Car Stereo with USB and SD Memory


This nifty car stereo/CD Player has a USB port and SD memory card slot on the front to play MP3 files directly from either of those media, in addition to the regular MP3 CD and line-in features. Nice to see additional connection methods being added to car stereos. These days if you don’t have a tape player, you are pretty much stuck with those FM Transmitters, which don’t seem to work that well.

I wonder if the USB port will read MP3’s directly off of an iPod Shuffle or other USB MP3 player?



  1. says

    That is indeed really cool. Don’t know if I’d actually replace my factory CD player to go to this, but if one could connect a USB MP3 player I might be tempted…

  2. says

    I’m honestly surprised no manufacturers had done this yet. iPod dock mods in cars are cool, but there are other player alternatives and no one burns CDs anymore…unless you need to play music in your car.

    If I could plug my shuffle right into that port to recharge and play music, Holy-hollywood-shuffle Batman, I’m sold.

    • John S. says

      Here’s my problem: I have a Creative Zen mp3 player with an sd card slot. My car has both a “line in” jack and also a usb connection. The sd card sounds brilliant on the usb connection and just “okay” on the line in. But when I play songs from sd card on the usb port I have no control over the song sequence. The mp3 player’s control is zip on the usb connection and my only control is through the car stereo. Song order is jumbled, out of sequence with no apparent order that I can discern. However, the sound quality through the usb port is far superior to the line in connection. Is there any way I can get more control of the usb read on the sd card or is this just in the nature of the beast? Your input would be most appreciated and please understand I am “not a geek” and need simple explanations. Thank you.

  3. Chad says

    It’s got to play directly from the USB device or SD card slot, I don’t see anything in the specs that indicates any storage capacity.

    Can anyone tell who the manufacturer is?

  4. bbgun says

    hi i’ve recently bought this stereo and its awesome. if you use an ipod on it oyu cannot use the actual ipod to navigate songs you have to use the stereo menu’s and also only the songs generic ipod anmes come up initially but if you wait for a while the song names do eventually appear. normal flash pen drives work fine though. the manufacturer is H&B. the volume is excellent on it and it has a lot of connections for amps and one for a woofer. i would definately recommend this stereo to anyone its just brilliant. also it can play mp3 cd’s and supports folders so woo hoo!!

  5. Premysl J says

    Anyone knows if I can get a car stereo with the USB / SD memory slot and WITHOUT the CD player? I am sick and tired of CD’s (skpping, not playing, etc.). I just look at a CD player and my day i spoiled…

  6. Russ says

    I bought this unit and SD/MMC and CD Mp3 playback works flawlessly. USB pen drives with Mp3 doesn’t work. It seems to read the files, but doesn’t play them. Eventually, it dies trying to read from the USB drive, and goes back to TUNER. Pretty lame. Maybe I have a defective unit.

  7. Paulie says

    Russ, I am ordering this now… what format is the USB pen drive formatted as? it could be a compatibility issue… like formatting an IPOD video in Mac and then trying to put songs in it from a PC. I will still need to order a cable harness to plug it in the car…

  8. Jolene says

    I just bought an Insignia (Best Buy brand) stereo with both usb and smartcard slots, and much to my dismay, it does not work with my mp3 player (Creative jukebox). I am told it is iPod ready, but make sure you find out before you buy one!

  9. Anders Ekstrand says


    I just bought an Avant CD-200, which is a 4x40W FM/MP3/WMA/USB car stereo.

    I have successfully tested it with several different USB memory sticks, ranging from 64MB to 2GB.

    But when it comes to MP3 Players, neither of:

    LOGIK LOG3502 1GB
    IAUDIO U2 512MB
    Creative Zen Nano Plus 512MB
    Sony NW-E003 1GB

    worked with it.

    Actually, the only player I managed to borrow that worked was an iPod Shuffle 512MB.

    (All of the players I tested with works as standard USB Memory sticks with Windows.)

    Does anybody know what differs the iPod from the bunch that didn’t work?


  10. Cathal says

    HI All,
    i hi have a car stereo with usb for two years now Great, its a goodmans, grt sound too, I just got a n i pod and it does plug and play, Argos 100 euro but they do have now in liddle here in Ireland, happy hunting, cant say enough about it, I hate cd’s happy days say goog bye. Cathal

  11. Charlie says

    I purchased Nextar brand (CTC Canada eh) stereo with USB and SD/MMC slot and the MP3 player would not work but Ipod shuffle worked at first and now it doesn’t either and stereo goes back to radio like #15 Russ said. The manual with the stereo is no help. I wonder what the issue is?

  12. TIM says

    Did the nextar one come with the mp3 player ? I just bought one, and gave the mp3 player to my father, and tried to use my own, and it didn’t seem to read it. I wonder if I use the original mp3 player that came with it, that might work ?? or use the cdrom that came with it to format mine ?? I’ll try and let you know !

  13. bob the brain says

    the sd card readers mostly seem to only allow 255 files. First I bought a 4 gig sd card it would not work at all in the machine (a Watson). I found that the 4gig card was a new type of format.

    Bought an earlier format type, 2 gig sd card this worked until I changed over to radio and then would not work when I switched back. Why?. Well its like this if it can only count 255 files and you stop it after it has read say the fivehundredth mp3song (it seems to be ok at reading sequentially one after another, it then when it is switched back to sd media does not know where it is and I an error code is generated.

    I have considered partioning sd cards but currently do not have the time or the neccesary information. Neither do I have the source code for the unit or schematics of the electronics.

    What manufacturers need to do is come up with a common standard and also say on the advertising what the unit will do or not do. The idea of disposing of the cd player altogether fills me with joy. If any manufacturer reads this message I would be only too willing to write a design specification and possibly do some programming and design to produce the perfect beast.

    I agree with the rest of you that FM radio as we know it is a dead duck and has been for 30 years but there are some exciting possibilities such as streaming digital radio (such as live 365) and how about putting masses of radio storage in the machine so that when it actually picks up a clear signal from a transmitter, the transmitter recieves a request from your unit to squirt several hours of digital radio programming directly at your radio in a fraction of a second. Goodbye to fading, jitter and crackles.

    If I had to make predictions it would be these: 1. Micro usb replace cds, tapes bluetooth and Ipods. 2. All your music media will be stored on your computer. Your car radio will be wireless remote networked and you will download all of the music to your radio from the wireless network in your home or possibly anywhere in the world from a cellular net.

    Of course this assumes we have any fossil fuels to drive anywhere.

    Bob Johnson Bachelor of Education Design & Technology. Higher National Certificate Advanced Manufacturing Technology City & Guilds Electronics.

  14. DMX says

    I’ve got one of these MP3 cd, USB & SD car stereos but I’ve had no luck playing mp3 files from my USB stick or SD card. I’ve tried formatting to FAT, FAT32 AND NTSC but nothing works! The instrucion manual is useless, was just wondering if anyone knows a remedy?

  15. vinodh says

    hi DMX
    Try to copy contents from CD which really works in ur car stereo to a pen drive and then try playing it in your car stereo

  16. Donji says

    This unit has been freezing. I have had problems and I wonder if it’s the software….

    When i try to turn it down it turns up…then at many points nothing will respond. I literally have to take the whole unit out of the car and disconnect the unit to stop it from playing. Even when i turn the car ignition off and take the key out, it continues to play. Anyone have any ideas?

    very worried !

  17. God-Sight says

    this particular radio I purchased at Wal-Mart for $79.98 and installed in the car I sold, but now I need another one like this one or similar for the same price, the only problem I encounter is with the cd player skipping tracks on the songs, If you are buying it for the USB or SD card, then go for it but dont spect too much when playing cd’s!

  18. Chris Ward says

    Hi I have a Watson car stereo (sorry I do not have the model number handy) which supports CD/MP3 and also SD and USB. I have not tried MP3 on CDs only on SD and USB, both work fine except when it gets it into its head to start skipping tracks. Sometimes they are tracks which have played ok before. They will always still play ok on the pc when I plug the media back into that but not when plugged back into the car stereo. Sometimes they will skip after the first bar of music, other times it will be part way through the track, but the same track will always skip at the same place. The only common factor I have been able to identify is that tracks which were converted at high bit-rate eg 320 do not seem to skip, so maybe it does not like low bit-rate MP3 tracks, but then some which were converted at low bit rate will play (although I have decided I can notice a difference in sound quality). Has anybody got any suggestions?

  19. Anne Lynes says

    So, I have a Pyle DVD player installed in my car. its equipped with a usb port,sd card slot, av input, ……the tv screen is not installed and i do not own the remote control for it. Every time i insert the sd card to listen to music, the music seems to play in random order. any ideas on how to make the songs play in a particular order. Its REALLY annoying!!!! Thanks for any help you might have on this problem!!

  20. Malcolm says

    I just bought a Sansa clip MP3 player. The problem is that when I connect it to my Hyundai Getz stereo USB port I only get reading on the stereo’s display and connected on the MP3s display. I’ve tried changing the USB mode on the MP3 player but to no avail. Could it be there’s something wrong with the car’s system? I have no problems with radio reception and when playing CDs

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