Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America – AVENGERS – Comic Review

Well, here we are with the second installment of Fallen Son, the aftermath of Captain America’s Death. Marvel’s version of “World without a Superman”. In my review of the previous issue, one of the problems I had with it was the dialogue. Again, in this issue, that same problem creeps its head up, although not as much. I am sincerely hoping, however, that they don’t feel the need to work a singel word balloon with the dialogue “The Death of Captain America” into this book in the next issues the way they have in this one and the previous one. It feels unnatural, and silly.

Having said that, I enjoyed this issue even more than the previous one, as we look at the differences between the two Avengers teams, and how they deal with the anger they obviously feel over Cap’s death. I do still feel that these books are trying to hard to convince us that Cap is dead…even though the creative teams that were interviewed on the day issue #25 came out wouldn’t even commit to the ides of him actually being dead and gone…but the book handles the issue well, and is a very satisfying read.

The artwork of Ed McGuinness is worth mentioning too. Ed’s art has evolved quite a bit since his days on Deadpool and Fighting American…and man, oh man, is this artwork gorgeous. His women are beautiful, his men are intimidating, and his monsters are just plain bad ass. I can’t wait to see more from him. For my money, McGuinness’ cover blows Michael Turner’s variant out of the water (and others must have agreed, because when I got to the comic shop, Ed’s cover was sold out, and I had to pick up the Turner cover instead)

If you’ve been following Cap’s death at all, this issue is worth picking up, and really address the issue of how different people deal with death. It adds a reality to Cap’s passing that I sincerely hope is honored by just letting him stay gone.

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