Kill a Tree to Save your Data with the Wooden USB Drive


This $32 dollars, 2 Gig “memory strap” is made from 100% dead tree and is both fashionable and useful. You can get your own by clicking here.

# 2 GB memory
# Made of wood
# USB 2.0
# USB self-powered, no external power is required
# Portable and easy operate
# Plug and play
# Support Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.0
# Dimension: 55x26x10mm (approx.)
# Weight: 13g


  1. says

    Um, Forty, perhaps you’re not familiar with the ways of the granola geek. I spent a couple of years in Berkeley, so allow me to enlighten you: They probably wouldn’t enjoy a product that provides an overt reminder that a tree had to die to in the name of capitalism.


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