GoDaddy Sucks

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I’d like to write the first entry in what may turn into a series, however I haven’t decided yet. My first victim is going to be GoDaddy. I’ve never liked GoDaddy. They suck…..hard. Anybody who uses them knows that there administration system is crappy, and the signup process for a domain name is ridiculous because of the amount of advertising that is done along the way. They do nothing but sell sell sell all the way during your purchase. It’s ridiculous. I decided to document the whole GoDaddy experience a little better so people can see what it’s like.

#1. HomePage

What a beautiful homepage(not!). Definitely built for the first time visitor to the site to show off all their wonderful features(because you won’t find about them at all through a domain purchase). It’s loaded with tons of blurbs about their various services and such. Let’s login to an account so we can see the wonderful new interface they present to their regular users.

#2. After Login

Wait a minute….I thought I logged in. Oh that’s right, I did. What do you know, I’m still bombarded with useless advertisements. The page is pretty much the exact same as before. No sight of anything remotely useful to someone who needs to modify their existing domain name information. Anyway, I came to register a domain, so that’s what I’m going to do. Let’s run a little search and see what we come up with.

#3. After Search

Good news for me, is available, just what I wanted to hear. I can get the .net, .org and several other variations with just the click of a button. And oh goody, .info and .us are on sale! And just in case that wasn’t the domain I wanted, they came up with about 1,000 other variations of the domain name. Let’s buy this puppy, it should only take a couple of seconds.

#4. After Continue from Search

Wow, what a great offer they on this page, they will offer me the .biz, the .net, and the .info all for only an additional $16.00. That would save me 41%! There is nothing to this page other than to offer me this great deal. I think I’ll pass.

#5. After Continue from Crappy Sales Page

What a joy, options for me to choose from! What do you know, registration length is automatically set to 2 years, I get to change that to one. Also set to automatically renew and automatically bill me each year, set that to manual. It is set to standard registration instead of deluxe, so I don’t have to change anything there. Although, they care about me, so they want me to know that the standard registration leaves my information available to the public through a WHOIS search. This “exposes you to an untold number of potential problems – and yes, it can happen to YOU”. I’m glad they warned me, because I wanted to pay and extra $8.95 so no one could get my information and they could make an extra $8.94 in profit. On to the checkout preferences…..Automatically selected is the option to “Show me exclusive offers that will help me get the most from my domain. Gotta click over to the “Quick Checkout” option, then we can wrap this thing up in a page or 2, right? All that should be left is for me to enter the credit card info.

#6. Trying to Checkout

Another special limited time offer. I’m sure this special offer will be going away any day now because it’s so special. I can keep my personal information private for only $4.99 a year instead of the normal $8.99. I feel honored and blessed to have this option given to me, but once again, I’ll pass. Nothing to this page other than the special limited time offer. So let’s continue to the checkout….

#7. Still Trying to Checkout

Wonderful, I get to review my order. Let’s see, 1 year(I can change it to 2 or more very easily if I was mistaken). I can change it to private for only an extra $4.99 a year in case I changed my mind from the first 5 times they offered it to me. $8.95 for the domain, plus and extra $.25 for the ICANN fee. It would’ve taken out of their profit to just roll this into the domain name cost apparently. A nice fee of $9.20 for 1 year of domain registration. So let’s finally checkout now!

#8. Finally Entering Information

Hooray! A screen that’s actually useful to me. I can enter my personal and billing information with not a sales pitch in site(other than the standard ads on top). Let’s enter that info and get it done with.

#9. Security Check

Thank you, Bob Parsons for putting a security checkpoint here. “The access code you see an additional security process has developed to protect you” Thank goodness, I wouldn’t want a bot to come in and purchase a domain name, then I just wouldn’t feel safe shopping for domain names here anymore. Thank you again Bob Parsons for leaving this personal note here letting me know how much you care about me personally. I feel safe, I feel secure.

#10. And I’m Spent

We’re done, finally! It only took going through 10 pages and about 50 different pitches to get the domain name I wanted. I do need to hurry though, because the “clock is ticking” and they’ve got tons(in fact, a whole pageful) of special prices that expire in just 30 minutes. I better jump on these before they expire


The only registrar I use is NameCheap(this is not an affiliate link, I benefit in no way by you using them). Their administration system is simple and it doesn’t bombard you while trying to make a simple purchase. If anybody has any further suggestions, I’d love to hear them and I’m sure everyone else would too.

To sum it up, I Jacob Gower, think GoDaddy is a terrible registrar. They suck, hard. I highly do not recommend them. If you want to spread the word on this, link to this article with “GoDaddy” as the link text. That should get this page bumped up in Google when people search for their name. If you’d like to read more on GoDaddy’s terrible suckage, I’ve made a small list of the many articles out there:


  1. says

    I use them for my domain and for hosting because they’re cheap and I know they won’t just dissapear. And I do use the thingy that convers up your personal details because I do get stalkers who send pillows to my house on my birthday o_O
    Far better than my previous hosts anyway. My first one, well, that ended with my site down for a good month, the owners of the survice locking themselves in the building so the people who bought them out couldn’t get in. And when they did, the offered me a year of free hosting which wasn’t really free since I already paid for it and then the next year charged me about twice as much as GoDaddy for even less than what I get with them now. So, GoDaddy may be evil, but they’re cheap evil that’s far less evil than some other evils… or something

  2. says

    Oh man, I HATE GoDaddy! Even after your online purchase/sales-bombardment, they’ll call you in a few days to “make sure your order is correct”, etc. That sounds like a great deal until they try to sell you upgrades to your account.

    Then they’ll do it next month.

    And the month after.

    Etc, etc.

    Viva la!

  3. says

    Completely agree with you on the fact that godaddy’s user interface is horrible. I moved my domain from to godaddy as they wer e cheaper. However, I regret it now.

  4. says

    You think GoDaddy is horrible? You probably haven’t seen other registrars! I used several registrars in the past and some of them had broken interfaces which simply didn’t work, and also didn’t reply to support e-mails, I typically had to phone them and they put me on hold forever before getting a competent person to answer. At least GoDaddy replies to support e-mail.

    I have consolidated all my domains at GoDaddy. It’s full of advertising but at least IT WORKS and won’t disappear tomorrow (they are a big company, they advertised at superbowl).

    • Steve says

      Godaddy has aweful support they copy paste emails… I moved from 1and1. Well now my site is EXTREMELY SLOW… If I’m lucky it opens at all. So I contacted them and after a month they said its my script. But it worked just fine on 1and1. Did some research turns out their nameservers suck. So now I’m trying to move my domaing back they said I could do as long as it was back to the same place it came from. Guess what. Nope. They are claiming I changed my name on the domain name and now I have to wait 38 more days before I can do anything. I never changed my name. And when i send the emails with the email they send me telling me i could move back if I changed my mind I get the SAME EXACT reply.. No matter what. its happened no joke 9 times.. GoDaddy sucks so much they could win a sucking contest. Meanwhile I am loosing money and users. But do they care? NOPE. Screw godaddy. I regret ever leaving 1and1

      • Michael says

        I switched from Godaddy to 1and1. Sorry to hear you took the other route.

        Doesn’t help that Godaddy will hold the domain in case you “change your mind” anytime soon.

  5. says

    I am currently using GoDaddy and I have no real problem with it. Yeah, the signup process takes a long time with all the add-ons for sale.

    The control panel is a little limited compared with other hosting companies. Maybe because I have been using GoDaddy and my clients have used it as well.

    Same with Newsminator, I chose GoDaddy because it is a big company.

  6. Eric says

    I disagree. Yes, the interface could look different when you log in. The rest of your gripes don’t apply though because you can use express checkout and bypass all of the ads. I’ve always gotten top-notch telephone service when I call them, prompt and immediate refunds if something went wrong, and they’re still the cheapest out there. Not to say the other gripes out there aren’t true or legit, but I’ve had nothing but good experience with them.

  7. happygodaddyuser says

    at least you made reddit! I guess (yet hope not) that someone clicks your adsense adds :-) which was the whole purpose right?

  8. some guy says

    “The rest of your gripes don’t apply though because you can use express checkout and bypass all of the ads.”

    what a crock. they DO apply, because he went through the process and had to deal with it. sorry for not understanding the complicated beast that is the GoDaddy system – with multiple checkout methods, keyboard shortcuts, custom CSS themese, and user-selectable advertising preferences.

    if they can make the checkout simple for one person, they should do it for everybody.

  9. says

    newsminator: right, I doubt there is a registrar with a worse interface. I’ve used many myself and have yet to find one. yes, they are big, which is why you will see that many people agree with my viewpoint.

    eric: I did use the quick checkout…..

    happygodaddyuser: umm, no. you wouldn’t happen to work for godaddy would you? Why else would you keep your identity anonymous under the shield of “happygodaddyuser”. I wrote this article, because I feel, as many people do, that GoDaddy is terrible in every way

    As far as someone going to godaddy because they’re cheap, Namecheap is $8.88, GoDaddy cost me $9.20. There are several places with cheap domains. Seems to me the reason that people go there is because it is “Big”

  10. BuddaMagoo says

    NameCheap is not a credited registrar. They’re a reseller through Enom. No credidation = chance of domain loss, or worse you could get ‘rolled over’ to Enom with their incredibly high registration cost per domain in Namecheap takes a dive. Be warned.

  11. bub says

    I feel the same. I hate using GoDaddy. But I have to deal with it because some clients are registered there. I can’t believe people put up with it because it’s cheap. Is it really worth a couple dollars per year?

    It’s not just the ordering process. I tried to renew a domain for a client and I couldn’t find any way to do it. I had several exchanges with support and nothing helped. I finally had to give up and tell the client she would have to renew herself.

  12. says

    well.. at least godaddy register stuff fine once you get through the ads ..
    i’ve been a RegisterFly user for the last 5 years, and their service has got worse and worse and worse .. about 4 times out of 5 domain registrations & renewals fail because of “registry connectivity problems”. they’re a mess! I’m slowly switching to GoDaddy – can deal with the ads, at least I don’t get stuff coming back to me undone.

  13. says

    Y’know, if you don’t like GoDaddy, you don’t have to use them. Use one of the other registars that’s more to your liking. I don’t see the point of putting all of this effort into slagging the company — why not put the work into promoting a registrar you do like rather than trashing this one? What’s the point of spreading this kind of negativity? Did GoDaddy kick your dog?

    And this is going to be just the first in a series of articles trashing companies you don’t like? I think both you and your readers would be better server by your turning them on to companies you think are doing things right rather than ripping ones you think are doing things wrong.

    I’ve been a happy GoDaddy customer for three years. I’ve never had even a tiny problem with their services, and that’s far more important to me than whether the user interface could be better (it could) or whether they have too much advertising (they do).

  14. Mick says

    When I signed up with GoDaddy I had no problem finding what I needed to. I am able to find where to renew my domains very easily. I find it hard to believe that a technical person finds the GoDaddy site hard to use, when I know of novice computer users that do not find navigating the site difficult. Don’t like it, don’t use it but there are many people that have no problems at all using GoDaddy and like it.

  15. Gary says

    I use gandi. They’ve recently redone their interface – but in my past experience they’ve always been cheap and very simple.

  16. says

    i just recently purchased a domain at and i have no problems with their user interface and the ads in it. their trying to do business so for me it’s okay. besides, it’s not like their using annoying pop-ups. when you’re already familiar with the menu and the interface you won’t have any problems. what i also like about is their tech support and service representatives. It’s easy to get a hold of a rep and you get results fast. Another thing, their rates are affordable.

  17. Craig says

    I find godaddy a great value. Think of what verisign puts you through and what they charge you.

    No problems here.

    I used to use gandi, but switched when I started having issues with their third party e-commerce site not being up when I needed to renew.

  18. Bleh says

    GoDaddy is the best out there. Regarding those adverts, “to pay attention or not to, that is the question”

  19. says

    Gotta agree with this article. I bought a .biz domain from GoDaddy once, and I thought the registration process would never end. I ended up transfering the domain back to my normal registrar, but getting GoDaddy to let go of the domain and let it be transferred away was like pulling teeth (although Network Solutions was even worse – now they were truly in a league of their own for suckiness). I’m happy with my normal registrar ( – even though they charge twice as much, I’ve never once felt like they were trying to screw me over.

  20. says

    When I started reading this post (didn’t read the whole thing, mostly because I disagree with the main point of it) I immediately knew I had to comment. It’s good to see, now, that many others have commented before me with the same sediments as my own. GoDaddy is reliable. They provide pretty good deals, and they haven’t caused me any problems. Sure, the advertising stuff is annoying, but depending on how many domains you have, the number of times you have to deal with it is limited. I, too, am a bit surprised you took the time to put together this thorough of a bad review. Of all the obvious targets out there (Hotmail, AOL, Netscape, etc.), you picked GoDaddy?

  21. godaddy_questioner says

    I read that if someone accuses you (falsely, perhaps) of sending spam from your GoDaddy-registered domain, they’ll freeze your domain and charge you $200 to unfreeze it.

    Is this true? What registrar is there out there that doesn’t engage in this sort of behavior?

    I’m not a spammer, but if I’ve got a domain that says something that some people (e.g. MPAA, Republicans/Democrats, pro-life/pro-abortion) really don’t like, it seems they just have to tell GoDaddy I sent spam, and them I’m out $200. Repeat every day, and I’m broke.

  22. says

    I’ll switch all my 6 domains from GoDaddy to another registrar. I’ll never pay them any money again. They accepted payment for two .eu pre-registrations, that they couldn’t register, and now 3 months later they still refuse to refund the money. That’s stealing, IMO. And their support is the archetipe of brainless drones who are paid on the number of ‘issues’ handled, so that any simple request results in 5 separate issues, 15 emails, and no effect.
    I just have to find an alternative registrar.

  23. says

    I totally agree with comment #7. Hopefully you’ll make it also on Digg and get those clicks. I had a crap host called that went down twice for weeks and his support number didn’t even work. With GoDaddy you can be sure they’ll always be around and up, they do sensational deals and their support is very responsive. Go somewhere else if you don’t like the interface.

    I’ll do you a favour and will click the AdSense links.

  24. hap says

    There must be a bunch of young pups here. If you think GoDaddy is bad, you should have been around for the Network Solutions years. Sure, the ads are annoying, but like others have said, the system works. Network Solutions system didn’t work until some time after the registrar business opened up, and even now, it’s pretty poor. Given the price difference between GoDaddy and Network Solutions, I’ll register new domains with GoDaddy until I find a reliable alternative.

  25. Marty says

    I’ve had no problems with GoDaddy. If you don’t like don’t, don’t use it.

    Devoting the time to make a blog about how you don’t like is really a waste of time. What does it accomplish?

  26. Jacob says

    I won’t use it of course. Of course as you can tell there are many dissatisfied people. If you’re happy with GoDaddy, you should try a place like Namecheap, you’d be in love. As I’ve said, GoDaddy’s interface is ridiculous.

  27. says

    Honestly, I do quite a bit of domaining, having registered over 300 names. I use 1&1, their process is pretty seemless and they are trustworthy. I experiment with godaddy because of their domain name interface. If you type something in and it is taken, they give you every conceivable alternative that there is. Sometimes, you can pick up good names that way.

    I use godaddy regularly, but I don’t ever buy anything from there..

  28. VIX says

    GoDaddy webhosting Credit Card Scheme
    (well I think it is) didn’t capped webhosting and decide to CHARGE YOU x TIMES if you go over their limit. My wife put pictures and movies on our wedding website and guess what happened.

    At the end godaddy charged me 16 times 7.00$ over 1 month -that’s over 100$ bucks for a 4$ a month hosting auto renew. I got Screwd by GODADDY !!!

    Btw, it took them 2 weeks to respond to 5 emails I wrote to the billings dept.

    Don’t trust godaddy with your credit card!!!

    I will go back to hosting my OWN website then.

    Bye, Have a nice day.
    Please feel free to post my godaddy experience anywhere you want

  29. June Blew says

    Dude, you have told the truth about godaddy.

    I have bought 6 domains on there and I am not completely stupid with a pc but this site is rediculous when trying to find answers.

    I haven’t managed to get one site up yet because I can’t find any information on that whole site about how to publish with frontpage.It is a maze of sell, sell, sell. I am sorry I ever fooled with those greedy folks.

  30. Zeke Komas says

    Go Daddy? – Great 24/7 service (considering the price) but they do have a lot of sucky ads. If you keep an eye on the “automatic” defaulted selections when checking out you should be ok. They didn’t get my .EU domain either, but I understand they were competing with a bunch of false-front companies when the domains were released. No problem getting a refund (one call). I use them to bid on, buy and sell names, too. While they could use an 800 number, look around, there are a lot of worse companies out there for sure.

  31. Nurglitch says

    Yeah, you have to do about 5 clicks once a year. Trully a thing to rant about if one has run out of all the other imaginary problems.

  32. Ron says

    Well i am having a dns issue and it is just with Godaddy and not Why? I really don’t know. I cannot get to my site from work but can from home. However it is only the sites at All of them. And none of my sites elsewhere have any issue. So maybe some of their services are cheap and reasonable. However the dns is not working out for me and their support just gives me the stock answer that is doesn’t happen for them and do not seem willing to go further to troubleshoot this. And while this was an intermittent problem, it is now all the time.

  33. says

    Okay, shut up everybody! My turn to talk! First of all I don’t think Godaddy has enough ads available during registering. What is the problem??? Having purchased ten domains through godaddy I’ve managed to Completely tune out all ads! Godaddy couldn’t sell me a domain at one cent if purchasing another product after tuning out all ads. Therefore, Godaddy Needs More Ads! Besides, you idiot cry babies need a couple more ads to click through to really have something to cry about! Have to agree with Bernie #21. Absolutely No service out there in cyberspace is even Half as bad as AOL! After 12 phone calls they still would not let me cancel and continued to bill me!! And we are here to complain about such an Excellent service that will not just up and leave and disappear anytime soon??? Gimme a break! I just can’t believe Mihai #23 after having several calls to Godaddy with the most courteious service from each and every person I’ve spoken to…. and Not having had to talk to someone in India! What is VIX #32 crying about?? Waited two weeks for an email??? Could he not take 5 min of his precious time to give them a call to have entire situation straightened out immediately? Must be rich to afford the wait. Doesn’t make sense. Listen June #33, if you are too stupid to figure out how to publish with frontpage, that’s fine. You can find an excellent Indian tutor on Scriptlance or a tutor here in U.S. on Craigslist, but let me tell you that with those 6 domains you will not ever have any trouble. Nurglitch #35 HI Five DUDE!! Certainly you and I can handle 7 clicks a year while all these whining crybabies pout! Bring it on Godaddy!! Give us a couple more ads per registration! An Ron? It’s not good to make things up…Come on people POST! I’m bored and have a need to bitch!

  34. Binh Tang says

    #32 | VIX,

    I have just been in the same situation as you. But got stung MORE!

    I got a bill for USD$359 for being over by 13Gigs of bandwidth on MONDAY. I was willing to pay that but I was querying it so emailed their support. After about 10 emails and not getting a straight answer, I decided to call them instead (I live in NZ so didn’t want to make international calls). Spoke to the lady for 30 mins. During this time, I checked the bill and it’s gone up to USD$780!! Yip, more than doubled in a space of four days because I was over the bandwidth allocation (I have a popular site where peple can download files for their MP3 players). I was under the impression that it would ‘roll over’ to the next month so it would have stopped at the initial USD$359. but NO, it kept on adding up!!!!

    So, now I’m stuck with a $780 bill and not sure if I should just not pay it? Luckily my credit card had expired as they were going to automatically charge my credit card for it!!!!!

  35. jon says

    I haven’t tried their other services, but for domain registration they are unrivaled. I have about 9 domains registered through them. Their prices are good. They support some of the podcasts that I listen to, so I support them. Bob Parsons is also very open about his business (they link to his blog on the GoDaddy site) and I think they are an example of a good internet company.

    If you don’t like all the ads and upselling, then go somewhere else and pay way more. The way they have it, you can select exactly what you want, and nothing more. They are up front about everything. Are you guys like little children that are distracted so easily and can be swayed so strongly by ads? Did you notice the “express checkout” option where it skips all of that stuff too?

  36. says

    What the … you should tell me sooner about this thing (or at least make your homepage into the frontpage of search engine when i search about godaddy review), because i just bought a new domain name & economic hosting package TODAY!!! and after reading at several website (after im buying this) … i’ll just wait for what happen to me (at least they won’t call me because i lived in a very faaar land from them) … lol

  37. JonJonPoPong says

    I myself have considered useing namescheap but I decided no to when I read that if I let my regisration for my site lapse that they will grab onto it and then charge me $200 to re-register it.
    Its in thier service agreement, so ghey.

  38. max says

    I have used different Web Hosting companies and I currently have 3 domains hosted at Godaddy. I have no complaints at all. They are very good in their pricing and I’m so used at the interface and web site navigation that I register a new domain or hosting plan blind folded. The control panel etc.. is very user friendly imho. It might take you a while to get used to the navigational structure of a web site but that’s with every hosting company. They have never called me to confirm a purchase or have never ever shown me any sign of pushing to buy or register anything. I’m a web master and I spend most of my time behind the PC. I do have a lot of customers that are hosting on Godaddy and I have many of my clients register with Godaddy when they do need hosting. As long as your on time renewing your domain or hosting your fine. If you forget to renew your domain then Godaddy will make it very hard for you to recover it. Period. Just don’t be stupid to not renew on time. BTW I also have 1 domain registered at Network Solutions and you know what. You get the same advertisement and different registration pages before you can actually hit the BUY now button. It’s as annoying as Godaddy so I don’t see much difference between the big companies.

  39. says

    You guys need to get a life, I host and have 2500 domains under management with godaddy, I have an account exex and I cannot fault the service
    Instead of knocking GoDaddy and being a lemming maybe it would be more constructive to use their feedback form and help them improve
    Additionally they have an intelligent mode that avoids all the adverts so the comments of Macgyver suck and i think hide a hidden agenda

  40. says

    Reading the comments is interesting, and in part I agree with the comments of phoenixeagle, so I just looked at the site to see who this guy is, as I thought he must work for go daddy, seesm he hosts his sites with GoDaddy and so i checked out his domains, and interestingly he seems to have hundreds of domains all earning him money, but more interestingly, the links on the sites seem to point to relevant stuff, applicable to the name, and who does this? GoDaddy, cashparking!
    I am no fan of GoDaddy, they hosting packages are too restrictive, but they went from nowhere to No1 in 4 years, better than the rogues at

  41. Jen says

    I switched to godaddy many years ago as an alternative to network solutions. However, I tried to have a client register and park a domain via godaddy and they had no luck navigating the endless sales screens. Since I’m too lazy to go through the hassle of having my domains transferred, I still use them. However, they could update their user interface and I think they would actually improve their sales…but then again maybe they would loose out on too many ancillary sales.

  42. Kristian says

    Go Daddy really does SUCK!!!

    They have “hidden” charges and stupid obscure policies that stop you transferring domains away.

    The most notable obscure policy is.. every time you change your whois details (e.g. contact info.. email, phone, postal address) they block your domain from being transferred for 60 days.


  43. says

    Godaddy is the absolute worst in the world. This company will squeeze you till you cry uncle and then wring the last few drops put of you.

    The CEO loves the sounds of his own voice and writes slef congratulatory blogs while he is robbing you blind. Their dedicated servers don’t even work!

  44. Ray says

    I have purchased multiple domains at GoDaddy. IT Works, point. Millions of customers CAN’T be wrong. Like in any business in America, they can’t please everyone…

  45. says

    That is some funny shit, unfortunately I do use godaddy, their hosting is even worst. Just like yahoo (IMO) Godaddy should stick w/ domains and clean up the ads, and yahoo should just stick w/ being a search engine…

  46. bob omb says

    although their support is generally good, godaddy is total shite. it’s not just that the interface is covered with ads, it’s that there is no noticable difference between being logged in, or in a certain control panel, etc. you go to a control panel, click on an action, and the response is subtly burried somewhere else on the page and lost in all the noise and ads. you think signing up is bad? wait till you try to go in and make changes. managing certificates is also a major pain in the ass. instructions do not use the same terminology as the interface, for example, and as this article pointed out, there are a million steps for every simple thing. nothing is clear or clean. the menus are totally confusing. this site seems to be geared towards people who don’t know anything about internet technology. check out their specials and emails trying to sell you “your own space on the net” and never really clarifying if they are selling hosting or domain names or whatever (in fact they make no effort to educate customers that there is really a difference)… my sympathies to anyone who uses godaddy for a single domain or other service… the few pennies you save are not worth the insult.

  47. Bitchey Mood says

    The person that wrote the article on godaddy, obviously doesn’t know much. I am a teacher and go daddy is very easy to use. My students are advanced students and everyone of them use go daddy in their professional careers. I wouldn’t signup for a domain with someone I didn’t think knew what they were doing. I have been creating and designing websites for years.

    I guess you really are a nerd to insult go daddy. I hope know one uses your site, YOU SUCK and so does YOUR SITE!

  48. says

    Agreed that Godaddy does “suck” in some ways .. their “upsell” strategies can be annoying, but then again, Bob Parsons is a smart guy and he seems to know how to wring the last penny out of a golden goose. – I have a gazillion websites hosted all over tarnation .. some with Godaddy .. I’ve had servers crash, domains highjacked, lines crossed on shared servers, blackhole technical support .. but so far no problems with GoDaddy .. I can’t believe this, but I stick up for them .. very unlike me :)

  49. Nizar says

    I am currently travelling and have not been able to gain access to my emails hosted at godaddy for almost six hours. No point in emailing me as I can’t get it. Does anyone know what is going on. It is Nov 2, 2006 about 7 AM EST in the US.

  50. SadEmployee says

    I think worst part about working at Godaddy itself is that we HAVE to sell to you no MATTER what your problem is or how bad we want to help you. If we don’t pitch we get written up. Even if we gotta give you the “its their fault go somewhere else” that was advised to us to tell you, so it’s not the customer service itself its the practice and the way we are told to work.

  51. Eric says

    I’ve had my websites registered and hosted by Godaddy for a couple of years now and haven’t had any problems with it. I like it much more than other hosts and in fact most other services of any kind because I can call a real phone number and get a REAL person right away who is helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. Yes, there are a lot of ads, but its easier to deal with that than with lousy service.

  52. says

    GoDaddy does suck! I am trying out their virtual dedicated servers on a few of my clients site. Boy am i glad i did not move everyone over to their servers! I am looking for a real host.

  53. NJ says

    I am dissatisfied with Godaddy too. I will be forced to move to another registrar. I recently wasted a day and a half trying to make their wretched interface update my domains. It is BROKEN. Admitedly I am a Linux user not a Windows user, but so will be a great number of their customers.

    I submitted an inquiry via their website about my problem.I got a load of rubbish in return about Internet Explorer and caches and asking me to tell them which browser I was using if I contacted again .This is despite the interface they designed for me to post through recording which browser and operating system and telling them in the message itself. I wrote again only to get another silly automatic type reply. EVentually I had to travel to another location to log on with a Windows machine. The godaddy droids would never have done anything. All they seem to be doing is chosing a response from a list.

    The simple conclusion I draw, as a professional who built one of the largest websites on the web, is that they haven’t a clue how to design a working interface.

    I wasted a hell of a lot of time investigating problems that turned out to be their update system not updating.

  54. Zane Watts says

    Point Blank:
    Just like anything: If you do not like it, LEAVE. If you took the time to understand what’s going on when you work with what they offer, it does work. Other than that, sounds like a bunch of whiners here. GROW UP. You want perfection according to you. Life isn’t perfect. And neither is this crappy forum. But what does work is what Go-Daddy does. “They make money”. Do you? Or is it maybe your home life sucks and you are taking it out somewhere else? Sure sounds like that is the case. Otherwise you would not spend this time to throw negativity. Find peace in your life. Not this hate forum.

    I’ve been at GoDaddy for 4 years with minimal issues.

  55. kevin stokes says

  56. says

    You’ll all be happy to know GoDaddy has changed their management interfaces enough to make them tolerable. Now – they do indeed suck many balls.

  57. Anon says

    Godaddy. Sucks. Hard. is an excellent registrar which I highly recommend. Prompt customer service, functional control panel with simple layout, and nice first-time-customer pricing at $4.95. That INCLUDES WHOIS PRIVACY! So it’s an all round better deal.

    Next up would be for $10 including privacy. They seem to be a no-bullshit registrar. They even have a page which outlines exactly what “domain privacy” offers and what it doesn’t – complete with ICANN quotes! Whereas GoDaddy just try to give you the hard sell…

    There is simply no excuse for poor web design. Simple, elegant and functional design is why Google is so successful. Bad web design also makes viewing the website a pain. So on that basis alone Godaddy gets a massive thumbs down. I tried to use their control panel interface and it was absolutely HORRIBLE; and the login page?? Try Netfirm’s login page: Much nicer..

    The secret to GoDaddy’s success is probably because it was one of the first in the “cheap domains” business and its popularity snowballed. It has also gone about make a whole load of “clone” domains which do not mention GoDaddy but which are obviously directly affiliated or operated by GoDaddy. I will NEVER use GoDaddy again and the same goes for most who register there. There is no quality in the service and ultimately that will drive people away from the site. It’s had a good run and Bob what-ever-his-name made his fortune, but it won’t last.

    GoDaddy Sucks – Use NetFirms!!!

  58. Liberte says

    I am not a direct customer of GoDaddy, i am a customer of my friend at who is also a GoDaddy reseller with the same products with GoDaddy. I think they are the best domain name registrar of the world because you have every control of your domain name in your hands. Their hosting is cheap and powerfull. They are fast, you can setup your hosting within a few minutes. I love GeneralDots and GoDaddy, go go gooo

  59. Esquire says

    I have several dedicated servers with GoDaddy and I’ve come to the opinion that the excessive advertising is a small price to pay for the extremely low cost.

    All our services have always been set up within the hour, they always respond to tech support requests within the hour and they own all their own equiptment.

    I think your article skims over all the good points (which there are many) and concentrates just on the bad.

    Their administration system provides more comprehensive controls than I have ever used with any other host.

    To summarise, they are fantastically good value for money when you look at them as a whole and don’t nit-pick.

  60. says

    Hell, if you think the domain registration is bad, you should try HOSTING with godaddy.

    I don’t think they could come up with a more user-unfriendly system if they tried.

  61. ghghgh says

    you must be a GOD DA*N idiot!!!!! how f*&^ing stupid are you? It is called sales!!!! When you sell something, sell up on it!!! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE GODADDY!!!!!!!! Shop around you god d*mn idiot. You are probably living in your mommmys basement and didnt like having to click thru a lot of screens, i bet WORLD OF WARCRAFT is easier for you!!!! stick to video games you TOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Zorpiedoman says

    Sorry, but I have had great success with GoDaddy. Ok, the interface is a bit clumzy, and somewhat cluttered, but a great improvement over many others I have tried. The one thing some of you critics are way off on is the quality and responsiveness of their customer support. I rarely am on hold for even a minute, people are very willing to help, and most of my issues have been resolved very quickly. Every company in the world will have good points and bad points, but the customer service is what makes or breaks them. I’m sticking with GoDaddy.

  63. says

    Haha, I can’t believe you posted that today, March 11th. Godaddy has been down since 1:00PM eastern time. It’s now 3:07 and they are still down. All shared hosting websites from godaddy are down.
    Just bad luck I guess.

  64. Sam says

    In my case 1 out of 10 of my domainds was NOT effected!!!

    These were down for about an hour due to GoDaddy’s outage:

    Yet this one didn’t

    Very strange!!! How can a regirtrar go down?! I thought stuff like this is replicated.

  65. Bob Parsons says

    Godaddy is great!!! The registration is a little lengthy though. The user interface is a little confusing but the customer service support is fast and they respond to every email. I am a happy godaddy user.

  66. Blood says

    wow, i have godaddy too, it sucks with all the advertisements and hard-to-find help topics and no support of what you can actually do with the domain.

    but since i barely go to their website (just use FTP client) it doesnt bother me much.

    oh and elissa (she posted the first comment on this page)


    hah, they sent me shaving items from gillette on my birthday too

  67. Greg says

    I have been using godaddy for many years.

    I must say, that I dont like the advertising!

    The new control panel, only works with internet explorer, that I dont use, but have to when I go there!

    The phone support is GREAT!!

    I once hosted a 30GIG site on one og there servers for only $4.99 a month and they didnt kick me off when I started to use bandwidth, but they upgraded me to a better server for no cost?

    I have also used NameCheap.
    They are also good, with a great control panel.
    Great support but, no phone support.

    Godaddy has more features as far as what they offer, like reserving a domain and capturing it for you when it expires…I have obtaind some pretty good names this way.

    So, I just put up with their ca*py site ;)

  68. says


  69. says

    If you think the pages look bad now, try going through the process with Firefox. You are right, the interface could use a makeover, and the tools they offer are a bit amateurish, but they are by far the best Windows hosting company I’ve found simply because the few competitors they have really suck. I tried an account at IX hosting recently and they completely blew. All the support tickets and phone calls go to a service center in Russia (at least the names suggest so) and they never are able to answer any questions. With unlimited SQL Server, domains, sub domains, bandwidth, etc. IX Web Hosting sounds too good to be true because it is too good to be true. It would sometimes take a full minute to load an ASP page at IX that now loads instantly on GoDaddy. GoDaddy may not be the greatest site on the planet, but if you don’t want to deal with doing your own hosting you can do a lot worse.

  70. says

    So what if they try to up-sell you something… Big Deal.. JUST SAY NO. So you have to click a few extra buttons. They are ‘big players’ in this industry and are not going anywhere. Security means alot in this game, and they have it in spades. Why dont you sign up for a reseller package and sell some shit right along with them.

  71. Matt says

    GODADDY SUCKS! I had an auto-pay set-up with Paypal. For some reason Paypal reversed the payment. Funds were in the account, yet it was reversed without explanation. I wonder if Paypal is not accepting Godaddy auto-payments anymore because of complaints.

    Instead of contacting me, Godaddy shut down my account without notice. Although they constantly call and spam me trying to sell me things.

    When I realized my website was down on a Friday, I called them and made arrangements for a credit card paymnt. I was told it would be 24-48 hours before my site would be back up.

    Well its Sunday and still no website. I called Godaddy tonight and was told that 24-48 hours is business hours. The rep explained that they only have one person who reestablishes websites and they don’t work weekends. But they have hundreds selling this crap.

    I wont even get into their indecipherable website control panel.

    Stay away from GoDaddy!

  72. Bill says

    I have been with Godaddy since 2002. I have never had many problems beside the occasional bogged down server. Recently I have had an issue with installing Zend Optimizer and no one at Godaddy seems to know how to fix it.

    This does disappoint me, but oh well maybe I can get it fixed someday. I would like to say though, Godaddy upgrade your Zend Version on your hosting accounts for God’s sake. This is pure torment for me !

  73. Robert says

    So the entire complaint of this article is that GoDaddy never stops trying to sell stuff? That must be why they are so successful and can offer such great pricing, kinda makes sense I guess. It was interesting to read the first paragraph criticizing the first screen after login not having anything useful, yet the first thing he wanted to do (register a domain) was right on that page.

    When you create an account you can setup a buyer profile that automatically skips the advertising. However, the discounts presented along the way to the checkout screen are actually considerably less expensive than the already great regular prices.

    They give more control over your domains than almost every single other registrar. Offer free services such as forwarding, complete a-record/cname/mx/spt/txt control, free nameserver registration for your domains, etc.

    Their pricing is consistent. I like seeing the separate ICANN fee, it is interesting to see the fee change every so often then I do a google search and sure enough ICANN raised their fee exactly that amount. And the only time I’ve seen their domain prices rise is when the registry of that TLD increases their pricing.

    Sure, they have faults…like every company. But overall I’ve been happier with them than any other company I’ve been with.

  74. Thefley says

    I had liked Godaddy but I do agree about the constant UPSALEING! but I can live with that.


    The past few months I have had big issues with them and I get nowhere with them..

    the server I am on with my main site (of 9) is on a server that is to full and someone in the past few months has been sucking up the bandwidth on the server so I call in. they check it and tell me I am right..BUT I should buy a dedicated server myself. thats a load of #$&)@ I ask them to move me to another server or split the server as it is to full. they stick with the I should upgrade!

    I call in again today with same issues, another tech now has no Idea what I am talking about, he is reading screen shots and will not send me to another tech or level II suport… he states I have to wait for my site to lock up or crash so he can see what is going on, I tell him that is BS as my members on my message board are pissed already with the issues with my site. I give him access to my site with a test account and he has so be the dumbest person ever, shows that they must just hire anyone that can read a scripted screen shot for phone support.

    anyone tell me a good host to transfer my sites to?

  75. Vern says

    Auto renewal is a godda** nightmare there. There is a separate process to cancel each – for domains and for hosting. I got had today for 40 bucks one year renewal. DAMN them. Pisses me off to no end. I submitted a ticket to find out – HOW TO TURN AUTO-RENEWAL OFF for their hosting – apparently they’ve hidden it really well.

    Godaddy blows in my professional opinion, and I’ll be moving 34 accounts from them over the next year. Boneheads.

  76. Chris says

    I totally agree. I’ve even contacted them about it many times. In addition to the sign up process being rediculous, they actaully try to fool you into selecting packages now by hiding the ‘no thanks’ link, and automatically putting stuff in your cart which you need to delete. There site is also VERY slow most of the time, and it tries to keep you logged in even when navigating away from the site, but when you come back, and it says you’re logged in, you still have to re-log in if you want any of the links to work. It’s total garbage, and my organization will not be using them anymore.

  77. Electric Vagabond says

    I have a f*CKING migraine using my GoDaddy account. There stupid hosting system doesn’t work in most browsers – its slow and there are so many damn steps to go through. This is a terrible website and i hate it. I only signed up because of the price. Wow you get what you pay for. I’m switching to another registrar and paying the transfer fee because this GoDaddy has to GO GO GO!

  78. Webman says

    I have to agree about the checkout process (Godaddy slams you with a barrel of ads), but as far as service and reliability are concerned, Godaddy is second-to-none. I design websites for a living, and after dealing with more than one hosting company (and bad ones at that), I have to agree that Godaddy offers stable and reliable hosting packages, e-mail services, fast tech support, and knowledgeable people. Personally, I believe the incredible service they offer makes up for the cluttered check out experience.

  79. MadasHellatGoDaddy says

    Well, after having a freaking website online and working 4 years, marketing, t-shirts, advertising campaigns, hours upon hours of dedicated people working their hardest, I joined this twisted host provider GO DADDY (that’s what they did to my ecommerce site). They freaking sold my domain name to someone else, claimed the registration key from my existing registrar was incorrect and not working, but never got back to me in time, even though I’ve had the same freaking key for over 4 years and it was written on paper, and the numbers were correctly entered, you’d think that perhaps one of the idiots over there would know how to type, so now someone who bought the domain has all the PR and is getting all my business. There should be a law against stupidity, they should lock them all up on a deserted island so they can spend all their time with each other, while the rest of the normal world can proceed with their lives full force. I think GODADDY has a lot of wannabe geek idiots who answer phones to apologize because my 14 year olds who are not IT’s heard the conversation over the computer speaker and it made no sense, they did not want to admit to messing up. They however were very RUDE and did not want to say more than it was my mistake for not getting the right registration key to them in time AAAARRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! So many stupid people, so little time to deal with them all and listen to their crock of crap. Buyer beware, just because you get a Transfer Request Acknowledgement via email from GODADDY does not mean that they received and will webhost your domain (keep it safe from vultures). This was their main problem. They continued to tell me that an acknowledgement is just like a receipt and unless my email stated that the Transfer Request was completed (some bullcrap technicality that they added on as a feature to postpone doing anything with your website while they all stand around the phone laughing at the caller getting madder than hell) you are basically screwed like me. How bout taking up a class action lawsuit against these cyberbullies? Crap, Homestead was better than GO DADDY and they’re just a simple place, nothing to look at.

    By Mad as Heck at Blow Daddy on Oct 6, 2008

  80. says

    Godaddy does suck and not just for the reasons stated and to the one that said you could just use express checkout, that is if you are already a customer. If you are already a customer then you need a shrink to buy from them again.
    I have seen godaddy take names because an address or phone number was not right, they came close to gettting one of mine. I still had to wait 30 days for some stupid reason to transfer it.
    And they will call you and telemarket you. they will send you nice little post cards with ads on them.

    I also use namecheap for my registrar and hostgator for my hosting.

  81. RL says

    I signed up with goDaddy a while back and still with them for now.

    * cheap hosting and domain name registration
    * supports the server side languages that I need
    * adequate online control panel
    * have not yet noticed any downtime after 6 months of hosting
    * if wanting to cancel the account and get a full refund, that I do have to give them credit on issuing the refund fairly quick

    * difficult to sign up on their site, too many pages to go thru
    * bombardment of sales pitch, even after signing up and when calling for tech support, they always try to sell you something new. They try to sell you everything, including the kitchen sink. Really annoying
    * server slower than my previous host, but than I am sure goDaddy has hundreds to thousands more clients on the server that I’m on
    * Had problems with their FTP, kept disconnecting me and having to wait for the first connection to time out on their server before I can log back in, first call l to tech, guy said that’s just the way it is, never looked into it, a week later I called again, this time another guy looked into it and got it fixed and never had the problem since then
    * too much advertising crap on their site, makes it harder to find what you need until you get used to it.
    * tech support knowledge is very limited

    My 2 cents conclusion: will do for a typical low traffic site

  82. says

    Godaddy keeps your credit card open. In my case they billed me $9.95 as a fine, and when I protested, they said ‘It’s company policy”

  83. Larris says

    Go Daddy capitalizes on dishonesty. They’re absolute con artists! I was lied to by their reps, was ripped off by them…. sheesh! I mean, why don’t I go for a walk, late at night, in Compton with a bank roll in sticking out of my back pocket! Robbery is game for the crooks in Go Daddy’s domain!

  84. says

    I have been with them for over 5 years and didn’t have much problems. Problems happen here and there but once you call there support it is resolved. You can’t find a perfect company that does all your way, you know what i mean.

  85. K says

    I run a small web development company and I used to use godaddy for many services, but due to tons of problems eventually I used godaddy mainly for domain names. I had my client’s domains (about 80 domains) registered with godaddy under my account. All domain names under the same godaddy account for easy management. As such I enter my clients’ details under registrant contact info and my company info for administrative, technical and billing. The whole go daddy account is under my name with my contact & billing info.

    One day all of a sudden I receive “wrong password” error trying to login to my go daddy account. Quite puzzled as I had the password written down as well, I went thru “Password recovery” just to see that my password information would be sent to totally different e-mail, than the one I have as the godaddy user….

    Well after long time with their support I found out that one of my clients having trouble with their e-mail service contacted them directly and they simply over the phone gave him the access to my whole godaddy account, just because his contact info was in one of the domain names registrant contact info. It didn’t matter that another 79 domain names did not have his contact info nor that the account was not under his name.

    Fortunately I got my account back quickly and my client did it accidentally meaning no harm, but that was it for me with go daddy.

  86. YellowShark says

    just wanted to stick up for godaddy. their deluxe hosting is what i’m currently on. when i phone, i get a person who speaks AMERICAN, and the staff has gone above and beyond for me on a number of occasions.

    granted the checkout process is very annoying. but for most users, they offer exactly what we need. yeah there’s times where i wish i had more control over some server settings. and not being able to make a(n) SQL connection from outside of my hosting account is a bit weak. but by and large, they’re very very cheap, and they do the job. those are really my only complaints with them. their SSL is cheap too.

  87. Delano says

    Anyone who says that is a good company, knows very little about a good service.

    I signed up with them 6 months ago.
    – virtual dedicated server
    – Plesk Support
    – 100 Domains Plesk support

    Soon after that Plesk response times were really slow.
    It was really bad. One day they did something and it stopped being that way.
    They fixed it after I sent a trouble ticket.

    I bought a new SSL Certificate. I followed all the instructions as the site gave for installing the certificate. A host support rep. told me to do the steps. I did them. It did not work. I was sent to ssl group. Followed the instructions. It did not work. The ssl guy said I could chat on line with support and they would installed it. I went to the chat online. I told them my problem. They said that I need to follow the steps. I did them. He told me to delete the csr and then past my .cer files into the appropriate place. I did that.. then he realized he told me incorrectly. So he made me start over and first create a csr file. I did that. Then I had to re download a new file with a certificate. I did that … finally he told me to do the same steps as earlier… then he said that the cert was self signing… I did not make a self signing cert. I make everything correct. in the end he says to me… oh well please create a trouble ticket and we will get to it. I told him I already create one. They did not respond to my ticket. He just said sorry we are busy. I have been trying to solve this for a long time now. They always require us to create a trouble ticket. Why ?! Why you ask?! It is simple. They are incompetent to set anything up right the first time. They make people wait forever to make anything work correctly. This is a really good example of how this company is no good. Plus the advertisement mentioned above. People who get a certified Red hat or certified windows certificate does not mean you know anything about systems. It just means you know how to follow pre defined steps and with out years of experience, ever solve any real problems. These problems I call, real world problems. So those of you who suport Go Daddy can’t just bash other people giving real reasons… Get more than 10 years of real experience then post on here and say something that makes sense.

  88. John says

    BONUS SAVINGS: If you renew your domain(s) now, you can take 10% off your order of $50 or more.* Simply enter “gd49bbnd15″ in your shopping cart or mention the offer code when you call (480) 505-8877

    So I went online and after going thru all the loops I was trying to renew 5 domains, but when I entered the code gd49bbnd15 nothing happened.

    I contacted support this is their reply.

    Thank you for contacting online support.

    If you are attempting to renew many domains at once, this may cause the order to appear as a bulk renewal. Unfortunately, the bulk renewal discount is not able to be stacked with other discounts. I apologize for any inconvenience.

    Please let us know if we can assist you in any other way.

    Quinn C.
    Online Support Representative


    BONUS SAVINGS: If you renew your domain(s) now,

    Look above it says DOMAIN(S)

    That’s my rant, will be moving to another registrar, also they have raised their renewal rates, .biz $14.99

  89. ramon says

    cheap – and that is. their tech support for anything that they cant find in their “knowledge base” is not possible and the use of the stupid ‘we dont provide custom script support’ is their only option.

    so we get this message that a sendmail was placed in the dead.letter folder – which doesnt exist so we contact tech support and the idiot geniuses write back and say that there is no such folder but that it can be accessed by a custom script that they cant help us with because they dont help with custom scripts.

    imagine that – a folder that doesnt exist can be read by a program!

    f&*$^ing brilliant.

  90. ramon says

    use godaddy for 3 things:

    1. a cheap hosting for a simple web page with no database access or functionality – a HELLO WORLD web page

    2. if you have a lot of time to sit through their death slow interfaces

    3. you want to live in a fantasy where you THINK you have tech support

  91. ramon says

    for the geniuses that LIKE godaddy – tech support is not simply someone that you can understand and can read from their “knowledge base” – its someone that can think out of the box and provide solutions.

    btw, cheap is not a feature – a yugo is cheap.

  92. says

    The only problem I had with Godaddy was that my hosting account was slow when I would ftp to it, they said it was my connection to the net after like 3 emails. And yet when I would connect to a clients site that I webmaster for it was fast. Go figure. Well that was my only problem until this week when they said I was spamming from 2 of my sites on my hosting account, even though I have never sent an email from any of the sites on my account. I do however have a contact form on 4 of the sites for people who are looking to modify their mortgages. I have emailed Godaddy several times and get the same response. Pay $75 dollars to transfer my domains or let them stay suspended and they have yet to provide me with any evidence. So now the 6 or so sites that are on my hosting account have basically been shut down since they suspended my hosting account. Some people I have talked to about this say that someone probably wants to my domains and this is Godaddy’s way of making some extra coin! Wouldn’t surprise me. I could care less about moving my domains somewhere else.. but loosing the $120 I paid for supposedly 1 year of hosting bites the big one! Oh and I will not pay $75 flipping dollars to transfer my domains! Could anyone give me some names of some good company’s to host and register domains with? Thanks :) SUCK IT GODADDY!

  93. Sick of them says

    I am using them for hosting and their interface is the worst I have experienced on the internet for any business. And their documentation is flawed. When you sign up, the easiest thing to do is cancel your account, if the prominence of the Cancel your Account button is any indication. They are clueless.

    I just tried them out with one domain name and hosting for three months to see what they were like. But even the ordering process was from hell. I selected my domain name and then looked in my cart and my cart was empty. They have a few things that are actually designed for people, but the rest is just absurdly bad it its design. They are selling commodities for cheap, but it is like getting a deal at WalMart and waiting in line a half hour–it just isn’t worth it at all.

    The worst is having to adapt your intelligence to their stupid system.

  94. says

    I have a different story!!

    They sent me email to renew domain. I renewed domain. Then my site stopped working.

    I called them and they say well we sent u an email, problem with your card and we deleted ur site!!! I was like, my 2 phone number and 3 email addresses are right there!!! They said well the one we used didn’t work so we deleted the site.

    I had to pay $150 restore fee!!!

    I’m their customer since 2004!

  95. Steven says

    I thought this article was awesome. I also cannot stand the GoDaddy purchase process. I was going to buy a domain with them for the low intro price but halfway through I canceled.

    If you want the anti-GoDaddy then try Hover,

    Hover sells domain registration with forwarding, domain privacy and DNS services. The only problem with Hover is they don’t sell any web hosting. If you want web hosting, then is a really good alternative.

    I’ve also used which someone else here recommended, and I like their website too. It’s clean and straightforward. I just wish didn’t charge extra for domain privacy.

    There are companies out there to register your domains with who don’t try to upsell you at every turn.

  96. James Negele says

    Not a fan of Go Daddy anymore. Got 4 or 5 emails telling me that I had until 3-19-2009 to renew 5 domains. I got an email the morning of 3-19, the very deadline day to renew, and it showed that 3 of the domains had been canceled!

    I called support and was told that .cn and .tw domains cancel the day of the deadline at 12:02 am, and that is why I should have renewed the day before! I told them I relied on the notices I got from Go Daddy, and he said: “Those emails are only a courtesy, they are not reliable and cannot be counted on.”

    Where is that in the fine print?

    I was on the phone for 30 minutes, and learned that I could get the three domains back for an extra $50 each. I told him that Go Daddy should pick up the extra cost as it was the result of Go Daddy’s defective notices. He said it was unfair, and that he would bring it to the higher ups, but there was nothing he could do. Two complaints by email, resulted in canned corporate responses that did not even address the big issues of bad management and unreliable notices.

    Go Daddy’s “recommendation” is to automatically renew domains 30 days ahead of the expiration date! No wonder, they pick up a full extra 30 days of cash flow in the process! Nice business model. Also, no explanation as to why there was no disclosure of their later claims that .cn and .tw domains are difficult and operate differently than other domains! When were they going to tell us customers?

    GO DADDY may sell well, but support is down right deceptive. BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE… they tell you not to rely on their own notices!

  97. RAF says

    Single email forwarding accounts that were included with DomainDirect registrations are not included with registrations since the transition. If you just want to be able to forward emails to existing accounts you must purchase five additional email addresses for $30./year, increasing total registration cost to approximately $45./year

  98. OA says

    I deleted my CMS system on accident because of how confusing their Your Apps panel is. I have two domains both hosted with them and instead of separating installed apps for each domain they put it on one screen. So I went to uninstall the CMS on one domain but deleted the one for my primary domain.

    The site was lost and I also got hit with the $150 restore fee. As of this post they are still working on it. It’s my fault for not having a proper back up of the database table but that fee is steep. I guess that I learned my lesson.

    By far the best host is | Top quality for sure. I will be switching to them next year.

  99. Endymion says

    YES!!! GoDaddy BLOOOOOWS. Their support is completely sub-par and their system is completely complicated and convoluted. They are, in my opinion, making everything on their site completely user UNfriendly. No chat support? What is that? If they are the biggest host around, why do you have to talk on the phone with people who have no clue after waiting forever?? Their help documents are completely uncomprehensive as well. Want help on GoDaddy? Try Google search for solutions, not GoDaddy’s own support team or documents. You’ll find thousands of people having GoDaddy issues. They are really cheap because they are just gobbling up customers with no real regard for customer satisfaction or service.

  100. Douglas says

    The company I work for uses godaddy and they suck so bad. They have their own version of cpanel which is slow, painful and did I mention slow? It took an hour for the thing to install Joomla.

    Godaddy uses crappy servers.

    I personally use hostgator for everything I do web related. The accounts set up fast.. they have cPanel and Fantastico, which works instantly. Just about all features / changes in hostgator are instant where godaddy can take up to 48 hours.

    Also who cares about saving $2.00 a month for a cheaper plan… stick with hostgator. Their plans and service far exceed godaddy.

  101. Douglas says

    I forgot to add, it took me like 10 clicks and 6 new windows later (yes their menu options open up new windows with more confusing options).. so yes 10 clicks and 6 new windows later.. i finally find where I can install joomla.

  102. Susan says

    I hate their interface. It was confusing at first but now I know where everything is. They follow all the examples of how NOT to create a control panel. Their website looks more like a classified ads page. I guess one of us will need to write an addon for firefox to redesign their shitty webpage using CSS.

    I do like the fact that they provide a 1GB mailbox for free with the domain. I’m hosting the website myself but because of not getting control over RDNS from the ISP, I cannot run my own mailserver, so this works out for me. Godaddy hosts the mail, and I host the site. And I pay only ~$10 a year.

    Maybe other providers do offer a better deal, I dunno.

    I did read about some horror stories about GoDaddy which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable about continuing with them. I’ll keep checking out more registrars until I find one that works the best for me.

  103. Jen says

    I think it’s hilarious when people complain about Go Daddy’s website, and say it’s hard to use. Only a very small percentage of their customers even need to contact them for support, and of that small percentage, only a portion of them find the site difficult to use. The others praise the usability. It doesn’t say much for you if you can’t figure out how to use it.

    • says

      actually when they mess up and they do regulary, the charge for help and then want you pay again, accept no responsibility

      for me they cancelled an ssl I bought 4 days later
      they then charged me 10.99 for the privilege of getting my refund
      and then made me buy the cert I needed again

      so for their mistake

      I had a server with problems for 2 months because I wasn’t aware they had cancelled the cert, they would put I back on with refunding then charging again and charging me for the privilege

      if you try to complain they freely admit there is no complaints procedure so your at the whim of who ever happens to answer the call.

      Customer service – Zero
      Satisfactions – Zero
      HONESTY – Zero

      Rip off merchants – 10/10

  104. says

    I use them, my clients use them. I love them, never any problems. The hosting and registration are the most reliable you’ll find.

    You have two options when checking out: “show me related offers” or “skip straight to checkout.” You chose the first, then you complain that there are too many ads? Give me a break.

  105. Michael Nicholson says

    Does anyone know how I can get my money back? I couldn’t use the Macdaddy site for building a website with Mac and needed $179.46 back as a refund through Pay Pal. Pay Pal screwed up my registration and had to get the technician to fix the problem. The accountant at Go Daddy basically said tough luck over and over again. So do I just have to lose the money or how do I get it back? Pay Pal is saying there is no activity on the account, Go Daddy says it is not there fault so they are not responsible. What can I do?

    • says

      Go daddy answer to any problems is tough luck not my problem

      You wont get a penny from them

      My advice is ignore the idiots posting who have yet have a problem and find a different company to use.

      Any company is great when it works, its when you have a problem you judge a company and the go daddy answer to a problem is tough shit

  106. Michael Nicholson says

    OK the problem was that the technician in fixing the account that I couldn’t bring up transferred the account to the bank and it hasn’t arrived yet. I am having problems getting my website up but I am using mac and need reliable 3rd Party means with HTML to use both Pay Pal and a contact page and I’m not there yet. I do wish they made workng with Mac easier but the money does exist apparently. I remember all that music during the swing craze and the Poppin’ Daddies or whatever. The warped tour was where you could move around and cool and indoors and the Bosstones and Rancid were playing a real and pretty hard game of stickball while the Raomones drummer and musician where playing a CBGB setlist and he was passing out Pizza I think from his trailer that was parked in the back. That was a cool show!

  107. says

    You just spent 1000x more time and work complaing about the purchase than it took to complete the purchase. That’s an internal contradiction that invalidates what you claim you don’t like.

  108. jamie says

    This is a great article… and so true. Godaddy is my worst mightmare. As a new web hosting company owner I typically only go with Dotster. Maybe theres a blog on the to?? I’ve never had an issue with Dotster ever!! and have always found their customer service reps to be very helpful bending over backwards to help me and fix any issue. Ok so back to my rant……..
    I had thought maybe I’d give godaddy a try (BAD IDEA) and set up 4 domains as guinee pigs if you will. Wow did they ever F–k up on the 1st one. I couldn’t find my way through their site to even purchase the domain… way too conveluded. Actually I think you said it best in your article. (LOL) anyways… I ended up having to call just to purchase the domain (boy am I dumb.. there was my 1st clue and I missed it right off the bat) and unbenounst to me the rep had to of added the famous “domains by proxy” to the domain. Well at the time we wee under another comapny name so our emails addys were different and a few months later we sold that domain name which inturn shut down those email addys we must of used for the domains by proxy. A year later as I am desperately trying to pull the domain away from godady I find I can’t because I don’t know my password to domains by proxy in order to shut the dam thing off in order to move it. I try to explain that email is no longer valid….. and of course all you get is the DRONE godaddy rep response. It’s not worth repeating.
    As it turns out someone in their customer service did add that option to the domain and I just never caught on…. durp!! wow leesons learned in running your 1st web hosting business. :-( Trust me… I will never use godaddy again for anything. Interesting to note…. every now and then I have a customer who thinks they can get it cheaper else where… so they move to godaddy… my comment now…. “he he he…. yea…. good luck with that one” SUCKER!! apparently those infasive continous ads actually do work on some people.

  109. jamie says

    btw…. every site I’ve ever pulled hosted on Godady is a slug to load. Why….. overload.. bandwidth. I can honestly say as a provider we have the fastest connection/bandwidth probably across the nation. My sites pop quick…. even with intense graphics. Why….. because we are plugged into the actual source , no rerouting. Our connectivity is completely independent on any one carrier. And guess what.. we’re one of those small companies….
    so much for going with the big guys!!

  110. says

    WOW. A self-procalimed expert unable to figure out how to register a domain at godaddy has to call tech support. Now how did those other 40 million names get registered, mostly by nontechnical people? Go figure.

  111. says

    I use another domain service AND Godaddy. I have never had any problem with them but I can see why some people might not like the buying pages. They do put a lot of stuff there. It’s overwhelming But you get used to it.

  112. says

  113. Paul says

    #22 is absolutely true. Check out the ABestweb article “ Unethical Practice: Class Action Law-suite?” on how GoDaddy will go after their own customers to hold their domains hostage until the customer pays $200 for something the customer was not responsible for.

    Anybody interested in joining the class action against godaddy?

  114. Robert Garofalo says

    I’ve been in the web design and consulting business a long time. In the mid-nineties Network Solutions the only player in town, and domain names regularly cost around $50 a year to register (now people complain if someone charges $10.25 versus $9.75). Later, after InterNic gave way to ICANN and industry competition opened up, Godaddy came along and took a new approach. They said “hey, what if we sell domain names at only a few bucks above cost, and make it up in volume?” They realized an Internet growth explosion was on its way, and they positioned themselves to be on the forefront. Well, their strategy worked– too well. They went from a small store that knowing insiders visited to a practical household name, which is amazing considering that there are some people that don’t even know what a domain name is. But in a classic case of underdog-startup-company-transforms-into-bloated-behemoth, they went from a small company that us web designers were all too happy to patronize and recommend to a total mess.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the upselling critique. Upselling at checkout is commonplace and almost expected in the cyberworld, but I’ve never seen such a high level of abuse. It’s excessive to the point of absurdity. Since I make the majority of my money doing consulting and not selling domains, I’ve never really cared where my customers buy them. But starting several years ago, customers would come back to me and say, “hey I bought that domain name you recommended at Godaddy… it cost me sixty bucks– I thought it would be cheaper!” And I’d say, “Sixty bucks? What’d you buy? A domain name is around ten dollars.”
    So they’d show me their receipt and sure enough there would be all these charges for online storage, addons, sometimes hosting – all this crap the customer didn’t need and didn’t even realize they were purchasing. So not only is the GD upselling excessive, it definitely is deceptive.

    Hey, even brink-and-mortar retailers upsell (“wanna supersize that?”), and I don’t have a problem with it, but could you imagine if they took Godaddy’s approach? There is a Dunkin’ Donuts shop near me where I go. If I order a cup of coffee, the clerk asks me if I would like a donut. If I say no, that’s it. If Godaddy ran the coffee shop, they would then ask me “would I like a muffin?” No. “do you want a sandwich?” No. “how ’bout an eclair?” NO! “a bagel? Nooooo. “a slice of pie?” and it would go on until I finally walked out. But a lot of online stores, including GD somehow get away with this bullshit and even thrive.

    As you can probably tell, I gave up on Godaddy many years back, and highly dis-recommend them to my clients. And to think I was one of their big fans…

    FWIW, the two companies I currently recommend are and Namecheap gives you a lot for your money, but their control panel is a little bit busy. They also limit you in the types and amount of DNS records you can set (I realize that this will not necessarily be important to the average Joe, but registry-level DNS capabilities are very important to me for my web design and SEM business) so for this reason (or ‘WHAMS’ as I call them due to the long name) is my preferred registrar of the moment. I was so impressed I actually signed up to become a reseller (private only)– not because there’s a lot of money in it (unless maybe I started selling the hosting or one of the other products), but sometimes I’m asked by a client to register 20 or 30 domains at a clip, so I don’t mind at least making a couple of extra bucks for my trouble.

    By the way, going back to DNS access for a moment, Godaddy was actually one of the early companies to expose a lot of this control, which I used to appreciate, but their control panel and even log-in system has grown so ridiculously convoluted over the years that I breathe a sigh of disgust whenever a customer asks me to access their GD-registered domains just to change some name servers or the like. I know I’m gonna be wasting quite a bit of time navigating around in that maze they call a control panel.

    So, in the end, even though the original post is over 3 years old, its– ironically– probably worse since then, and in any case I enjoyed reading about something that has always frustrated me. I’m also secretly glad that at least a few other people have noticed it too.

  115. Phuck Go Daddy says

    Go Daddy is a piece of shit. The fucked me on 3 domains that I transferred away from them because they have shitty service and rude support people. It’s never an issue on their side. Fucking bastards! Hey Bob Parsons, suck my fat one you cheap dime store hood. Your company sucks!

  116. Miguel Fernandez says

    Hey, I respect the concept of everyone here. Personally, I had been a client of GoDaddy for nearly 8 years from now with over 200 domains purchased there including other products. Yes, they call you sometimes(not every month) and I am supper happy with that. Without naming other registrars, I had tried to call and call and call them and never get an answer back, its very common.

    And yes, they bombard you with promotions(witch are not bad, usually they are very good offers) but as a client, you need to know what you need, or you end up buying more stuff because their offers are irresistible.


  117. Rench says

    FOCK! I just tried to purchase a domain name at GoDaddy and wrote them a maximum stink note because they suck in the worst way. I laughed when I saw this blog …I am so happy to know others see through their pathetic old-school sales/marketing ploys. I can’t hardly wait until this entire generation of scum bags passes from the earth. Go Daddy you will NEVER see a dime of my money. I regret that I have spent this much time of my life even talking about you…may you and your descendants burn in hadees.

  118. Mats Svensson says

    I agree their site blows big time.

    I just renewed one of my sites, and could swear the godaddy site has become even more awfully since last.

    This time i couldn’t even get to see the final price for what i wanted until i was 3-4 pages into the ordering.
    2 years was was pre-choosen, and i wanted to see if what would be the price if i choose another number, but there was no way to do that.

    The site looks like the whole wide web 1.0 has puked up its entire content on every single page.

    There is about 0.0001% of useful text hidden in every big giant hairball of content.

  119. Kris says

    Sadly their site has become much worse in the past few years even. It has gotten so bad that I have a hard time explaining to customers how to purchase a domain.. Everything, I mean everything is trying to sell you some crap that you don’t need. I bailed on Godaddy and went with 1and1.. Their support isn’t super excellent either, but they run me through 17 steps of trying to sell me their garbage.. and the domains are around $7-8/year

  120. Andy Shaw says

    Go daddy suck, I have couple of domains, and somehow they puit them on auto renewal !, I always renew with discounted price, this time they went ahead and cahrged my credit card for $11.00 ! WTF !!!, the price is $7 you morons… I called and their suckky support told me she is not able to honor the correct price, that I should have cancelled auto renewal !, what the F..up company … cancell theu auto renewal …. RIGHT NOW

  121. Bob says

    I recently contacted GoDaddy support to ask for *specific* instructions to disable auto-renewal. I informed them that I was not happy with GD, it’s web tools or its support (which on every occasion gave incoherent and misguided “help”). I detailed the last bit of info in the support request. The answer I received back was accurate and easy to follow. However, the support team member opened and closed the email with the following. This is lifted right off my email.

    Thank y?u f?r ?ont??t?ng onlin? supp?rt.

    Plea?? l?t us kn?w ?f w? can h?lp you ?n any other way.

    No plea to try and win back my business. Just a sarcastic and childish response.

  122. Allie says

    I hate GoDaddy and I’m a Web Developer. Definitely one hosting company I do not recommend to my clients, yet they contact me, already having a GoDaddy account, so I have to deal with them.

    They have:

    – Rude customer service representatives (I’ve had bad experiences on multiple occassions.)
    – User-unfriendly website
    – You have to dig a 15-foot hole to finally find their FTP client to upload files

    Plus, it doesn’t help clients understand the “web jargon”, when they’re new to websites and getting one started. I’ve seen better hosting programs walk you through it.

    There are better hosting companies out there (that don’t use lewd advertising to pitch a sale).

  123. says

    GO Daddy SUCKS ASS. They have been unable to rectify a problem that is on their side – leaving my clients site down for over 5 days and leaving me angry and embrassed. The worst part is listening to the same SWING music while they “look into it” ONLY to have them come back and promise a fix within 24 hours (same thing as the last 8 phone calls!) Maybe they should spend less on their race car and Super Bowl Ad’s and tend to their sucky customer service!!!!

  124. Jeff says

    I 1000% Agree, not only do they try to over sell themselves, they really screw you in the rear.

    You know that $8.95 fee they charge you pay for private registration?(which is free at namecheap) actually does not provide any privacy what so ever:O

    Any person, you, me, some random from india can send off a quick email to godaddy and say “Hey, I want to sue him for copyright infringement.”

    Godaddy will not put any effort into actually investigating if this is true or not and will simply turn over, Your email address, Your home address, your phone number and any information that would be considered a “regular” registration.

    Then, this is the part that really irritates me.
    Automatic Renewal.
    Who has benifited from this, I went on holidays to comeback to an extra 100.00 charge on my credit card for “automatic renewals.” Not for one year, but for 2. EVEN though I selected “manual renewal”. So me being the pleasent person I am, I call, get some pissy little douch on the phone who says “Well we emailed you”, so let me get this straight, you call me to make sure everything went alright with my transaction, or to tell me that “Your hosting or domain will expire in 2 months” yet when you decide to automatically put a charge through to my credit card, you email me.

    Wow. Now, if I was to go to thier site right now, and choose to purchase something else I would have to re-enter my creditcard number, because “no information is stored on thier servers” yet they have no problem charging me a year after I purchase something.

    Have you ever noticed that when you call them and have an issue that they will not fix, they do not offer to email you a customer feedback survey? weird eh? What company wants negative feedback?

    I hate them.

  125. Rick says

    Godaddy does suck big time. There is a practice that exists where the registar will actually steal the domain you enter into their domain checker. Godaddy will steal your domain ideas if it is a popular .com phrase. (creative domains are probably fine) They are not the only reg istrars that do this. I read Moniker does this too. This is stealing intellectual property and I think these companies should be sued. Meanwhile, they just make more profit from the hard work others. I also hate their interface. I think they make it confusing on purpose so you mistakenly purchase some meaningless add-on. I remember them trying to sell some sort of email service (which should obviously be free). I really hate some of these companies. If they just put all of the effort they put into try to f*@# you and instead work on improving their service, they would be an excellent service. They are instead a horrible disgrace of a company.

  126. says

    Frustrated. Errrrrrr.
    Idiots. SSL is not so hard or is it? Simple renewal of my SSL has turned into a complete joke. I auto renewed my SSL certificate. I printed the invoice out from Go-pappy. I thought OK, done deal. Well, a month later, I find another email that I need to renew my SSL again from Go-Slappy. Logged in and found I needed to generate another CSR. WTF? Should have been taken care of with the auto renewal. I called, and was told that my certificate is no longer valid due to an upgrade to 2046. Great, I thought. Renew my company cert when the cert can’t even run or is even valid because of the encryption. The rep was a joke. Telling me it was my responsibility to check into the status of their certificate requirements. They changed without notice. Never received notice on the invoice stating as such or an simple email. Spoke to Ken Luck, supposed SSL manager. Not much help their, plenty of excuses as to when and why.

    All I know is. Danica Patrick fits go-slappy to a T. When she was on a morning show on KQRS, radio station based in the Twin Cities, She came off as a U no What. I thought she was a joke. I think Go-Slappy is a joke.

  127. Adam says

    Has anyone else noticed that there appears to be two kinds of posts here. the first, obvious lay people who have a legitimate complaint about how they feel their being treated by Godaddy. The other is the obvious Godaddy shill, proclaiming their love for their domain registrar.

    It seems reasonable that someone who feels that they have been mislead to have a certain amount of personal zeal with their complaint. it seems incredibly suspicious that others here are exhibiting a similar zeal when stating how great and happy they are.

    For the uninformed, the 90-90 rule is that 90% of your happy clients will say nothing in your favor, and 90% of your unhappy clients will voice their complaint to anyone who will listen.

    So as I read the many posts proclaiming their love for their domain registrar, it is painfully obvious that godaddy employees are populating this and other forums and blogs with their propaganda drivel. To me, that says stay away from Godaddy. But I tend to stay away from companies that are “Too big to Fail”. I prefer companies that will treat me well and EARN my business.


  128. Ted Rietdyke says

    Just spent 6.5 hours of my Sunday on hold or talking with services techs at GoDaddy. They made a change to improve the look of my site and accidently doubled the code (what ever the hell that means) and screwed it up royally! It took them all day and for the first 5 hours it was my computer’s fault some how because their system said everything was correct. Finally they admitted they were wrong and when I asked who was going to pay for my 6.5 hours of long distance phone charges they said I have no recourse. Damn They Suck!

  129. says

    yes fuck go ddady even tho are hosting my webiste they are fuckers sucks worrest website hot company and i am proving that to you now cuz they are hosting my website. their search founder sucks google dont like go ddady if you think you will get more high ranks from google for get about that..

    good luck goddady i need my money back

  130. says

    first if you are new person and you would like to have your own website and you think your idea and your website will turn into a campny for get it if go daddy is your hoster.

    1) their copyright team sucks. they don’t know what is right for you and whats for others.

    lets say i send them e-mail acting like your website is variating my copyright like you have a song or youtube video or whatever. go daddy immediately with out not letting you know they will suspend your website.

    2) they don’t have 1800 phone every time you call them it cost you money

    i hope i help you with this or other wise go ahead and see what am talking about

    for father info you can contact me VIA Hotmail [email protected]

  131. Matthew says

    I hate godaddy like most of the people here do. I never expected they will give me so-so service. Much to my surprise, I woke up one day only to know that my site was down. And it continued for 3 days. It was really infuriating.

    I’m reading a lot of reviews lately. I also seek advice from other people. Some of them are telling me to shift to Arvixe. I also read the Arvixe review. But I still don’t know if it’s a good choice though.

  132. Charlie Miller says

    I have had a terrible time with GoDaddy holding onto my domain name. The problem swirls around their “Domain Registration Protection” option (touted as a very good feature to protect my domain name from misuse… that’s ironic). The “DRC” prevent domain name transfer, that’s fine. But good lucking getting rid of that feature. And good luck getting any sympathetic help from GoDaddy.

    Turns out that GoDaddy’s Domain control panel shows controls for managing “Domain Registration Protection”, but the control will not work. Instead, after getting wrong information from their help desk (their email suggested I do all the steps I already did… and even reported to them! So much for listening skills). But I sheepishly went through the steps again, with same result.

    I then checked all of GoDaddy’s “help screens” for anything on changing the status of DRP. Nothing helpful. Only advertisement-like entries.

    I then called GoDaddy and talked to someone who sent me a link to a PDF file that was the “Request to Cancel Protected Registration”. NOTE TO POTENTIAL GODADDY CUSTOMERS: Better look at this, because if you ever want to cancel DRP, you’ll need to:
    1) download the pdf form
    2) Print it out (GoDaddy’s PDF is not edittable)
    3) fill it out by hand
    4) also provide a digital scan of your driver’s license
    5) also provide a digitial scan of some “proof of business” from your state.

    My state, Iowa, only provided my business (which is on-paper only) with a single document. I scanned it and emailed it to GoDaddy…. and a half a day later they responded that it was not sufficient.

    I emailed back (to two GoDaddy response email locations) that I have no other state-issued proof of my business.

    This is all really fishy. But what’s really annoying is that GoDaddy is putting roadblocks… they are preventing me from doing my business with non-functioning control-panel options and an onerous process of providing them with additional personal information (why not my birth certificate, GoDaddy?).

    I emailed them last evening with more pointed messages. I have not heard from them all day today.

    I provide more detailed summary of events at NoDaddy.

    Please note that I have previously had a website hosted at GoDaddy and experienced no problems. However, with this Domain Registration Protection, which, far as I can tell only protects GoDaddy from letting customers migrate to other hosts…. one can easily see a PATTERN of onerous requirements… that I cannot satisfy! Also, one final thing, I again phoned GoDaddy’s help line and the rep said he would ONLY provide a walk-through of the process. GoDaddy has refused to provide any live help and is practicing the ol’ “slow boat to China” responses.

    Prior to 4 days ago, I was agnostic about GoDaddy’s policies (except the girly exploitation stuff is rather offensive). But now I am convinced: Go Daddy will spend a lot for Superbowl commercials, but will avoid helping me to simply have control of my domain name.

    BOTTOM LINE: Do not opt for Domain Registration Protection.
    ALSO: Shop around before getting sucked in.

  133. says

    The guy who wrote this article several times mentions the same website and how good it is. It is of course! Good, good for Speaking about calling you on the phone to sell you something…. well, consider not giving them your phone number or give them the fake one. I am from Ukraine, so they are not calling me.
    Cannot say I am 100% happy with them because my shared hosting plan with them is not that good simply because they update their servers too often… at least that is what they say. It is most likely that their servers for shared accounts are not that good and they need to do lots of maintanence. But in general they are not that good and stop advertising They are this, they are that. You write this simply because you work for them or they pay you a fee. Your articles rank well on google for keywords such as “ sucks”, so if someone wants to double check if is good enough before buying, they will come across this page and decide to buy hosting from because they are SOOO good. This is called: stealing customers from another company by badmouthing them. And no, I don’t work for I just don’t like when people are not honest enough, trying to write their articles in a casual way and then mention the companies that are “really good”;

  134. Abdi says

    I hate godaddy admins..
    i recenly got domain and hosting from them and ramdon guy sent them an email saying i stole pictures of his website .. the funny thing is they suspended my site without seeing who is right or wrong i sent them email told them that i didn;t steel anything they told remove all my images that i created and then i said fine i will but what they did is they suspended the whole site so how am i gonna remove those images lolz………….

    what a waste godaddy sucks………….

  135. says

    Just got their $75/$199 SPAM extortion email. I’m paying them and taking all my business elsewhere. This page is definitely getting a link with “godaddy” anchor.

  136. Melvin says

    Beware of Godaddy

    I signed up for GoDaddy premium 3 days ago. Since then, I

    have been plagued from all kinds of problems. Firstly,

    they took many hours to activate a few subdomains. When

    asked further, they told me it ‘could take up to 24

    hours’. There are free web hosts that let you add

    subdomains instantly or less than five minutes! Secondly,

    I had to spend many hours trying to install applications

    using their ‘Hosting Connection’ service. I had to

    install, then after installation failed, install again,

    fail again, install again. What is wrong with GoDaddy?!

    When I emailed their customer support, they only got back

    to me after 7 hours. Other webhosts are cheaper, and have

    live chat support. Browsing both Godaddy and my sites

    hosted on Godaddy is very slow as well. Besides that,

    when I tried to register others domains, I kept getting

    the error message saying that the session has expired.

    Still the same after clearing all browsing history,

    cookies, etc and even restarting the computer and

    reinstalling Firefox, Internet explorer. Deceptive

    advertising. It claims to support some functions but

    later tells you that you need to pay for it. GoDaddy is a

    joke. They should spend more money on support staff

    rather than on Superbowl commercials. Otherwise, all the

    commercials in the world won’t do them any good as

    customers like me flock to Bluehost, Hostgator and

    practically ever other host better than GoDaddy. Support is almost non-existant on Godaddy, something they should emphasize to all users, especially new ones. They also have no money back guarantee or any other protection for customers. Customers are treated like dirt.

  137. says

    Very interesting to see the shift in attitudes towards Godaddy from when the article was written until the present. Time is the great equalizer, and time has shown Godaddy’s true colors.

  138. S.M. Chavoya says

    Godaddy is the worst service I’ve ever seen. FREE SERVICES HAVE BETTER SUPPORT! I canceled my website service and it didn’t even ask for a confirmation, they just went in and deleted everything. When I called in to ask them WTF they said it’d cost 150$ to restore, they’re f**king scam artists and if you’re stupid enough to purchase their services you deserve to be taken for every dollar you have.

    I’ve been a loyal godaddy customer for three years and at the drop of a hat they basically told me to go f**k myself.

  139. Nate says

    FYI for any programmers out there- GoDaddy is a horrible, horrible choice for Coldfusion hosting….

    GoDaddy SSL + Coldfusion cfhttp (+ Paypal API) = FAIL

    They will not support you. GoDaddy’s certs are not configured to be used with Coldfusion… Don’t waste 4 days of your life like I did… Use a better host or be prepared to write sloppy variable passes to an ASP or PHP page.

  140. says

    First off, I use to like them when i only had one domain. I never had to do anything, unless it was renewal time. Get email, renew product, Done! Simple right?

    My issues started after adding 4 additional domains for 4 clients. For each client, I registered a domain name & purchased a hosting package anywhere from 1-3 years. I had to call tech support to figure out how to actually “assign” the correct product to the correct domain.

    Their “new” interface may work well for their employees, It is almost impossible to manage effectively. There is no EASY way to keep track of purchases specific to each domain, unless you look at your entire purchase history and piece it together yourself.

    Recently i had products that were automatically renewed “Online Folder Storage” and Calendars. So they charged my credit card and of course i had to have them reverse the transaction since I never used the “free” product.
    These products were free at the time of checkout and I couldn’t deselect them during checkout. Later i found out it was free for “1 Period” but automatically renewed itself before expiring.

    I have 5 more complaints worse than this one, I just needed to vent the most recent BS from them.

    Bottom line, It is sad that Godaddy has to resort to these “tricks” or “shady business practices” just to make more money off the people that don’t know any better.

    I will be leaving SOON… but not soon enough! :(

  141. godaddy upmyarse says

    I hate their ads so much. their user interface is the worst. I have begun transferring my domain names to other companies, hopefully I’ll complete it soon. and that “racing star girl” on their main page sucks as well, she has been there forever for no reason!

  142. Jaxinvt says

    I just bought my first GoDaddy Domain. From the auction. Now I know what all the hype is about. Nothing. I have well over 100 domains at namecheap and I have to say, I’m transferring this one too. It took me a week to gain posession of the domain. I’m still waiting for it to propogate through the internet to the proper address. I don’t have these delays at Namecheap. The ads? THEY SUCK! Where do they get off pushing that s**t on me? If I wanted it, I would look for it. I would not recommend GoDaddy to anyone.

    I’m glad I gave an alternate email to them because they are spamming their advertising at me already. I hate it.

  143. joy says

    O man!! I HATE GO DADDY!!! I just started my first website and go daddy seemed cheap and easy to use so I went with it. So far not only do I get spammed ALOT I have to call them at least once a day everyday and when I do all they do is sell sell sell. I called to switch my website tonight free account to a paid one so I can put up adsense right after I paid I couldn’t use my site anymore. I couldn’t publish anything when I called they told me it would be up to 24 hrs! i have a site that needs updating daily and with out notice I can’t do anything then when I call the next day because it’s still not working they tell me the only thing I can do is shut down my whole site and start over!! WTF??? so with all this bashing can anyone tell me who I should use? remember I’m a total newbie. thanks

  144. Robert Shutdafokov says

    GoDaddy is simply despicable. Nothing works properly, it’s a fucking nightmare to do the simplest operation, like transferring your domain name to another host. But GoDaddy sucks so much at hosting (and everything else) that there are literally no other option than to quit! Now GoDaddy has a serious customer retention case! Sites hosted on GoDaddy are having a hard time finding the way out.
    Let this be known, I can’t find a single reason to like GoDaddy. If your are looking for a domain name provider or a website host, take this friendly advice and avoid GoDaddy at all cost if you want to spare yourself remorse, shame, epic fail, useless anger and waste of time. Avoid their dubious “domain protection” – not only is it useless but it’s a way for them to retain your domain in hostage while charging you for this. Shameless and ridiculous.

  145. Whois? says

    Gosh, after coming to this site am even more confused was thinking to hop onto the GoDaddy bandwagon but now.. sigh… My domain is currently hosted with Directi (a shithole of a company) Tech support, are bloody stupid and the whole company I feel is nothing but a fraud. Some of their resellers are a scam ( in particular. Looked up on Namecheap indeed they look reputable but they are nothing but resellers for Enom (the main registrar). Really bad experience with resellers. Read somewhere that keep your domain registrar seperate and your hosting company seperate. Just looking for a good domain registrar. Can someone please recommend? So tired looking for the right one.

  146. godaddysux says

    GoDaddy Sucks is an understatement. I was a complete novice when I purchased my domain NAMES. I was persuaded into buying more than one, and also persuaded on how important “protection” is. So now I am up for AUTO renewal, and a year later, realized I don’t need, can’t afford all those other domains. So I tried to cancel. CAN’T without more documentation than I need for international travel. Why, so they can sell that? They didn’t need it to sell it to me, so why now? So I tried to remove my credit card, GoDaddy wouldn’t let me. So I called the card company and blocked them from any and all future charges. These types of practices should be illegal, but it clearly shows what type of company GoDaddy is. I know the world is big, but word of mouth from people with factual experience can still do damage, so GoDaddy, BEWARE. PRIVACY INVASION and HOLDING CREDIT CARD INFO is WRONG, SLEAZY and BAD BUSINESS. Not to mention the zealous exploitation of novice web starters who have no idea what they are getting into. Can anyone say class-action law suit? That’s a good idea for me to look into. But for now, let me just say GoDaddy, GO FUCK YOURSELF. I was smart enough to purchase products in other places and have a great venue to tell my loyal clients all about my experience with GoDaddy and plan to do so with great pleasure and DEDICATION. GoDaddy SUCKS!!!!

  147. mike says

    OMG! I hate
    This was my first using them and all I can say is NEVER AGAIN.
    They may work for some people but all I had was issues from the jump.
    Uuugh hate them.

  148. jon says

    20 years of programing and I have never been treated this bad with anyone else, Godaddy as a company is a lemon, they have asked me to give them a screen shot of a link page from a payment gateway, how can I do a screen shot of something that has no screen, and this has taken me 3 DAYS to get to this point, it is nothing but stranded copy and paste crap, ‘help’ a bullet in the head be more help.
    I feel they need to go and read WWGD and get there piss pot act together, I want the world know just how slow bad and total buffoons they all are. Power to the blog

  149. Jeff Carter says

    Many years ago I hosted with Godaddy Sucks. They have the World’s most terrible support which is probably outsourced to Third World countries. The company attracts many starters because of the low pricing and a huge advertising budget. The problem here is that things are reversed: especially starters need top quality support. I remember that I have received the weirdest answers from their support team that had nothing to do with the subject. Another Godaddy Sucks story can be found here:

  150. karl says

    Well i was using Godaddy, but there unhelpful to say the least. And after trying to get my database to run right, i found that they do not support `Foreign key relationships`! WTF…..crazy….Stupid

  151. says

    I hate godaddy they stolen all my domain names and locked out my account.

    I use now, i have to pay a little more but it’s good quality for the price.

  152. J says

    I am on day 8 of trying to set up a website with GoDaddy hosting, not counting a weekend. As of now I still cannot access that website. I am working past a deadline that has already been pushed forward and which we are now going to still be late on.

    To summarize, GoDaddy’s support is as quick as possible to get you off the phone, and has no idea what the next-step in any resolution is. They will get you off the phone waiting for e-mails that are never going to be sent, or tell you to go to URLs which will never work. They very simply do not know what they are talking about.

    I work for a company that designs webpages for small businesses. We were given a project to re-design someones website.

    I started out trying to move a domain name from one GoDaddy account to another. I was told this would be an easy process as it’s just from account to account. No, I would not be charged anything, and it would only take about an hour.

    We were going to do the domain transfer after, but all of GoDaddy’s hosting solutions REQUIRE you have the domain name on the account or you cannot set them up. We were trying to set up a Quick Shopping Cart and a WordPress Blog, and neither would finish the setup process because the domain name was not on the account. The entire process will not work until the domain is in the account. We are stalled.

    When I actually went to transfer this domain name, it turned out to be more complicated than originally projected. For starters, I am on a reseller account. The company I work for has set one up so they make a small amount of money for the webhosting space they sell. On GoDaddy, reseller accounts are technically under a different Domain Controller, “WildWestDomains”.

    What they do not tell you is that support for WildWestDomains is the same support as GoDaddy. It’s literally the same people. However they do not let their technicians admit this. If a call comes in from a reseller account, they have to pretend like they have no idea how GoDaddy ‘works’, can’t admit they’re GoDaddy and speak vaguely about how GoDaddy will handle things on their end. Even though they are GoDaddy and are the exact same people.

    While this is still GoDaddy, WildWestDomains is technically a separate company for liability reasons. So the domain actually had to be transferred, which then cost us money. Fine, okay, that’s complicated but it extends the domain name for another year so it’s not so bad.

    The first tech I spoke to said he was adding the domain transfer to our account and that an E-Mail was being sent, right now, to the Account Manager on the ‘losing’ side of the transfer. That’s our client. The client had to be called so we could get this authorization number from him so we could start the transfer. We were told this was all we would need.

    For starters, no e-mail was sent. We lost a day on this, while he tried to find it. I called another technician. It turns out no e-mail was sent. We have to purchase the transfer, and THEN an e-mail gets sent. I ask if we’ll need anything else, they give me a vague “it depends on the losing domain and how they handle things” and they spend 10 minutes denying they’re GoDaddy and know EXACTLY what the ‘losing’ domain will do in this specific situation.

    Okay fine, we purchase the transfer and we bug our client again to forward this e-mail. It takes them a few hours to get back to the office and forward this e-mail to us. Okay. By the time we enter in the authorization codes, it’s in the evening. The account says ‘pending transfer’ and we decide to wait for it and check back the next day.

    It is now day three, and I make my fourth phonecall. The domain has still not transferred. It still says ‘pending’ in the account. I call again. I am told that the previous tech was incorrect, and that YET ANOTHER e-mail has been sent to our client to ‘confirm’ this transfer, and this is why things are held up. I am told this e-mail will contain a link to accept the transfer and that all I have to do is click on this link. I call our client. They are setting up for a concert, in the rain, and will not be back to their office until very late. They cannot forward us anything until late into the evening.

    I get these forwarded e-mails on the morning of day 4. None of them contain any links to anything. I make a fifth phonecall. The previous tech was incorrect, and there is no link being e-mailed. Instead, we need to log into the clients account and accept the transfer from there. We could have done this yesterday and not hassle our client yet another time. Every single time I call, the technician I speak to does not know what the next step is and leaves us waiting for nothing.

    I log into this account, which we have the information for. I accept the transfer. I am told it can take a few hours but it should be ready ‘soon’. We spend day 4 trying to set up the WordPress account and the Quick Shopping cart. Both do not work, at all. They say the domain name is already in use. The domain name shows up in our account, but is inaccessible to use to set up products. We assume it is still transferring.

    The morning of day 5 we stop assuming and call a sixth time. It turns out that while the domain is in our account, and we should have full control over it, it is ‘linked’ to another GoDaddy account and thus we cannot do anything to it. This other account is the client’s previous account. Why it did not remove this ‘link’ when we did the transfer is not explained to me. We remove this ‘link’ and I am told it should be ready in ‘another couple of hours’.

    It is not done by end-of-day. We come back the following Monday finally able to access the domain name that is in our account. We set this up, but it is ‘pending DNS change’. This is day 6, not counting the weekend. We are due to show the client some progress to the design changes this afternoon. We still do not even have access to the account. Day 6, call 7. I am told that it can take up to 48 hours for a server to go live. I ask, when it is live, can I use this IP address I see here to access it? I am told yes. We can FTP into the IP address and see the files for wordpress, but when we enter the IP address into a browser we get a 404. I am told it is because the server is still setting up and that once it is set up we will be able to use that IP address to view the site.

    We spend day 7 refreshing the site, waiting for it to go up. We were told it could take up to 48 hours. I have been calling support frequently so I decide to be patient. By the end of day 7 the site is still not working by that IP address.

    At the beginning of day 8 the site is still not functioning. It is Wednesday. Our due date for showing design changes has been pushed to today, and we still do not have access to our server. I call again, now the 8th phonecall to technical support. I am told that the previous tech was incorrect, and that the IP address listed will not resolve into the website. I will need to set up a preview DNS in order to view it. This could have been done 2 days ago but the tech said the site was still being set up. The previous tech told me I could view it by the IP address that was already listed. The previous tech was wrong. The preview DNS should take ‘a couple of hours’. I have heard ‘a couple of hours’ quite a few times before. I’m still waiting for the preview DNS.

    Every single time I call, the technician is entirely incorrect about what my next step should be and what I can do right now to get this website working. I always ask ‘What is my next step, what am I waiting for, what is my expectation.’ Everytime I am told to wait for incorrect details. They are as quick as possible to get me off the phone and waiting for a solution that will not come because it is entirely incorrect.

    On two separate occasions, I asked for a manager. I have never spoken to one.

    If this was my project, I would have demanded a refund by now. I am just a designer; I do not get to make those decisions. But under my own power, I will never use GoDaddy hosting for any reason ever again. Their support is terrible and always leaves me waiting for things that will not happen.

    I can only hope that now, finally, within a few hours, I should be able to preview this server. However given that every time I called there has been some missed ‘next step’, I am fully expecting to still not see this website by friday.

    Do not use GoDaddy hosting for any reason.

  153. Macklin Crux says

    It all sounds great until you actually use the service. Customer support is a joke and I found out that they shut down you hosting, email, dns, or inactivate you domain name if someone complains about your site. Someone complained about my site and they deactivated my domain name and now I am in legal limbo. In other works … If you want my domain name all you have to do is make a complaint (no logic or reason required), wait until the domain name expires and then buy it. In the meantime my site domain name remains deactivated and unable to transfer. Pretty sleazy outfit but what do you expect from Bob Parsons

  154. katherine fyfe says


    If you get the ‘we have tried this from our end and it all works fine’ then leave GoDaddy. It doesn’t work and it never will and they will never sort it out. If you are outside the US then leave NOW! Bought into GoDaddy’s services 10 days ago and am now leaving. Their on site FTP has not worked (no matter what browser I have been asked to use), their support has been hopeless. I have followed their instrusctions from the website, emailed their support desk and then just been copied and pasted the same instructions.

    I don’t care how many website they have on their systems, by what I’ve read they are seriously going off the boil.

  155. says

    I just lost half a day working on a Godaddy hosted site. The thing was so slow I felt like it was 1995 using dialup in my parent’s basement. I had to explain the the client that if he didn’t move to a better host, I would charge for all the wasted time waiting for the server to respond.

    Cheap hosting only makes sense if you are using it for a hobby site. No real business should ever use it.

    • john watson says

      godaddy is slow because they put up to 7000 domains on one server.

      Use ‘ ‘ to see how many other domains are hosted on your shared server.

      My godaddy website is shared with 6985 others.

      I also use a small local hosting company and they only put 200 domains on one server.

      that is 420.000$ income on one server. (6985 cuxtomers X 60$)

      Parssons should be locked up in jail.

  156. Chris says

    I don’t understand how this company has gained so much traction, simply by advertising chicks in tight t-shirts. Hosting and domain registration are products that needs to be reliable. Their success just proves how gullible people are. I think chicks in tight shirts are great, but Hooters serves food and beer, which my business and customers don’t depend on to run their business, like they depend on good web hosting. I have tried working with it when I work with a customer that uses GoDaddy, but always have to migrate them to a stronger hosting company and/or registrar. GoDaddy has the WORST user interface and the The WORST support I have encountered in this industry. Trying to navigate your account is like trying to get out of a maze with no exit, a maze plastered wall-to-wall with advertising billboards, and filled with bums begging for money for cheap wine at every dead end. GoDaddy has proven that people respond irrationally to boob-based advertising, and would buy a shark cage, bullet proof vest or parachute and trust these products with their lives if a hot chick is hawking it on television. Amazing… The CEO also has this blog where he shares his “secrets of success in business”… When the only real secret is, get a second-rate product and enough capital to buy prime television advertising with hot chicks.

    • Chris says

      Typed in haste, just read my post… Doh! on the grammar…. Did I mention that I also hate the name of the company “GoDaddy” it just sounds infantile… Our junk food culture will buy a technology product like it’s a bag of Cheetos and cram it into their drooling maws like it’s the best thing ever… I wonder how many good domains have been tied up and idled by customers of this atrocity. Reason for finding this site and my rant? I tried to quickly implement a Joomla site on this platform for a customer that was reluctant to part ways with GoDaddy. After they read my unresolved support emails today they decided to let me move them to my tried and true low-cost, high value hosting company of preference… First name of my favorite for the last 15 years starts with an “N” and last name starts with an “S”…

  157. Dan says

    After less than 2 years I left Godaddy.
    They suck with everything. Uptime sucks, price sucks (you can find deals with half of price). Tech support sucks badly. They cannot answer easy questions and always they blame you (the customer/your site/your script). One of my sites (I had 3 sites hosted with them) was flagged by Google with malware. I’ve found out my .htaccess was modified and my site was routed to a russian site. I’ve delete the .htaccess and was OK, but my site was down for 4 days and I’ve spent a lot of time dealing with Google to remove that flag. Godaddy always blamed me and my site.
    With one message their f****** script e-mail was saying: “Your server setting are bad or your server was hacked”. I’ve reply and told those monkeys that is their server not mine, I’m hosting my sites there with their server.
    After searching online I’ve found out that Godaddy was hacked last time in Oct 2011. Stay away and run from those jerks.

  158. JonnyJonny says

    I currently have exactly the same problem
    Anyone have any suggestions

    –Read Below–

    same problem as “– January 2, 2012 | C.R.”
    “Hostage By Proxy”

    I currently have exactly the same problem

    When I Googled this your description says that you can help with this.
    What can I do

    thank you

    Hostage By Proxy

    I registered my domain name with GoDaddy in 2008. At the time they offered a free year of their privacy service, which I took advantage of. Since then I have renewed the domain and the (now paid) privacy service 3 times, but I have now decided to transfer my domain name to a new company. In order to transfer to the new company, I need to have the privacy service removed from the domain name. I have now found out that the privacy service automatically created a second account for another website called ‘’ and I never received the login information for this account. I contacted support to update the login information for this account so that I may remove the privacy service and transfer my domain name. They told me I had to prove ownership of the account by sending them a photocopy of my drivers license, which I did. I was then told that my information did not match that on the account, and so they have provided me with ZERO information, and no way to remove their privacy service. Both the domain name and the privacy service have always been paid for on MY credit card. To renew the domain, I also have to renew their privacy service, which they will not let me remove… forcing me to pay additional costs for this domain name. Now that I want to move the domain to another company, I am unable to do so because of the privacy service on the domain. I have contacted support and been emailing with them back and fourth attempting to get some help or guidance on what options I have. I am hitting a brick wall and they are simply taking my domain name hostage essentially. Forcing me to stay with GoDaddy, and also forcing me to pay additional fees for the privacy service if I choose to renew it with them.

    — January 2, 2012 | C.R.

  159. frank r says

    Godaddy is the worst web hosting company I have ever delt with. My sites have been running incredibly slow for the past 3 days. After 8 calls they finally admit that there is an issue on their end. Their webshit tonight is the most frustrating bug infested POS that will make you want to shoot yourself after using it.

  160. Jennifer says

    There were many reasons but for me the main reason that I stopped with Godaddy was the fact that they outsource technical support to low salary employees who have never heard of web hosting. No, really, those people have no idea what web hosting is. They probably think that they are working for a cookie company or whatever. I stopped with them after reading the testimonial of my friend John Singh in California. You can read his story at

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