The Exclamation Point on Yahoo

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What is so special about the exclamation point on Yahoo?

Yahoo Logo


1. Turn on the speakers
2. Raise the volume
3. Head over to Yahoo
4. Click on the exclamation point located near the logo
5. ?

Does anyone know when did they add this new “feature” of the yahooooooo sound?

It is strange, unique, different from all the other search engines (can’t imagine Google or MSN doing something similar), but in the end it is pleasing and I can’t stop clicking the damn exclamation point.

PS – please excuse my paintbrush skills (arrow) on the yahoo logo but I had a point to make.

21 thoughts on “The Exclamation Point on Yahoo

  1. There was even a lawsuit regarding the use of it.
    You guys must be young and didn’t live in the pre-google era.

  2. Actually when you click on it, its like a time machine back to 1998….

    Hence the name.

    Remember the commercials? They also capitalized on same idea the giddy world of pho-net-ics.

  3. this does not work wat r we doin wrong we turn up our volume all the way click on exclamation point and it dosnt do anything!!!!!!!!!

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