Top 5 Sexiest Geek Girls Alive

You know, there is very little in this world better than Hot Girls, especially Hot Geek Girls.

In 2006 several hot geek gals were in the spotlight on websites, on podcasts, and on TV and we here at ForeverGeek would like to showcase some of these lovely ladies by selecting our Top 5 Sexiest Geek Girls Alive.

5. Amanda Congdon


Rocketboom was a hugely popular podcast in 2006, and Amanda Congdon was a large part of the reason why. Something happened last summer, however, and Amanda found herself “unboomed”. The Rocketboom web drama ran for a while, and since then, both Amanda and Rocketboom have slipped a little further off the radar. Amanda did manage to find herself back in the spotlight at CES 2007 when she was tazered in a demonstration of the new personal taser devices at the show. You can find her posting daily on her blog, and on her new Podcast entitled “Starring Amanda Congdon”.

4. Amber Macarthur


Amber Macarthur first slipped onto our radar as the co-host of Leo Laporte’s Call for Help when the show moved to Canada after the executives at the American version of G4/TechTV decided to plant their heads up their asses and cancel the American version of the show. In August of last year Amber announced that she was leaving G4 Canada, and soon moved over to CityTV as their “New Media Specialist”, through all of this she has maintained her video podcast CommandN, and she currently appears with Leo Laporte on the TWiT Network podcast net@night.

3. Morgan Webb


Morgan Webb is the co-host of G4′s “X-Play”, the only remaining TechTV show on the network (and the only thing even remotely worth watching on it as well). In 2006 she continued to be extremely hot, and was ranked 62 in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in America. She is as hardcore a gamer as they come, and continues to entertain not only on X-Play, but also in her monthly FHM column, “Tips from the Gaming Goddess”.

2. Kari Byron


Kari Byron has been gracing our TV screens since the first season of Discovery Channel’s “Mythbusters” but in June 2006 issue of FHM we got to see a bit more in a super hot 4 page spread. In addition to busting Myths Kari is an accomplished artist, and gained ultimate geek cred by being a guest at both GenCon and Dragon-Con in 2006.

1. Ruby Rocket


It started out simple enough. Ruby Rocket was The Geekzine’s Geek Girl of the Month for Nov. 2006. Then she got on Digg, and geeks of the world united in their praise for her 40-27-35 costumed figure. Not long after the folks at Maxim were posting pictures from her MySpace page on their site, and she was on Digg again! Recently the Maxim site ran a poll as what character their users wanted to see her dressed up as next, and pictures of her as The Black Cat went online a few days ago. If this keeps up, I’m sure we’ll see her in the print magazine too.

When putting this list together I gave a list of 8 possible candidates to several friends and family members; all but one of them ranked Ruby #1 (and that person ranked her #2)) so it is with great pride that we at ForeverGeek dub Ruby Rocket The Sexiest Geek Girl Alive!!!


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