Legend of Zelda Storyline Explained!

GameTrailers have recently released a series of videos that try to connect all the past and present Zelda games’ story lines together. And, surprisingly, their theory makes sense. Right now it is possible to link all of the games together, although I always imagined that all the stories were separated from each other (like the Final Fantasy Series, with the exception of the sequels).

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  1. Patrick says

    At the end of Oracle of Ages/Seasons, Link is seen getting on a boat. Wouldn’t that lead into Links Awakening? I think it’s weird to say that on his way back from MM, he just decided to take a boat back when he came on a horse, which also says what happened to Epona. You could fix this by keeping the theory, but putting Oracle of Seasons/Ages after MM and the other one after Wind Waker. Other than that, i think the timeline is PERFECT!!! And to be honest i’m probably wrong, but just a thought that bothered me.

  2. Kevin T. Skudalski says

    Then one thing that Puzzles me is that when you beat the Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Time, you link up the games to defeat Ganon!? So how would the be explained?

    • Kevin T. says

      I havent played the oracle games, but i believe that those games might be the timeline mergingagain after the destruction in twilight princess failed.

  3. Hyperchao says

    Yes Kevin but could they link so each link goes to the other world or even more confuseing when they link that may fix the time split ?

  4. stephenDS says

    this is very clever but it is still leaving major gaps in the history, if link went back to a child in oot and warned the king of hyrule abou ganon thn wudnt he of stpped
    him? thus the triforce remaining untouched.?? However the split idea is one theory i think this must als be a single timeline theory. Which i am to discover.

  5. Hyperchao says

    I just realised some thing there can’t be a time split! thing about it water ever happens in past is gonna change the future isnt it like going back to stop gannon but how u no they told on him aye? Unless like u said he did tell him but hows tht destroy gannon?

  6. Seolyk says


    the most accepted theory about sending someone back in time states that the timeline goes on without the person in question and a new one begins, otherwise any changes would cancel each other out.

    man… they are SOO wrong about Twilight Princess. I am pretty sure it comes after Link to the Past, but thats only because of what the ancient hero says after you learn the last technique.

    of course the hourglass game might shake my theory too… cant wait for it!

  7. Michael Christopher says

    At the end of ocarina of time, link is given back his childhood. however, because of link’s ability to jump back and forth through time, Ganon was already sealed when he went back to his childhood. as he left for termina(majoras mask), ganon was somehow freed from the seal and gained control of hyrule because the hero was not there(explained in wind waker). there is no split timeline, there is only one Hyrule.

  8. John Doe says

    I think this is how it all goes down…this
    does contain spoilers from “Twilight Princess” so if you’ve yet to play the game or are not that far into the game yet DO NOT READ THIS…now, because the games themselves were not made in chronilogical order, you’re gonna have to take in affect that things that happened in past games are different now due to what we now know from the newest games…least that’s how I see it…like I said, this is just my theory on what happened…hopefully, the next Zelda game will finally clear up this debate…

    First you have the three goddesses creating Hyrule, leaving the Triforce thus creating the Sacred Realm and all that…

    (Spoiler!) Soon after that, dark forces attempted to steal the Triforce for their own use so they could rule over the Sacred Realm themselves. In response to this, the three goddesses unleashed the Four Light Spirts who banished the dark forces to the Twilight Realm where they would eventually become the Twili race. Sealed away, the Mirror of Twilight was created as the only link to the Twilight Realm and was to be guarded over…

    Now that we got the early history out of the way, we get into the games…the events of “Minish Cap” take place then “Ocarina” where finally, our three main characters, Link, Zelda, and Ganon recieve their Triforce pieces which will forever link them…

    At the game’s end, many believe in the whole split timeline theory but I do not…I believe Zelda merely restored Link, Hyrule, and herself to their past stages not time itself…if she did, Ganon would not be locked away, the six sages wouldn’t have been awakened, and so forth…plus, the big party at the game’s end plus the sages appearing on the moutain top leave me to believe everything is finally right in Hyrule (Castle Town and the Castle itself are restored, Zora’s Domain is unfrozen, etc.)…

    SO, with our ONE timeline theory going, the events of “Majora’s Mask” occur and at the end, Link, the Hero of Time, returns to Hyrule to live out the rest of his life in the peace Zelda said would last for some time…

    Many years later, the events of “A Link to the Past” take place with the descendants of Link and Zelda whom Ganon swore to kill…Ganon still trapped in the evil realm (in his demonic form) which he now taken over (hey, its plausable, he was only banished there at Ocarina’s end not imprisoned or anything, he once again gets his hands on the Triforce and attempts to take over Hyrule…at the game’s end, Ganon is destroyed however he’s not dead, possibly banished back to the Evil Realm with the Master Sword being laid to rest…

    Even hunderds of more years later, the events of “Wind Waker” take place…we finally learn of the legend of the Hero of Time being passed down…Ganon once again rises, escaping from the Evil Realm yet and with no Hero of Time there to save the people, the goddessess flood Hyrule away, leaving it sunken beneath the Great Sea…years later, yet another descendant from our Ocarina Link arises, finds the Master Sword in Hyrule Castle, takes it, comes to realize who he is and who Tetra is (Zelda) as does Ganon…Link battles Ganon, freezing him in stone and watches as appearently Hyrule Castle and the Master Sword are lost to the Great Sea forever…

    NOT SO FAST though! Now we have the events of “Twilight Princess”…spoilers lay ahead so stop now if you don’t want the game ruined…if you played this game, you probably like me realize we’re in a much more advanced Hyrule technologically…everything from Link’s gear to some dungeons some this…so it’s very plausable to me that Hyrule itself was either re-built or the flood waters receded…either way, Ganon somehow free himself from his stone prison and starts to wreck havoc in Hyrule again (don’t ask me how, he’s the King of Evil, he finds ways to do shit) but this time, the Sages finally decide to do something about it…they imprison him and decide to execute him…however, things go horribly wrong and in their panic, the Sages use the Mirror of Twilight, forgotten about for all these years, to banish Ganon to the Twilight Realm, where he exists without a physical form…

    It’s here where the events of “Twilight Princess” take place…

    There’s enough hints and clues throughout the game to lead me to believe this does exist in our timeline as well…such as Link being the Hero Chosen by the Gods, the Hero’s Spirit passing down techiques to you and informing you he himself was once a hero who regretted not passing his skills down and are of his bloodline (Ocarina Link perhaps?)…the Hero’s Bow protected by the Goron’s used by a legendary hero…the remains of old Kakariko village, guarded by the last surving Sheikah…stuff like that…

    Well, that’s just my two sense on the timeline…I’m prolly wrong but to prevent myself from going nuts trying to figure stuff out, this is how I see it played out…

  9. Michael A says

    In response to John Doe, I think that’s right about the Goddesses making the four light spirits in Early Hyrule. But I don’t think there’d be a drainage of the Great Sea. I like your thinking so I wrote this.

    If you wanna know more about this theory, read this carefully, and make sure you have the time to do it.

    (Flaw in the Timeline)

    The split timeline theory also makes a lot of sense. Except for one DRASTIC thing.

    In Orcarina of Time, Ganon gets into the Sacred Realm, via link. When he goes to the future, it’s Link, and Ganondorf who are going as themselves. They’re not turning into their future selves. Zelda is, as she tells link that he was sealed in their for 7 years.

    Now the split timeline theory may work. But if Ganondorf is sealed as is self in Hryule B, then, his past self couldn’t exsist in Hryule A. Since it’s the same Link and Ganondorf traveling to the future.

    This game timeline is so complex, because it’s hard for the human to comprehend different dimensions and timelines.

    Another thing I want to state is that TP probably takes place 200 to 400 years after OOT. Mainly because the map has been changed with the snow mountains, the Ordon Province was put in Hryule, and Castle town is bigger. Plus the Eldin bridge, Temple of Time being moved to Forbidden Woods (Later the Sacred Grove), and Kakariko Village (Hidden Village) being moved.

    After TP, it seems like many centuries past by into WW. Because the WW legend of OOT is very old. And it feels like 1,000 years to 1,500 years, possibly, from the time distance of OOT to WW.

    Back to Ganon and Link from OOT in both timelines. Since Ganon as himself and Link as himself going to the future with Link going back to Hyrule A, and Ganon being in the Sacred Realm in Hyrule B, then Ganon couldn’t exsist in Hyrule A. And he couldn’t be reincarnated since the Gerudo females make a male every 100 years.

    Unless there is way for Ganon to reincarnate himself, then there cannot be a split timeline.

    But if there is, it’d be like this.
    -Ganon in Sacred Realm in Timeline B.
    -Link in Hryule and beyond in Timeline A.
    -Zelda in BOTH timelines.

    Hyrule A, the games are in the correct order in my opinion.

    Hyrule B, the games are in the correct order, aswell. Except for Orcale of Ages/Seasons being after Wind Waker. I don’t believe in Hyrule being De-flooded. I believe though, that if the game makers found a brilliant and sensible way to make this work, then I’d accept it.

    (Possible final Zelda Game)

    Another cool thing about the split timeline theory is that, if this is the real story line, then the last Zelda game could be something like this…

    *After WW*:
    The Great Sea may still exsist or the whole thing isn’t flooded anymore.

    Wherever they are, Link is on an Adventure (and is an adult). He meets with Zelda later in the game and somehow, they come accross story articles from the Legend from OOT. If this happens, these articles could be 2,000 to 3,000 years old since they were written in OOT.

    They discover what Zelda B does to split the timeline, and they discover that there is ANOTHER Hyrule, and they have the chance to merge the timelines into one again.

    This game could involve the SAME Ocarina of Time from the game (OOT), and would thus make, a Hero of Time 2. The Hero of Time 2 would fight Ganon for a last time or something like that and would somehow get Zelda to play the OOT inorder to merge both Hryules into one again. Thus having the Goddesses destroy Ganon for ETERNITY.

    That is how I’d finish off the series.

    Also during the game, the storyline could be you playing 2 Links throughout the game. With like 9 dungeons in both Hyrules, thus creating 18 dungeons in total. Cause for the timelines to merge, the ALMOST exact same thing would have to happen at the same time.

    So after one section in the game in Hyrule B, it would skip to Hyrule A, until the end of the game. Where you would make Hyrule.

    That’s how’d I’d finish the series if Miyamoto eventually had to.

    It’s just a cool idea I’ve been thinking of for the past couple of days.

  10. says

    Im pretty lol at the moment.
    Cauz you are alle in one BIIIIG MAJOR GAP
    Look at the first game “A link tot he past” he kills ganon with a light arrow and so on bla bla.
    go look at “Orcania of time” WASENT GANNON DEAD ?, How did link become a kid.
    And why the fuck does he have to kill him the same way as in the first game ??
    THAT SUXX, The zelda games had never had any connections execpt Orcania of time leading to Majoras mask and onto twilight Princess

  11. Mike A says

    Ganon didn’t die in OOT. He was put in the Sacred Realm, then escaped. Then I guess later on, he’s put into the Twilight Realm after Twilight Princess, then dies. But is brought back to life, which probably later resolves into Hyrule being flooded, and WW, starting.

    It doesn’t matter what he did in Link to the Past to kill Ganon. They killed him with light arrows in OOT, TP, and WW aswell.

    And in OOT, he’s a kid because it’s a different link. This timeline says that Link turns goes into Link to the Past after the other games, unless there’s a different Link in Four Swords.

    They do connect all the series in a subtle way anyways. The main thing is Ganon being in both Hyrules… unless… they have a sacred realm in Hyrule A aswell!

  12. Gannondork says

    the events in Links awakening take place after you (link) have “fulfilled the hyrulian prophecy of legendary hero and destroyed the evel tyrant ganon.” now ” the land of hyrule enjoyed only a precarious peace. who knows what threats may airse from ganon’s ashes? the restless people murmured as they knitted their brows and shook their heads.ever vigilant, you (link) decided that to journey away from hyrule on a quest for enlightenment, in search of wisdom that would make you better able to withstand the next threat to your homeland.” It goes on to say that your ship you were in took you away from hyrule. Links awakening clearly is not a result of link heading home from termania. i took this from the links awakening original black and white game boy instruction booklet. LA takes place after you have DESTROYED ganon in hyrule. it can only of took place after link to the past or the original legend of zelda. i really like the idea of the split time line though, and i propose that LA be moved after the original legend of zelda.

  13. Mike A says

    The timeline theory after OOT actually is correct. A bit before WW was realeased, at E3, the Nintendo announcers said there was a parallel universe in which Wind Waker is long after Adult Link in OOT, and MM is child Link in OOT.

    But obviously WW does look like it takes place, MANY centuries after OOT since there looks like there’s more technology with the Windmill on Windfall Island and stoves and lamps in it. I don’t think WW takes place only 100 years after OOT. It seriously looks like atleast 1000 years after.

  14. says

    let me just say something:
    the sacred realm has no timeline it is too powerful to be ever set in stone. there is only one sacred realm and that connects both hyrules together and ganon uses that to timehop from oracle of seasons and ages back to oot.

  15. Mike A says

    Wait that’s right…

    So if they did that Final Game idea… it could be like…

    Timeline B:
    Link from WW, or the son of Link from WW is 15, or 17 years old and is on Outset Island at the Great Sea.

    Somehow he gets wound up in somthing that brings him on a journey. Eventually on his boat, he will cross the area where the Tower of the Gods is, and then the Tower will rise again… assuming that it went back under after the events of WW were over.

    The Ring of Light appears and Link goes back to Hyrule. Which isn’t completely flooded anymore, when it was at the end of WW.

    He goes in the Castle and meets Zelda and then she gets a book to him that says something about the legend from The Ocarina of Time.

    The book will mention something like using the Ocarina of Time to join the parallel people back into one (mentioning the Split Timeline). So Link’s adventure gets bigger and he has to unlock all the sages from the Sacred Realm to get into the Sacred Realm.

    Now in Timeline B, he won’t get the Ocarina of Time, because he has the Wind Waker, and the Ocarina of Time is in Timeline A that was passed down in Link A’s family.

    At the same time, both Links are on a different quest.

    Timeline A Link is trying to find the Ocarina of Time by collecting all the triforce pieces (by that I mean the Triforce of Courage, Wisedome, and Power) to get to the Sacred Realm where the Ocarina of Time was left by the sages of OOT.

    Timeline B Link has to the awaken the sages in his world to get in, and use the Wind Waker at the same time as Link A’s Ocarina.

    I don’t know, it’d be way to complex and I’d love to give this idea to Myamoto in the future when the series has more prolonged. This would be a great idea for the LOZ series.

    • callum says

      Well i sort of have a theorie myself with twilight princess ever since it came ou its been making all timelines out of wack but what if twilight princess exist in an alternate universe to majoas mask there are a few things in majoras mask that are the same as twilight orincess it could make sence but alot of people say that the guy who teaches link says something about my son but what iff like he was the deku tree or another character from the game of majoras mask or ocarina of time that exists because its a parrelel univers or alternate what are your views on it

  16. Ryan says

    u guys r 4getting a HUUUGE piece of the puzzle, first of all the link in every game starts out not knowing he’s a hero and in most he starts without a sword or sheild, and in oracle of seasons, a being says that the golden dragon thing (the last boss in seasons) was just a puppet of the evil king and twinrova (twins) will rule hyrule

  17. bonusdonut says

    well i think the split timeline theory is very confusing but it tends to make the most sense
    the reason why there are two zeldas and two ganons but only one link is because link was sent to the past. when link takes the master sword out/puts it back in (referring to OoT), he is the only one who jumps through time. gannondorf doesnt automatically jump seven years because he spends those seven years taking over hyrule and ruling it. link is the only one caught in suspended animation.

    now, zelda in the past and ganon in the past continue to exist because without them existing, their future selves cannot be. link’s future self, however, is the only one that is transported back to its original time.

    now, i dont completely agree with the placing of the SNES a link to the past. because it explicitly states in the game that ganon was sealed away by the seven sages, i believe it should be in hyrule B. similarly, i do see what they are trying to say: that past link tells the king what he did, but since ganon was sealed in the future, past link’s story is referred to as only legend and not an actual occurence. so supposedly, it could go either way

    now, what of twilight princess? in TP, ganon has been banished to the twilight realm using the mirror of twilight by the sages. now, because there is a reference to the sages, we have to assume it occurs on hyrule B because in hyrule A, the sages never had to be awakened to seal away gannondorf. so in hyrule B, ganon was originally sealed away in the sacred realm, but when he eventually escaped, the sages sought to destroy ganon, but were for some reason forced to banish him to the twilight realm using the mirror of twilight. so he had to live bodyless in the twilight realm with the rest of the twili. the twili were a race of banished people from early hyrule when everyone sought the triforce. when zant was PO’ed because he wasnt chosen as the king of the twilight realm, he found gannondorf as a god and ganon used zant as a vessel for his power. so when zant entered hyrule’s realm (whatever its called) he brought with him the powers of ganon. then, when link eventually destroys zant, ganons powers are released and he is able to come back to hyrule, where u have to fight him again

    there still remains no connection between twilight princess and wind waker, considering there hasnt been a game in which hyrule was flooded. also, ganon is mysteriously ressurected again by another force, so hopefully there will be more games to bridge this gap. so im just assuming that that/those game/games is/are still in the works. i hope. so many questions…man im so anxious!

  18. zleda fan says

    i believe that their just recreations of the same game the only game that is quite different is majora’s mask

    in ocarina of time
    their are the stone head things lying around Hyrule
    once you unlock the mask of truth you can speak
    to the heads and they will let out surprising information

  19. zleda fan says

    wait in the beginning of ocarina of time their was a war! with g anon I think ocrania
    is going to be last

  20. Link's Friend says

    We cannot just assume because there is reference to the sages in tp that it belongs in hyrule B because they may not be,and i do not believe them to be, the same sages as in OoT, but more likely, the sges or”wise men” (i think theyre called) in ALttP. Not to mention, both Tp and WW take place about a century after OoT, so they are meant to take place at the same time in opposite timelines. Due to this, providing the video’s timeline is correct, i believe that TP takes place between ALttP and OoA/S in Timeline A, at the same time as WW in Hyrule B

    now this leads to the question of “how did the sages have ganondorf in TP?” Well, if you recall, in TP the sages are trying to execute ganondorf. I believe that when he was defeated in ALttP, he was locked away by the sages. But when they tried to execute him in TP, he did not die because he had the triforce of power. I think he must have obtaied this prior to ALttP because he was able to return. That, or Agnihm was able to retrieve it for him, possibly being the power that may have allowed agnihm to bring ganon back, if he was ever truly gone.

    No game including ganon/ganondorf is likely to have taken place after TP, because he seemingly ACTUALLY DIED at the end of the game, or after WW in the other timeline, because it ends with the master sword in his head, the drowning of Hyrule, and his being turned to stone (in no game have you retrieved the master sword from ganondorf’s head).

    this is my idea of how TP fits into the split timeine. i personally agree with the video otherwise, and i hope i have brought up some interesting points that may have never been considered. I just honestly do not believe that WW and TP could possibly fit in the same timeline.

    In closing I would like to say, “LoZ RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  21. Chris says

    There is an extra bit from twilight princess. You can see by travelling through Hyrule that a couple of fields with NO rivers or lakes nearby have either water still in them…..or have dried up waterbeds. That could support the theory that the flood waters did in fact recede.

  22. Link's Friend says

    That is a possibility, but WW and TP, as i said both take place about a century after OoT, at the same time. Ganondorf was brought back by zant, so that could explain, if they were in the same timeline, how ganondorf was freed, but then how would the master sword have appeared in the sacred meadow thing in TP? Zant could not have done that

  23. shan says

    personally, I think it hardly makes sense, just parts of it.. They makers probably wasnt thinking about it making sense until later, so there are always going to be little gaps that you cant fit together..

  24. zeldafan says

    I feel that if you can resolve it into a single timeline, that would be the best way. The split timeline theory is a bit like cheating to make it work, and it has a lot of problems with it like JohnDoe said. So IF someone could figure it out, then that would probably be the best explanation

    Here’s one intriguing possibility though that the split timeline theory provides: What if Dark Link is somehow just the Link from the other timeline someohow interacting or being channelled? Killing dark link doesn’t necessarily have to mean that he’s dead, just that the channel to that alternate Link is severed.

  25. jacob the noob says

    Hey, i think we are forgeting a couple things here that could clear things up

    1)in oot there are six sages, the same number of sages that was origanaly in TP, before one died

    2)ganon AND ganondorf. 2 different evil beings. It could be that one of them could die, but the other would still be there.

    3) in sesons, in order to change the seson, you need to go on stumps that remind of the stumps in minish cap

    4)link has traveled to the dark world once before through a mirror, and in sesons travels through portal that are uncanny to the TP portals.

    5)mm has u transforming a lot, and in tp, u can transform into a wolf. i don’t know if that could be a possible connection, but u never know

    6)in tp, the master sword gets light energy pumped into it in the twilight relm. WHY. if it was allready the blade of evils bla bla bla, why would it need the boost?

    Trying to help

  26. says

    you guys are all forgeting 1 thing in phantoms hour glass link leaves in a boat with the pirats from WW and mabe there are thousands of hyrules and every thing is happinig all at once and all the links are going to met up at the last game and that link(OoT)and zelda(OoT) are siblings.

  27. Rachel says

    I understand the entire split timeline, but how is this even possible if Zelda sends Link back to being a child?

    John Doe and Zeldafan, making two timelines definitely seems to be like cheating. If Zelda returns Link to his childhood, it still leaves that path open in the Hyrule “B,” but as our little video said (about 394908 times) there is NO LINK in this period of time because he’s back in his childhood! So, you have to fit the other games in somewhere (it seems) when Zelda and Link are grown up (naturally, not through the Ocarina’s powers). Maybe I’m completely wrong, but that just seems to fix the Zelda-Link-kid-adult thing.

    And also, the entire thing seems entirely too long… Link is like 300 years old by the end. And has anyone taken into consideration that Link marries Malon and has two kids? Link does have a family, so maybe he’s not the only Link featured in the Zelda games. So just like there is more than one Zelda, there could very possibly be more than one Link as well.

    As for Ganondorf, when he was “sealed” he goes to the Twilight Realm, no? That’s just something I’d like to throw in there, so really you don’t need Hyrule A and B, you just need to re-organize things. I don’t own WW (sad, yes) so I’ve only played parts of it and seen the ending… In reference to TP, yeah there are lots of little pools and dried up waterbeds so it does give reason to believe that the Great Sea dried up BUT, a sea doesn’t just dry up in a lifetime. So that supports my idea (if the sea drying up is even true) that there has to be more than one Link that is featured in all the games.

  28. Jordan says

    You know what would be intensely awesome. If Nintendo partnered up with a major film producer and created a 3 part movie series that in detail told the complete timeline and story. Think about it, all questions would be answered and then absolutely no one would be asking questions. That’s a movie I’d go see. So, how do we make them do it?

  29. bobjoefred says

    but if zelda sends link back when he is an adult to become a kid wouldnt that make 2 links in the same period, living together in the same world but never meeting?

  30. Ganonismybro says

    Okay so when the hell did link and zelda turn brother and sister. Link mother was hylian yes but not the wife of the king in OOT. that is bunk.

    and there are not two links in the same period because… link is jumping through time with the master sword becuse in his youth he is to young to be the swords master. he therefore leaves his own time and his spirt is held in the sacred realm for seven years. he vanishes untill he is old enough. zelda, ganondorf, and the rest of the world didnt go any were so they age with time natural. thats is why there is 2 of every thing but link.

    this is Also why a split time line theory is very plausable if not the most.

  31. Dave of Time says

    Ocarina of time made things so complicated… I like to avoid the confusion and go by the story of that link went back as a kid, left to find navi in majoras mask (unfortunately, leading to an alternate tangent, though this link is no longer on the same dimensional plane, and follows off the links awakening story and link 1 and 2, being the same link in the first two, a new link in the third and eventually leading to a new link much further down the line in link to the past, although the cities of hyrule are now located south of the centralized mountain chain… >.>), and as stated in wind waker, when link left hyrule (presumably to termina), the hero of time’s triforce piece shattered, causing the need to have it found and reassembled (stated in wind waker)… The war occurs between gannon and the hyrule (beginning twilight princess) and a new hero emerged from the woods, but (knowing how it ends) the hero stops ganon and he is rebanished once more. However, he breaks free and the gods flood the world to wash his evil away. He still comes back, and a new hero of time comes to save it, and after ganons defeat in wind waker, then phantom hourglass… then… Whatever comes next. Sure, I skipped oracle of ages and seasons… but both of those were painfully tedious hahah… I didnt care for them, but i would agree they are alternate realities of the timeframe (or timeframes in Ages’ case).

  32. Darunia says

    I havnt played all the games, so excuse me if the answer is in one of them… but

    why does link never find Navi in Majora’s Mask?

  33. DylWon says

    ohhh and Darunia, Link never Finds Navi Because if you pay attention link never ”has” a farie afterwards

  34. The Legend of Ganon says

    Good try for gametrailers, but this storyline theory has TONS of flaws…

    However, the theory of the timesplit after Ocarina of Time is actually really good and could explain a lot.

  35. The Legend of Ganon says


    Probably Because Navi was Left in Hyrule B, while Link had an entirely new life in Hyrule A where he had to change the future so that Ocarina of Time never actually took place in that time dimension…
    And so Link never met Navi (and the Kokiri tribe I guess…)

  36. XIII says

    First of all , Navi is back in Hyrule A with Link , she’s not left in Hyrule B . That’s the reason why Link is lost in the lost woods ( without a fairy to guide you , you can’t pass the lost woods ) and meet with the Mask’s crew .

    Second , she left him because he job was done . The Deku tree only asked her to help Link bring back peace to Hyrule . So it’s normal that she returns to kokiri village .

    Third . The time split IS the only solution for the time frame … Link is the only one moving trought time in OOT , Gannondorf stays behind , taking over the lands of Hyrule . Creating 2 Gannondorfs and 2 Gannons .

    After OOT in Hyrule B there’s TP , some few decades to hundreds of years after . What happens is that Gannon wich was scelled in the Sacred Realm escaped and the sages tried to kill him definitely . They failed and had to send him to the Twilight realm .

    The new Zelda wich is supposed to take place after TP will still be in Hyrule B and will certainly explain why the goddesses decided to flood Hyrule …

    There again , few decades to few hundreds of years after the new Zelda and TP we have WW and PH. Everything fits . It is true however that there’s spots of dried up water in the lands of Hyrule , but the only fact that there’s no ruins of the hyrule of OOT everywhere makes it hard to concider that it’s a after flood Hyrule . If it was , like I said , there would be ruins of the old Hyrule , and the houses that stayed would be much more stained by the decades to hundreds of years past under water ….

    The gameboy colors ones thought don’t fit at the complete end of the timeline like they did . It is true that they seems to be after every other LoZ games but I don’t think that we could put em after WW and PH , or even after TP . I think they would be better placed in time at the end of Hyrule A but at the top of Hyrule B , between OOT and TP .

    The rest of the time lines seems to make sence to me , the only difference would be that I’d put AlttP in Hyrule B, even if they had the story of Link as a legend , they wouldn’t be speaking of it wich so much truth as this , they use it almost as if they tought it had really happened in their reality.

    But we would know best if Nintendo decided to have a book on LoZ , describing the exact time line . A new cartoon maybe , since the old one , first wasn’t really good and second doesn’t give you any hints on the timeline since it’s after aLttP . Movies … I’m not sure if it would be a great idea , most of the time when they make movies about video games … they suck ….

    As for the ” Last LoZ ” , I would really see that idea of the ” closing ” the parralel times . You would have to play as both Link from Hyrule A and B with a Gannon wich found a way to unite with his other self . Then the 2 Links would have to do the same , thus closing the ” gap ” between the 2 realities created by Zelda of OOT and destroying completely Gannon .

    What would be awsome too , is that they made a LoZ about Gustav and one about the true legend of Zelda , where you are present during the evenements that made the first Zelda go into her slumber . You would have to be working with the first Zelda to stop the evil wizard from taking over the prince and then attacking Zelda . And I’m pretty sure that we would see the creation of Gannon there … cause the evil wizard do die after putting Zelda to sleep ( what a weak wizard to die from exausting his magical power after simply put someone to sleep ) , after his death , he may from simple greed of more power and of the triforce , have been ” resurected ” as gannon , wich then by allying himself with his puppets , tried to accomplish what he couldn’t do while he was alive .

    Admit that a game about the debuts of Gannon would be cool , filling the gap about : what and who was Gannon before being and evil entity .

    But hey , that’s just my opinion , there might be flaws , but the very time line of LoZ has flaws too so …

  37. N8 says

    There are many timelines that could have happened. One that I heard is that link returns to his younger self at At end of OOT. So in MM that is the same link as OOT after that link returns to hyrule to find hyrules new future is altered by him going through time and that is TP hyrule. Link goes back to an ordinary life and becomes a farm hand and forgets his past. So link in all these games are the same link. In this story line the godesses make the triforce and the light spirits. In MM they refer to a race of beings that were cast away that is the twili race. The majoras mask could be interpreted as another fused shadow or the complete fused shadow mask. Then depending on the next game and what happens in it that could lead to WW. If in the next game gannon would want to flood hyrule right so link would have to lose. Even if Gannon is still sealed away in this one to fit in with WW and the antagonist is someone else the bad guy would have to win in order for him to flood hyrule. Then WW comes in. The other story line is that each link is completely different person. Then the Zelda games would be stretched out over thousands of years. The gods would have to choose the new link. Hey do imply that in TP. But that wouldn’t fit in with all of Gannon being sealed away and stuff in OOT Gannon dosnt die so TP and OOT Gannon are logicly the same person no matter what timeline you use. Gannon in WW is a wanna be and those games are the worst so I’m not wording about them much.

  38. KJkool27 says

    This conversation has been going on for 3 years and you guys are missing the huge ASS point. All the answers to this so called timeline is on the cover of every single LoZ Game. LEGEND. Does that clear it up for you? Its a LEGEND! Nobody knows the true timeline of a legend, which is the reason why Nintendo is trying to confuse you, they want you to realize that there are only bits and pieces we know of a legend. And that is EXACTLY what the games are, information on the legend, The Legend of Zelda.

  39. Joe says

    i kinda agree with kjkool27 it is a legend but all the games fit in like a puzzle but i didnt beat twilight princess yet since i just got it for christmas so i dont kno the ending so that can fit in with hyrule b between oot and ww but the real problem is where will ocrage of ages/season be put in there both the same story basicly so this is very confusing but nintendo is say about another TLoZ game for the wii so that might just solve the problem but then again it wont i heard of the ending for twilight princess and tht no flood has happened but i went on a website with the sage timeline and lague famine and flood happen so maybe once the new game comes out it will come after twilight and before windwaker then it may solve the whole great flood problem and of course spirit tracks is after phantom hourglass but then where does tht leave with ocracle of seasons/agesso only time will tell my friends

  40. Benjamin says

    Yeah, I’m glad that everyone is doing a good job putting together a timeline. But I have a very easy way out: Maybe, just maybe, Zelda is just like Final Fantasy or Pokemon and that none of the games really fit together, and it’s just one more way for Nintendo to make money with a dude in a green suit and a sword. The reason I believe this is that the only way for us to put together a storyline is to bend and stretch the rules (i.e. parallel dimensions, the OoT Adventure being passed down as a myth rather than historical-Hylian-fact, ect.). Honestly, I don’t think Nintendo has any kind of a storyline to connect the Zeldas in mind, and I don’t think that they will ever make one. Yup.

  41. Eleazar says

    i want to believe that Twilight Princess is before Ocarina of Time… mainly because it starts with the Minish Cap with no gonon/ganandorf which leads me to believe that Twilight Princess comes right after Minish Cap… With Link possibly older and looks like he remembers Zelda when he first sees her as a wolf in TP and then meets and learns about gonon/ganondorf which have the 7 sages and ganondorf kills one then Link stops him and lives with Malon and supposedly has a kid with her (so they say) at the end of TP.

    these facts tell me that gonon maybe came back somehow sometime later and started a war which explains that Links mother in Ocarina of Time was Malon who died which was what the Great Deku Tree explains to Link… i have no clue what could have happened to Links dad (who is Link from TP)…

    now remember how gonon killed one of the sages in TP??? well that is maybe why there is only 6 in Ocarina of Time :)

    then from there the time line is split in two and stuff but i just wanted to share what thought… i might be VERY wrong but thats what i think… or if im missing some things please feel free to correct me bcus like i said… im just spitballing here and i might actually be on to something

  42. Logan says

    But what about Spirit Tracks? It seems to take place within approximately 60-70 years after Phantom Hourglass, but they are in “Hyrule” (as denoted by having Hyrule Castle) even though we have the Anouki, Malladus, the Spirits, the Lokomo and the original Hyrule sunk under water (seeing as it follows Phantom Hourglass, which immediately follows Wind Waker)?

  43. Callum says

    I believe that the split time theory is incorrect. This is because it seems that Majoras Mask took place in the same “timeline” as Windwaker and Twilight Princess. There are also a few other factors that link the games together.

    So, first my reason for believing that Majoras Mask did indeed happen in the same timeline as Windwaker. I think this because the inhabitants of the Great Sea seem to be aware of the hero’s departure from Hyrule. The legend shown at beginning of Windwaker shows The Hero departing Hyrule as a child on a horse that dosen’t seem to be fully mature. This could represent young Link and young Epona departing to Termina, as the Link in Majoras Mask is indeed young and so is his horse. Also, when the King of Red Lions explains why the Triforce of Courage is scattered across the ocean, he says the Hero of Time departed from Hyrule, thus breaking his link with the Triforce. This indicates that The Hero of Time did leave for Termina in the same timeline as Windwaker.

    Recent timelines state that Twightlight Princess does not occur in the same Timeline as Windwaker, and that these two events are parallel (in the same fashion as Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. However, how come the Master Sword in Windwaker glows whereas the Master Sword in Ocarina of Time does not? Twilight Princess would explain this.

    Okay, so, Ganondorf begins in Ocarina as a mortal, and seems to start as vulnerable to ordenary weaponary as others.However, once Ganondorf touches the Triforce and becomes the potent and powerful entity he is known to be, he becomes an ultimate evil and is powerful enough to repel odenary weaponary. Now the Master Sword by itself and the enchantments given to it is strong enough to defeat this form of Ganon. However, once the Sages sent him to the Twilight Realm, perhaps his exposure to the Twilight gave him another magic shield on his body ( simarler to the one on Midna that Zant broken when he attacked her at Lake Hylia). Its is possible that Ganondorf added this barriar so that when the Master Sword was next used against him, the Twilight barriar still remained. So when Windwaker’s Link had the two Sages restore the Master Sword, Medli at the Earth temple restored its power fight the evil barriar it was originally intended to fight against, and Makar at the Wind temple restored its ability to fight the Twilight barriar Ganondorf still posesses. Hence giving it the glow it possesed in Twilight Princess but not Ocarina of Time.

  44. Callum says

    In Spirit Tracks they are in a new land supposedly found by Link and Tetra that is named New Hyrule. Although they are simarler, it is not the Hyrule underwater. This explains the unfamilair stuff like the Tower of Spirits and Lokomos and all that.

  45. zora1994 says

    heres how i think the timeline goes. first, contrary to popular beleif, i beleive the series begins with ocarina of time. i just dont think anything could have taken place before that involving link. now unlike alot of people here, i beleive in the split timeline, so first i’ll start off with the adult side since its the easiest to connect. first you got what i call the wind waker trilogy, because these 3 games are undoubtedly connected, wind waker, phantom hourglass, and spirit tracks. thats it for the adult side so far. now i dont wanna go into big explanations for everything, so ill just say the child timeline like a list. majoras mask, twilight princess, minish cap, four swords, four swords adventures, a link to the past, the oracle games, and i’m gonna finish off with links awakening

  46. NintendoBoy says

    umm, I’ve only played part of windwaker, but I wrapped OOT and MM and LA.. so a question I never seen answered is that when future link (aduolt) is restored as a child what I think possibly happened was that as he becomes a child again, at the same time the link 2 has just bin sealed away in the triforce sacred realm thingy.. so there is a constant reccurance of links being sealed thus creating a split timeline. link stabs ganon, seals him an is sent back, zelda stays in her own time presence (she sends mlink back as a reward for his loss of 7 years of childhood. but he leaves for termina in MM. At the same time, a past link (7 years back) has bin sealed away to awake as an adult. …:s now im confused too. :P

  47. Zelda Wisdom says

    Oracle of Ages takes place before or afther Oracle of Seasons.
    When you completed Oracle of Ages you’ve defeated only half of the evil (Veran). In Oracle of Seasons you still need to defeat Onox.
    When you completed one of the games twinrova is watching you.
    They can’t at the same time watching 2 links?
    They don’t take place at the same time but it’s hard to say which one takes place first because they got a same kinda beginning as well an same ending.

  48. Trent says

    your stupid!! that doesnt answer the story of link and how he got to spirit tracks. all of you are stupid!!!!

  49. DeltaA118 says

    I think nintendo just fucked up the Storyline and didn’t think people would care this much.

  50. dagerman says

    With the split timeline theory, if link was deleted after he defeats gannon then why does he appear in T.P, T.W.W, P.H and O.O.A

  51. says

    well, i have a few things to say. first of all, let me clarify that THE POOLS OF WATER IN TP HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE FLOOD IN WW, PH, AND ST.

    this is because WW had come after the original hyrule was sealed so if twilight princess is the original hyrule, those pools were just pools, not left over from the flood. There.

    also, in the case of OoT, the reason there are two links is because (i’m gona try to put this in the most sensible way as possible) when link first takes hold of the master sword in ocarina, he is sealed, and there is no link in the timeline for seven years. finally, when he defeats ganondorf and gets sent back, the time in which he defeats ganondorf in still exists. when he is sent back seven years into the past again by zelda, ganondorf is vanquished (technically speaking he is never vanquished until WW) and there is no longer any crazy ganon wreaking havoc on hyrule. link can relive those seven years he missed, without worrying about a ganondorf taking over anytime soon. in addition to this ending, there is still that time period where he actually DEFEATED ganon.

    so, to conclude, the two timelines are are based off of two periods:

    one: of the link in the future time where he defeats ganon,
    two: of the link that is returned to the past as a kid after ganon is defeated.

  52. Boston says

    and just to add on, the new zelda game suspected to come out sometime this december could answer many of our unanswered questions

  53. Jack Sarahs says

    ok id just love to get a response. can somone clarify EXACTLY what is supposed to happen on OOT after zelda puts link back to his original time, is he remmberd for being a hero when hes sent back? if not does anyone at all remeber anything? my basis for that question is because in the spirit temple the owel refers to you travelling through time so clearly people are aware of the time travel in the game. i dont know why they didnt end it with link being a hero in his adult time and everyone seing him as a hero and everyone loving it. and if they send link back to his childhood with no gannondorf………does that meen deku tree survives?? and then does that meen Link and Zelda never ever meet?? because they only meet because of the quest. i would also like to add does the zelda in “links time” know what he has done previous or does she again see him as an intrudor as such like she does initially.

    im very sorry for asking these questions as they can be an asbolute fuckmonkey to answer in text on a forum. i rekon there should be a big meeting for zelda fans held somwhere in both the uk and the us and see what the 2 meeting come up with . everyones theromes questions being asnwerd by others. could be an interesting outcome

  54. Boston says

    well to answer one of ur questions, the deku tree is already dead and link and zelda have already met because zelda only sends link back to the time he pulled the master sword, when those events had already happened.

  55. blaze555 says

    skyward sword tells the story of how the master sword was created and how gannon became an evil son of a %^$%

  56. fiercedeitylink says

    ok i have a crazy idea that links tp to hyrule b and also clears up somthing i see a lot of people comenting to make out that the to timlines theory not possible cause in oot link went back to his former childhood leaving no link in the presence of hyrule b.

    my idea is that link did go back into hyrule a to live out his child hood and to later go into termina in mm and leas the timeline for hyrule a leaving no link in hyrule b but as there may be no link gannon and zelda are still in hyrule b and i think gannon got locked away into the secred realm or what ever it is you guys wanna make out what happened to him but i think that zelda lived a somewhat normal life living to be about 40 in my opinion and then having 2 children the link and zelda for tp and died giving birth and link ended up split from her sister and living in the ordon village as an orphan having no parents and zelda growing and then zelda growing up as a princess but is seen with no parents either this so far makes enough sence.

    and as for people saying that the technology and land advances in oot at the end i think its safe to estimate zelda in her 20 just for the sake of this next part. ok so for my theory if zelda was around 20 then she died at 40 with 2 kids thats 20 years there and then in tp i have the guide for it and it clearly states that link is 17 years old so thats 37 years for some stuff to develope over time since link defeated ganon in oot.

    i think my theory makes perfect sence and if you have any questions on my theory just ask please i am all for helping figure out the time line i am a huge fan of zelda and have played most of the games and am open for an arguement and if anyone has anyquestions on the game ww or tp let me know i have played both games at least 7 times each and have guides for both so i will gladly help.

    p.s. legend of zelda is fliping awesome.

  57. Dave84 says

    I think that the only way you would be able to make a game that sums up what happened and to merge the time lines or make sense out of them would be to enlist JJ Abrams and get him in on the project… He seems to be the only director who works on a lot of split time line/realities kind of stories…

  58. Dave84 says

    On another note, we also know that regardless of time line, anything that happened many years in the future, may not even be Link, per se, like in WW we know that that’s not Link, we just know its the Legend of Zelda, you name the character, and The adventures of Link, as far as I know, was really the only game hinting towards an actual adventure of actual Link… Largely he’s just referred to as “The Hero Of Time” after OOT and it could just be a regular Hylian who’s chosen to become the new Hero of Time…

    Just A Thought…

  59. fiercedeitylink says

    dave48 you ever think that the ones after oot are the original links decedants cause if i recal correctly the king of red lions clearly states that in ww

  60. fiercedeitylink says

    yes well i was reading some staff interveiws for skyward sword and to clear up this for you non beleivers that there isnt a timeline well mr amouna of nintendos zelda team had an interveiw with np magizene and said that there is a master timeline for zelda but its a confidential document only accecable to 3 people himself (mr amouna) mr miyamoto and the zelda rights owner so theres that and he said that skyward sword takes place before oot and hinted that it may have to do with the origin of the master sword

  61. The Explainer says

    Okay, I’ve just got one quick note. If any should wonder why, all the prinsesses is called Zelda, It’s because, the first Zelda’s brother, got her into a deep, deep, sleep, due to some ugly witch, which had possed him. Therefore after the first Zelda, was put out, by her brother, He declared that all the prinsesses of Hyrule, should be named Zelda. That, can explain why, there are so many “Zelda’s”.

    Just another quick note:

    This can all be read in the Zelda manga’s. They’re pretty good for clearing up some interesting story.

  62. Skye says

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m confused beyond belief. I guess I’m not a die-hard LoZ fans like some, I’ve only played TP and Phantom Hourglass. And I think it’s really annoying how in the Zelda games, whenever you beat Ganon/Ganondorf etc., the game starts back to right before the final dungeon. Is it just me? I’d love to play some in Hyrule when there’s no evil.

  63. Captain Obvious says

    I think you guys are all forgetting something important…
    Link is the hero of time. Which means he’s not ruled by time. Neither is the sacred realm, as the gods that created this void control time. Because Link, Ganon, and the sages have entered the sacred realm, they all can appear at any time in hyrule, regardless of which timeline because the sacred realm is a bridge between timelines. If that makes sense.

  64. nameless says

    i hope this idea can help others and not confuse people even more. anyways in Back to the future part 2, the movie, Marty McFly goes back into the past for a second time and there were *TWO* Marty McFlys in 1955. this could then make a split-split time line because there would be two links in timeline A and Gannon locked up in timeline B. now looking at a link to the past there was a golden realm. this could be Hyrule B in timeline b. Also my idea of two links in timeline A could clear up the Oracle of Ages/ Seasons debate. this is just an idea and i have not played all of the Legeneds of Zeldas but i hope this helps.

  65. The POTC says

    ya knw…it could all be much simpler. what if Ganondorf’s continuous recurrence is not so much him but the idea of evil always being present. Link in any reincarnation is the force of good defeating evil. Zelda, is the buffer or the space in between; unchanging. The games don’t have to make full sense because it is the idea of the eternal stuggle that is important. the reason for the extreme time gaps is that no matter how many millennia pass, evil will always be present.

  66. link.to.the.ocarina.of.time says

    i’ve played only a few zelda games in my childhood… anyway, i was always confused about the whole storyline…

    by the way: the ending of this video was kind of epic!! :D
    how great would it be if there was a zelda movie!?

  67. Howard says

    Ok the video said that In Timeline A there is a Link, a Zelda, and a Ganon/Ganondolf in Timeline B there is a Zelda and a Ganon/Ganondolf. My question is how does Link appear in Timeline B if he only exsists in Timeline A. And if all Links are decendants of [Gustof the Hero Of Men] and he was the King of Hyrule then Zelda and Link are related…

  68. Howard says

    And if Zelda can send Link back in time why not just send him to the original Ganondolf from Oracle and kill his ass before he gets his power?

  69. Howard says

    Eiji Aonuma says that there is a Timeline Document stating how Zelda goes but I believe he is LYING

    Question: So Eiji’s worked on a couple of Zelda games, and knows a thing or two about the franchise…he talked a lot in his presentation about Zeldaness and that sort of thing. What has he learned about storytelling?

    Eiji Aonuma: Well, obviously there are a lot of games that other developers are making that have really in-depth stories. And I personally don’t know how they develop their stories. But the way that we do it is maybe somewhat different from what they do, in the sense that with Zelda, (((we don’t start off with a storyline and then build a game around it, we start off with a framework for the game, we create the game, and then we develop the storyline based on the type of game we’ve created))).(((Obviously Zelda isn’t a story that exists already that we’re then taking and turning into games, it’s something that, essentially, the storylines evolves as we add new games in the series.))) And part of the reason that we do this is because if you start off with a story and try to turn that into a game, you essentially end up with some of the Aku, or impurities, that [chuckles]—basically, things don’t feel natural [since] you’re trying to make a game based on a story and you aren’t able to express everything the way you want to, whereas once you start with the game and build the story around that and you have your core framework, and then the story evolves based on what we’re doing with the game. Obviously, when it comes down to the reality of the Zelda series the storyline is really there to make the gameplay more interesting.
    No actual storyline but he says there is a Document that shows the storyline What does that mean somewhere he lied…

  70. lombaxer says

    omfg. this doesnt make any sense. how can more then 1 link appear at different times unless hes imortal.1000s of years later, really? all games are indeed connected, its just that the producers never really had a definate timeline in mind.they should make a last lez game where all events from the past are explained instead of every damn person bickering about parrellel worlds and and double timelines. i believe that there is one timeline.there are many things unsolved like how link survived the flooding of hyrule or why link, ganondorf, and zelda are around for centuries? is link even a kid or adult now?!?!? my mind is gonna explode.

  71. Tristen95gi says

    I have a question. Could it possibly be the same story retold over and over again. It’s legend of Zelda. Key word legend. Many the games are starting to be connected maby not. And if the games are connected he’s reborn for watch one he’s not immortal. Neither is Zelda Ganandorf probably is. And I know this is off topic but could it be that the developers didn’t like the way windwakers storyline was going and what it would mean for the future of Zelda so they scrapped it and went on to twilight princess to continue the legend. Maybe in windwaker link and Zelda found s new land named it hirule and that’s why all the locations are different

  72. m says

    this thread has been going on for AGGEES
    by now skyward sword has come out- which is established the beging of the whole timeline- so that means that……. ive no idea..co confused

  73. m says

    if Miyamoto has said that skyward sword is the first story of the series, then there will definately be a official timeline…at some point

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