Top 10 MMORPGs by player numbers

Kotaku recently published a list they discovered of the 10 most played online RPGs. Although the terms of how each game considers a player to be “active”, or not, tends to bring up critiques, this list was quite surprising considering that I haven’t even heard about a couple of these titles:

1. World of Warcraft, released 2004 – 8.5 million subscribers.
2. Habbo Hotel, released 2000 – 7.5 million active users.
3. RuneScape, released 2001 – 5 million active users.
4. Club Penguin, released 2006 – 4 million active users.
5. Webkinz, released 2005 – 3.8 million active users.
6. Gaia Online, released 2003 – 2 million active users.
7. Guild Wars, released 2005 – 2 million active users.
8. Puzzle Pirates, released 2003 – 1.5 million active users.
9. Lineage I/II, released 1998 – 1 million subscribers.
10. Second Life, released 2003 – 500,000 active users.

I’m really surprised that Ragnarok Online isn’t in this chart, then again, I haven’t played many MMOs recently except for World of Warcraft. Do you play any of these MMOs?


  1. What the hell ist Habbo Hotel, Club Penguin and Webkinz?

  2. I play Guild Wars and to my knowledge ArenaNet (the producers of Guild Wars) have never released an active user count. They claim to have sold 3 million copies of the game, across 3 chapters, but of course that does not equal 3 million active players.

    I would really like to find out where this data came from…

  3. says:

    hmm, gaia online is on that list? that more like a web community then a rpg…

    but then that can be said about second life to so its a weird list imo…

  4. I still play RO!

  5. Glad to see that there are some Ragnarokians among our readers! :)

  6. I am shocked that MapleStory did not make the list. HabboHotel, ClubPenguin, and Webkinz? Are they even really in this catagory?

    Gaia can’t count either….

  7. This list is totally bogus. It says it’s a list of the top 10 MMORPGs, but Habbo Hotel, Webkinz, and Second Life are certainly *not* MMOs. They’re glorified chat rooms! Let’s get a real list of the top MMORPGs! Where’s EQ2 and LOTRO for example?

  8. I wonder how Lord of the Rings Shadow of Angmar compares… Gamespot gave it a decent review.

  9. Yeah, and where is Eve Online… that game rocks. Right everyone?

  10. poopy pants says:

    WTF? WoW has 9 million players,RuneScape has 10 million players(only 1 million members) And Guild Wars has 5 million

  11. Atilla 540 says:

    Okay….now I see it says runescape has 5 million people active…while when I play there are more than 100 world and the max capacity is 2000 people and each world is loaded most of the time…also on the runescape homepage it displays the amount of people playing right now look at the amount and compare it to this website…this is poo…and no! Its not a possibilty that runescape has that display to make it look popular etc… becuase if you were smart you can tell that if it was a lie! It would be charged and sued under the category of false advertisement!!! Get your facts straight people…

  12. sasnettk says:

    idk i think the only real thing on that list is WoW, some of the other stuff are made up, and atilla, no way runescape has more players than wow

  13. runescape has over 135million users so i think it beats all 4 eva

  14. the only joe says:

    omg ther is NO way runescape has more players than WoW believe me ive been playing it for 4 years…….and second life on that list c’mon ppl r u guys really that fcked over????

  15. stats823 said that Runescape has 135M users. This is incorrect. There are about 136M free accounts created on Runescape, but very few of these people ever use their accounts. I know a few people who have 5+ accounts but only use one.

    However, according to Wikipedia, Runescape has 15M active free players, which is also incorrect (it actually depends on what you consider an “active account”). So, how many users?

    A few months ago, Runescape has hit 1 million subscribers. Almost all of them are active at all times since they have to pay $5 (at least, depends on payment method and time of subscription) EACH MONTH and I don’t think that many people would continue paying if they never played (well, excluding me – I only log in about 2-3 times a month, but that’s only for “Source Research” purposes, in my free time i play WoW).

    Therefore, Runescape should be ahead of 2nd life (which only has 500k users).

  16. Joshinator says:

    Well ive never heard of some of the games….
    i know Rs and WoW are the only fun ones

  17. Runescape rocks cos you can be a FREE player or pay if you wish…… World of Warcraft is fuc¦< ing $hit because you have to pay for it!!!($16 a month)!!
    Runescape may suc¦< because wildy is gone but ffs!!!!!!
    pvp loads of fun!!!!!!!!


    Mini Guy 123

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