SimCity Societies

It looks like Maxis EA Games is going to release a new SimCity game. Their other recent releases for the franchise were absolutely horrible.

One of the biggest issues with SimCity has been trying to find the audience, and creating a game that would really appeal to such people. They tried going more complex and giving many more micromanaging options, but it wasn’t real enough to appeal to the hard core simulator fans, and too difficult for casual gamers. They have tried making it more cartoon like, but that just made it a game without a real point.

They were never really able in my mind to recapture the fun I had as a boy playing the original SimCity, as well as SimCity 2000.

It looks like they are going to try again though, with Will Wrights Spore coming sometime in 2008, if SimCity Societies comes out first, and is able to market itself well, will it take some of the excitement from Spore? I, personally, don’t think so, but we will have to wait and see.

So far SimCity Societies is set to release mid-November of this year, but that could change as it gets closer.

The biggest question on my mind though is how this will hold up against Spore, as Will Wright is brilliant, and the old Maxis team that made SimCity popular aren’t even on the new SimCity Societies development project. Instead SimCity Societies has been handed over to Caesar IV developer Tilted Mill Entertainment.

SimCity Societies

image from 1up, which also has further coverage.


  1. no name says

    this looks like a city life (which was bad). if this is going to be anything like city life every thing will look the same. This simcity looks way too much like a bad cartoon

  2. Sweatyshoulder says

    Honestly this looks like a cross between being high and being a pedophile. Its pathetically pathetic.

  3. L3GG says

    It looks a bit lyk theme park world!!!!!!!!! whih was awful and on the pc and ps1 talking about going back 2 basics

  4. Mihalisvo says

    WHAT ?? ”Their other recent releases for the franchise were absolutely horrible.” ???? WHOA !!! Simcity 4 was the best game that i’ve and other users played ….. ”HORRIBLE” How can you tell this … Some people such as I are fans of this game !!!

  5. tim says

    It does look bad, doesn’t it. why can’t they just have two: a cheesy simple one for causual gamers and a more sophisticated one for the fans? how big a market do they need for one game anyway?

  6. Cardiff says

    You guys are moronic, especially the twerp who came out with the paedophile nonsense.
    How can you possible know what this game is going to be like,

    Stupid little kiddies,


  7. jonas3333 says

    I like the new ideas that are being offered with this reamped version. However, I have not seen a single angled street in any of the screenshots yet. Plus, is this still SimCity?? Will it function on the same RCI demands as it has classically? Or is it just a “create your own crazy little theme town” sandbox game? The graphics look hellagood and it’s nice to see arcologies making a comeback, but already, these screenshots also show a few too many of the same building type. I gotta ask what was so bad about SC4 that they are taking such an altered route??

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