Google Weather

Basically here is the blueprint to finding out what Google’s next ‘20%’ project will be. Look at Yahoo and MSN and print out all the features they have that Google doesn’t. Print that list out and pin it on the wall. Throw a dart and you might land on their next project.

Quite simple.

It’s simple: [weather dallas or weather zipcode]
Google SMS: weather dallas

Just tested it and it works pretty damn well.


  1. Phill Bryant says:

    err…how does it work?

    What do I need to search for? And I assume it’s US-only.

  2. go to Google and just type in:

    weather Tampa

    for example. Not sure about International. Let me try it…

    Yeah it seems to be US only.

  3. You mean people outside the U.S. have weather? ;)

  4. norman guy says:

    this does not work i’ll go back to yahoo where it works and doesen’t send me too a site where i have to spend 9.99 / mo to get the weather. thanks but no thank’s……..


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