Kijiji in the USA

Another weirdly named website that has been around for a while here in Canada is Kijiji (, a free classified site like Craigslist, but better looking, has been released now in the USA.

Kijiji, owned by eBay, which also owns 25% of Craigslist, has had great success in Canada with Kijiji. I use it over Craigslist because of the great design, and ease of use.

From TechCrunch:

Despite, or perhaps because of its ugly interface, Craigslist has been an enormous success in the United States, although notably not nearly as much elsewhere. eBay is trying to tackle a 500 ton gorilla with a product that would appear to be nothing more that a pretty looking Craigslist clone, so it will be a hard ask. Then again eBay certainly has the strength, marketing skills and capital to call game on.

I think Kijiji will do well, so check it out if you are looking for a Craigslist alternative.


  1. Kate says

    I’ve used CraigsList a lot and from what I read, I though Kijiji would be great so i gave it a try. I just tried to post an ad for saxophone lessons and it wasn’t allowed due to my used of “banned words.” WTF? There’s no list anywhere I can find so I have to wait for them to get back to me. Oh well- back to CraigsList. At least it works.

  2. marcel jutras says

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