Philips LED Street lamps

Philips has put up the first street lamps that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which last four times longer than normal street lighting, the Dutch electronics group said on Friday. With 50,000 light hours, LED lamps do not have to be changed for 12 years when lit for an average 11 to 12 hours a day.

Until now, LEDs were used as indicators on electronic goods, bicycles and cars, but technical developments have made them so bright they can now be used for any normal lighting situation.

Gas-filled streetlamps last an average 12,000 hours, and replacing them is costly and also hampers traffic, especially in hard-to-reach places such as tunnels.

LED streetlamps are twice as expensive as current street lighting with a similar design, but this is compensated for by the longer lifespan, Philips product manager Bram Lansink said.

That means a pretty good cost savings to any city that goes that way in replacements, and probably power too. I think LED’s is one technology that is only going to be seen in more and more markets as time passes.


  1. Honus says

    Theoretically LEDs should be easier to control as far as light direction as well. If these can limit ambient light emissions, it’ll make a lot of environmentalists happy.

  2. Thad Beier says

    It would be interesting to see what the energy cost is, though, of these LED replacement bulbs. The previous big rollout of LEDs was for the replacement of incandescent traffic signals. This was a huge win in energy efficiency as well as life — as the LEDs are inherently narrow-band — so you don’t have to throw away 75% of the light to get a green traffic signal. This win is on top of the fact that LEDs are significantly more efficient than incandescent bulbs.

    But, gas streetlights are an order of magnitude more energy efficient than incandescent lights. From what I have seen so far, the current gas discharge lights are still significantly more efficient at producing (ugly) light than LEDs are. In these days of increasing energy awareness, it would really surprise me if people move to a less efficient solution.

    And as far as light pollution goes — the narrow bandwidth of sodium light is a saving grace for astronomical light pollution. You can relatively easily filter out that narrow frequency band. A broader spectrum LED light, while prettier and giving better color rendition, would be a nightmare for astronomers.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I love LEDs — I think that they will be great for indoor lighting to replace incandescents and flourescents — but outdoor lighting just doesn’t seem like the right application for these marvelous devices.

    Thad Beier

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  6. Omer Ikram-ul-Haq says

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  7. says

    Not sure where this comment is going but encouraged by the interest this webpage is given by people all over the world. Now that Philips has come out with commercial street lamp using LED, the question is at what price is this being marketed and where is it manufacutered. If correct sales person can be identifies then further discussion can be carried out to work on a ecomomical package for the world market. I am a bit concerned of the comment from Tad Beier that it is not a cost efficient solution even with solar power.

  8. David Cheung says

    I want to know how much energy can LED street lamps be saved when compared with incandescent street lamps. Do you have any statistical/test reports published on such matters? I need some real examples and name of users.

    Thank you

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    i need the pricing for a fresh project using led street lights. pls include technicl information. this project may require more than 500 units. pls take this into cost considerations. also include pricing for shipment to west africa

  10. Richrd Speth says

    I am working on a proposal for the City of Buffalo, NY to light a section of road for a span of 4.2 miles (approx). I want to know the costs of doing this project with LED technology. Included would be cost of fixtures, as well as consumption of electricity.

    The installation will not be minimalistic, but provide an aesthetic entrance to our city.

    Plewase provide info.

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