Johnny Five is ALIVE! "Short Circuit" Robot for sale on eBay


No Disassemble!! No Disassemble!!! Johnny Five is Alive!!! If you’re a child of the 80s…and statistically, the majority of you are if you’re reading this, then you remember Johnny Five. That cute, but sometimes frightening, robot from the loveable Short Circuit films is back…on eBay.

Evidently Johnny is a little cranky about being sold on eBay, judging by the look on his face in the pictures. My guess is he’s upset because technically he’s a US citizen (according to Short Circuit 2), and technically you can’t sell US citizens on eBay (yet). We’ll let the courts figure it out.

Apparently the only surviving Johnny Five from the film is up for sale. If anyone out there wants to drop a few grand on an AWESOME present for me, this would be it. :)

via gizmodo


  1. Rick O'Neil says

    That would be awesome…
    I could get him to make me a bunch of little robots and I’d make a fortune!
    I think I’d rather have to gold plated version though…

  2. Michael says


    dammit. So close…


    While I love the Gold one, I think the constant fingerprint smudges would get annoying…


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