5 Reasons the next Spider-man flick should be "Spider-Man 2099"

It was the early 90s. Comics were getting huge, and Marvel was expanding their lines all over the place. One place they decided to go…was to the future. A project that started out as a graphic novel became and entire line of Sci-Fi comics from Marvel called “Marvel 2099″.

The stand out star of this line of comics was Spider-Man 2099. So who was Spider-Man 2099? How was he different?

The character’s alter ego is Miguel O’Hara, a half-Mexican, half-Irish genetic engineer at the Alchemax Corporation. Miguel is in charge of the Corporate Raider program, the basis of which is to modify the genetic structure of individuals in the idea of endowing them with great abilities. He is working on a possible candidate by studying the file of Spider-Man. Because of this , there is a spider DNA genetic program in the computer.

After an incident in which a convicted prisoner, used as a test subject, dies after being genetically modified for enhanced strength, Miguel is starting to doubt the goings on at Alchemax. His boss, Tyler Stone, sees the fact that the man demonstrated increased strength before he died as very positive, despite the fact that the man died. It seems to matter little to him. Miguel then decides to quit. In the office of Tyler Stone, he has a drink offered to him while Tyler makes a small speech like “Our employees are cherished participants… Not prisoners. You are perfectly free to leave our little family, if you wish. We’re a business, not a stalag”. Of course, there is a catch, the drink is spiked with a mind expanding hallucinogen called Rapture, made by Alchemax and is perfectly legal. Rapture is incredibly addictive since it bonds to the user genetically. Once taken, the user needs it like oxygen and without it, he/she dies.

In order to get rid of the drug, Miguel hacks his way into the alchemax building at night, covering his electronic entries so that records show he wasn’t there at all. He intends to use the genetic modifying machine to restore his genetic signature to what it was before receiving the Rapture. Since he used his own signature in his tests, the computers already have a previous version. He programs the device, strips naked and enters it. As he does this, a jealous and verbally abused co-worker, Aaron Delgato, decides that in a procedure this complex, something could go wrong. When the machine threatens to shut down following safety parameters, Aaron disables the safeguards with a manual override. In doing so, the spider file and the Miguel O’Hara DNA file are merged before the imprint in Miguel. The machine explodes with Miguel unscathed but not unchanged. He gains incredible strength, speed and agility, he can now shoot webbing from spinnerets in his forearms, his eyes give him enhanced vision though they are more light sensitive, he gains talons on his fingers and poisonous fangs. click here to read the rest of the wikipedia article

That should give you some idea of what makes the 2099 version of Spidey different from the modern day one. Spider-Man 2099 would make a great summer blockbuster. Now that you have a bit of an idea about who he is, I’m going to tell you 5 reasons why this should be the next Spider-Man movie.

5. New Cast, New Crew – The team behind the current Spider-Man franchise doesn’t seem to be done with the series yet, but it looks like everyone wants a break from it for a while. Sony isn’t going to wait to make another Spider-Man film, and making the next film Spider-Man 2099 would allow them to still have Spider-Man at the box office, but with an entirely new slant, including a new creative team.

4. New Franchise – Spider-Man 2099 is in no real way connected to Peter Parker and crew, so you have an entire new franchise to work with. Games, toys, sippy cups, you name it…they could all have Spider-Man 2099 stickers slapped on them one summer, then Spider-Man modern day stickers slapped on them the next summer. More money Sony – you know you want it.

3. Sci-Fi Spidey – Of course Spider-Man is already science fiction, but Spider-Man set in a Minority Report/I,Robot/Blade Runner styled future has HUGE potential as a summer blockbuster. That’s even how you can pitch it…It’s Spider-Man meets Minority Report…or Spider-Man meets I, Robot – hell, you can even say it’s Spider-Man meets Star Wars!!!

2. Engaging Story, with great Characters – Great Characters are what makes movies work. That’s why the Spider-Man movies work. Action or not, we wouldn’t care if the characters weren’t great…and the world of Spider-Man 2099 is full of great characters. From Miguel himself, to his over-bearing mother, and even his holographic assistant, Spider-Man 2099 is full of rich character and stories. The first film could be easily adapted from the first 3 issues of the series, where Miguel gets his powers and is forced to cover himself in a Day of the Dead costume to hide his face, as he runs from the cybernetic Venture, hired by Alchemax to hunt down their “experiment gone wrong”.

1. Guaranteed Success – Nothing is 100%, but if you adapt the concept described above, give it a summer blockbuster budget, and cast some top name talent, this thing will break box office records. Movie goers LOVE sci-fi flicks (see the success of Star Wars, I, Robot, War of the Worlds, Minority Report, etc, etc,) and they LOVE superhero flicks (Spider-man 1&2, Batman Begins, Superman Returns, Fantastic Four, Ghost Rider)…put the two together and you have a SOLID WINNER.

Spider-Man movies are going to continue to be made, not matter what – and this is a can’t lose situation. If for some reason this movie didn’t do well, you can go back to the team from the previous films that needed the break anyway. If it does do well, then you have TWO Spider-Man franchises to rake in the cash with!

Spider-Man 2099 will be a huge hit. Pencil it in for 2009, and get some people on the phone to work the deal out. Hey Sony…Marvel..I’m talking to you here…wait…don’t go….I’m SERIOUS….


  1. says

    I see what you mean and agree that it would be very interesting. After a while, the excessive baggage of a character’s mythology start to drag a franchise down. The little Ive heard about the third installment makes me think this one may not be as good as the others. Anyway, my sense is that no one will want to mess with the franchise until they run it into the ground first.

    How about a reimagined x files? Erase the board and start all over again.

  2. says

    My only concern with that would be that the Spider-Man that we know has such a huge established fan base, both in the geek community and out, while 2099 would be much more of a niche audience. That’s a huge key to the success of a comic franchise like this.

  3. Michael says

    @ Drew

    I don’t agree. I think the name Spider-Man has an established fanbase. I don’t think you limit the audience by producing a different take on an established franchise.

    For example, the Star Trek The Next Generation was hugely successful, while the Original cast was still succeeding in feature films. I don’t think the Next Generation only appealed to a niche market because those characters didn’t have an established fan base.

  4. says

    It’s now 2010 and no one else has commented. Maybe spidy 2099 fanbase not strong enough?

    Still, I would love to see a spidey 2099 – in 3D. No need to rush it but take some real time and effort into making the film and I’m guessing this could really become a big summer flick and attract more spidey 2099 fans.

    Nothing against peter parker spidy though. he’s still my fave. but miguel, he’s a different character altogether.

  5. amanda tarman says

    I think that Spiderman 2099 is B.S. why ruin the greatest super hero?!
    Grrr you people get so annoying with your mechandising crap.

  6. Jake Noon says

    All your comments make a lot of sense. With the right director, story and cast and 3D will be a really good movie to see. It will re-write the Spider-Man franchise and people will be reintroduced to a whole new Spider-Man and a Spider-Man of the future. A story worth telling, along with a PG-13 rating. But it MUST Fallow the comics. So starting with the 1st Spider-Man 2099 comic book-an orgion story.

  7. Jake Noon says

    If were going to do this right, we need Marvel back and we need to kick Disney premenatly out. And as for the casting goes, no Twilight actors, bring in an unknown actor as Miguel O’hara, no Disney and NO Twillight actor-or Director or Producer!
    Hey Jacob Stock, Jake Noon here, I don’t know if you’ve ever read the comics, but Spider-Man 2099 is complelty different from the other Spider-Men. See what i did their…aw classic. With the idea of Spider-Man 2099 being in the future seprates the other “3” universes; brining a whole new genaration of 2099 Spider-Man Movies to the big screen. And with that Miguel O’hara is the future Spider-Man and the costume is much different from the other costumes and so are the… Villians, as well.

  8. rachel says

    I have the spider man’s 2099 game edge of time and I can promise that a movie about him would be a hit !! I can’t wait for someone smert enough to come up with the idea of creating a spider man 2099 movie !!

  9. Manuel says

    Yep, I think Spider-Man 2099 would be great. they could make it into a trilogy, then in the last installment, let the Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 movie universes cross-over.


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