a 40 year old who lives with his mommy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hahaha

  172. desters says

    sombody said this sight is for nerds so i better leave i have a reputation to keep see ya suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!peace

  173. savanna says

    I Totally Adore Nintendo D.Ss There awesome When We Have Games Day at School I Take My DS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. says

    DUDE!!! have you guys heard of the newest PS VITA it has everything and i mean everything that all of you guys keep on blabbering about or should i say even more then what you guys say!!!!!

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