Transformers: Kiss Play

Pedophiles in Disguise!

Japan is ready to release the “evolution” of the Transformers: Binaltech toyline: Transformers: Kiss Play. While Kiss Play Transformers will still be accurately sculpted, licensed vehicles, they will not contain die-cast parts, which so many fans had come to appreciate.

Instead, they will be packaged with PVC figurines of scantilly-clad underaged girls, appealing to the Lolicon Fetish, which is all the rage in Japan these days. You can read Western fan-reaction to the line Right Here. And if you need to laugh at how strange this is, then check-out this issue of Shortpacked.

Basically, as the story for the line goes, the Japanese Government has infused the Transformers with a new arsenal of special powers. However, those special powers are only available when they receive a kiss from one of the female officers. The girl packaged with Kiss Play Convoy (Optimus Prime in America) is intended to be Marissa Fairborne, a regular character from the third season of the original cartoon as well as the daughter of Flint from G.I. Joe. However, she’s considerably younger in PVC-form.

Needless to say, this line will NOT be imported to America, or anywhere in the West, for that matter. The Alternators line will continue as-is, without the inclusion of half-naked children.


  1. music_stryker says

    WTF this is some messed up shit! It’s like Optimus has turned into a Micheal Jackson except with little girls instead of boys!

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