Best. Transformers Costumes. Ever.

Now this is some seriously talented costume making….


  1. That’s amazing.

  2. Danny Rho says:

    Seen it while ago, only one thing to say.


  3. Laaame

  4. -Cartman – it’s pretty hard to make costumes that are just like clothes, and this is very great work. When you start making your own Transformers-like costumes, you let us now and we’ll be happy to tell you how crappy yours are compared to this.

  5. that suckssssssssssss bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that looks like a box with paint on it!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Costumes that let them actually transform, too cool.

  7. oh i thought that it was just a picture but now i saw the video,
    that was cool

  8. That was completely awesome! That’s takes a lot of skill and brain power to be able to design and create something like that. And to you morons who post that it’s lame – first: this web site is called, and second: I saw one like this win $5000 for 1st place at the Halloween costume contest in the Rio in Vegas a few years ago. Dude had quite a few hotties surrounding him all night too.

  9. Those are sweet! They must have put some time into them…. I wonder if they’re based on the old school transformers toys or did they just design them themselves….

    Cartman is a giant bag of douche. So are you, Danny Rho….
    These people have as much of a life as they want… too bad all you guys have to do is post derogatory comments about them on a website at home in front of your computers.

  10. MuddyWaters says:

    That is so neat. Ignore those losers who belittle such awesome display of talent and designing power to do these transformer dresses. I am impressed.

  11. charge master says:

    haha thats awesome!!
    i’m soo impressed,
    transform and roll out!!

  12. Andrew the fucking transformer says:

    yo that shit was on point i seen one of yall nigs on tv one time rolling around and shit dope shit cuhz. too bad u aint no real transformer like me nigga. i be asian one minute, and the next second what do you know im a motha fucka blacky

  13. Andrew the fucking transformer says:

    oh by the way my name is conner lawson =|

  14. Connor, andrews transformer homie says:

    GhEA me and andrew the fuckign transformer get off nigga whatup son? im white then i turn…whiter WASSUP BITCHNIGZ

  15. Benji the wonderdog says:

    Pure class!!!!!! I spent a week making a transformer outfit for a fancy dress party and I was dead pleased. These are something else though. Jesus!

  16. that really sucks, i ain’t here to see some nasty transformation

  17. Karen Ely says:

    I want to learn how to do this. Do you sell patterns and instructions? Do you sell your costumes? We are doing a Vacation Bible school on the Transformers: Hope for the Fallen – a parady of this summer’s 2009 movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen…. These costumes would be an awesome addition. We have many extremely creative people… engineers, seamstresses, woodworkers, and other skilled trades. etc… that can work together on the project. Thanks, Karen

  18. Anyone any designs for making one of these costumes? There’re awesome!

  19. Absolute Quality!

  20. i am goning to try to do better then that

  21. that so goodtake me like a month to make that and my wouldint even be that good pure skill

  22. Jonathan Rifflart says:

    awesome…..where could I buy one of these costumes?


  1. says:

    Los mejores trajes de los "Transformers"…

    Estos locos se mandaron flor de traje de los TRANSFORMERS. Mucho talento y porque no decirlo "Mucho tiempo al pedo", pero el resultado es genial….

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