Top 10 WORST Sci-Fi Shows EVER! w/Videos

You know, these days with shows like Lost, Heroes, and Battlestar Galactica, it’s easy to forget how bad we used to have it on television when it came to sci-fi shows. Sure, we remember the Star Treks, the Fireflys, the Babylon 5s, and so on, that managed to crawl their way into our hearts…but lest we forget – Forever Geek is here to remind you just how lucky we are these days. Sci-Fi on TV used to be BAD…real bad.

With that said, we present to you the 10 WORST Sci-Fi Shows of all time. Complete with video of each horrible, horrible, television mistake.

10 – M.A.N.T.I.S.

You’ll find quite a few “superheroes” on this list…if you can actually call them that. M.A.N.T.I.S. was the story of a crippled scientist who developed an exo-suit that allowed him to walk, and also happened to give him super powers. He decided, of course, to use this to fight crime. It’s what every good scientist does when they accidentally give themselves super powers, so it makes sense really. This piece of pure, grade a A crap was produced by Sam Rami – you know, that fella that directed Spider-Man.

9 – Cleopatra 2525

Also from the producing team of Sam Rami, comes this little terrible bit of science fiction set it the year 2525. Cleopatra, a stripper who accidently gets herself chrogenically frozen (like ya do) and awakes up in the future, where she must join with 2 other hot chicks to save the world. Gena Torres, wife of Lawrence Fishburne, and (more importantly) one of the stars of Firefly, also appears in this awful excuse for entertainment.


The Dodge Viper was a HOT car. So hot, in fact, that someone decided that it was going to star in its own show. Viper was set in the future…not tomorrow..oh no…Viper was set “the day AFTER tomorrow”…in a world where there was crime…crime that could only be stopped by a flashy sports car that morphed into a not quite as flashy sports car. Viper was basically Knight Rider, except the car didn’t talk…so it sucked.

7 – Team Knight Rider

Speaking of craptastic Knight Rider rip offs, this series scores even higher on the crap-o-meter because it actually has the name of the show it’s a rip-off of in the title. Team Knight Rider was set 10 years after the original series. Back in the old days it only took 1 man and 1 car to get the job done, but now it was going to take an entire team of bad actors in GMC branded vehicles with catchy names like Dante to save the world…right…

6 – Mutant X

After the “X-Men” film was such a huge hit, Marvel was looking for a way to cash in on that success on the small screen. With the X-Men franchise locked up at the big movie studios, Marvel decided instead to do a show called “Mutant X”. It’s about people that are mutants…and have super powers…but it is in no way related to the X-Men…even though, at the time, Marvel published a comic book in the X-Men line called Mutant X (although the stories were completely unrelated to the series)…at least, this is all what Marvel claimed when they were taken to court by the movie studio for extending the X-Men brand to television without permission. It seems Fox was afraid this might damage the X-Men’s popularity…can you tell why?

5 – Manimal

He’s a man…who can turn into animals…he’s MANIMAL! Sounds like a sure fire hit, right? Of course not – what are you…high? Manimal represents all that is terrible and wrong about superhero television shows of the past…part of which you’ll be able to see right here with this excruciatingly long transformation sequence from the show…

4 – Automan

Wait…I take what I said about Manimal back…it’s NOT the worst of the superhero shows…but it is very, very close. Worse still than Manimal, though, is this little gem…Automan. Starring the son of Hollywood pioneers Dezi Arnez and Lucille Ball, you can’t help but wonder if this wasn’t a deliberate attempt on the part of their son to undo all that they had accomplished by sucking so hard that he imploded the universe.

3- Far Out Space Nuts

“Hey…what if did Giligan’s Island…IN SPACE. Oh! Oh! And what if we actually got the CAST of Gilligan’s Island to be on the show!!! Wait…we only have the budget for two guys and a midget. Also, we can’t afford Gilligan AND the Skipper…so let’s just cut it back to Bob Denver. He’s not doing anything right?” That’s how I imagine this show was created.

Then they found Bob laying in a field of hemp, drug him to the set, and started shooting this god awful excuse for a television program.

2- Quark

I fully believe this concept could work as a series…but this is an absolutely horrible execution of a great concept. Quark followed the adventures of a Starship Captain and his fearless crew…the twist? It’s a Garbage ship. They work for the Intergalactic Sanitation Department. It could have been genius…but, in fact, it was just garbage.

1 – Nightman

With the budget of your average Wicked Picures porno flick, and – evidently – the same production designer – Nightman stands tall as not only the worst superhero television show in history…but also the worst Sci-Fi show EVER! Ripped from the pages of Malibu Comics Ultraverse line of books, Nightman was a saxophone playing blues man by night…and a superhero named Nightman by…nighter.

Using his night powers he fought of criminals with his giant red glowing eye…and well…he just plained sucked too. That’s pretty much all he did was suck, and suck HARD.

So there you have it folks! The 10 WORST Sci-FI Shows EVER! Do you agree? Disagree? Sound off in the forums below…


  1. says

    why does the theme of cleopatra 2525 sounds familiar?

    and the costume design of it looks like a future version of xena…

    automan reminds me of tron…

    some of them looks like they could be good, but i fear the writing of the episodes goes down the toilet, fast…

  2. Michael says

    The theme song is a take off on a 1969 hit pop song called “In the Year 2525″ by Zager and Evans. That’s why it sounds familiar.

    And the costumes look like future versions of Xena, because most of the same people worked on this show that worked on Xena. this show, along with another show called Jack of All Trades were the shows that replaced Xena when the series ended.

  3. Giancarlo says

    cleopatra sounds familiar to Futurama..

    what was that show with hulk hogan…where they for some reason had a high tech speed boat..

  4. Lew says

    Getting lists like this “right” so everyone agrees is a challenge, but a glaring omission has got to be The Star Lost, a ‘classic’ triple threat (bad plot, acting, and special effects)!

  5. Jerry says

    God Nightman was horrible. But how could you forget Forever Night? That show wasn’t as bad as some of these, but it was way funny.

    • Narodnik says

      Excuse me, but Forever Night was one of the BEST vampire shows on TV. It wasn’t strictly sci fi at all.

  6. John says

    You gotta give “Far Out Space Nuts” a break… it was a Saturday morning kids show, for Gilligan’s sake…

  7. Jeff P says

    When X-Files was big, lots of shows tried to cash in, including Baywatch Nights, which retooled itself into a vehicle for David Hasselhoff to hunt aliens and ancient monsters.
    I’ve worked in TV for over twenty years, and it was easily the worst thing I ever aired. A uniquely horrible experience.

    But Nightman was a close second…

  8. says

    This is a great list, but you’re missing a crucial entry that is well known as the worst SF television show EVER:

    Ben Bova even wrote an excellent fictionalized account of the debacle called THE STARCROSSED. A truly awful TV experience. I once attended a talk by Bova during which he described the first day of shooting: Keir Dullea showed up so stoned all they could shoot were some ‘space-walk’ effects shots. The crew put him in a suit and harness and then proceeded to batter him into unconsciouness against the set due to bad rigging. SF television history…

  9. Richard Speck says

    Suspiciously absent from this list is Doctor Who. Each and every episode was a load of televisual tripe. That includes the fruity new one they’ve got swishing about the galaxy.

  10. mahes says

    BLASPHEMY!!! I loved M.A.N.T.I.S., Team Knight Rider, AND Viper! I saw not much difference between the quality of those shows and that of cult favorites such as Firefly. I told my fiancee before we got together when she first showed me Firefly that it probably would’ve lasted longer if it HAD come out during the era when these shows were on. It’s similar feel was what attracted me to it. And I can’t believe you guys left out “The Human Target” TV series XD –

  11. Jaleo says

    Mutant X wasn’t thaaat bad really. It really filled the sci-fi gap on sundays between reruns of stargate and andromeda, not to mention it featured my local landscape as a backdrop. Gotta love Toronto :D

  12. stefyblueyes says

    Anyone remember the show “Small Wonder?” Another failed attempt to turn Sci-Fi into mainstream crap… but will it work in Peoria?

  13. Hollywood says

    I have to say, Viper was the epitome of trash, on NBC. When it moved to syndication it became a very watchable show. I remember I never missed an episode.

    TKR on the other hand was awful, though, I remember being ticked that they canceled it while leaving the Michael Knight cliffhanger unresolved, but kept V.I.P. on the air for 2 more years.

    Thunder in Paradise, oh yes, it was Viper with a Scarab cigarette boat. Only good part about that show was playing the “Where in Disney World are they filming this week?” game. :)

  14. tom barr says

    I might argue about the order for the most part, but over all it’s hard to argue with the shows.

    Cleopatra 2525 though that was the best of the worst, and I’m embarrassed to admit I liked a few of the episodes, and the premise wasn’t half bad.

    I liked this one so much I’m looking forward to the bottom 25, 50, and 100 scifi shows.

  15. says

    Recently, a late 70’s ABC series ‘Lucan’ (aka ‘Lucan The Wolf-Boy’) came up in conversation. I think it falls in Sci-Fi. Boy raised by wolves until he was 10. Was able to summon his wolf powers when he was mad. On for one glorious season.

  16. [sigh] says

    Oh, come on! Manimal wasn’t that bad. At the time, the effects were pretty impressive. That was way better than the ones you have listed at 10-6.

    I remember Automan. Dang that was such a Tron rip-off, right down to the cursor being a bit ripoff.

    And when “Far Out Space Nuts” came on that meant the cool Saturday morning cartoons were over and it would be more fun to go outside and play.

  17. Dan says

    Hey, have to give Far Out Space Nuts credit for either ripping off, or creating the wookie… But you’re right – they all look like they suck.

    (Seen in the intro above.)

  18. Jeff says

    Its a bit harsh to rag on Quark – it was a PARODY, for gods sake

    “Quark”. “Kirk”. Notice any similiarity?

    Instead of the emotionless Vulcan “Spock”, we had an emotionless plant “Ficus”.

  19. says

    Man, that is a pretty good list, but it is hard to narrow it down to just 10. I mean, you are still passing over things like “Time Cop: the Series,” and “TekWar” and that whole syndicated “ActionPack” line of crap shows. VR5 I thinks gives MANTIS a run for its money as the crowning achievement of Sci-Fi suck pumped out by Fox over the years.

  20. Bubba says

    Hey, does anyone remember “Out of This World”? I mean it had Burt Reynolds in it… as a disembodied voice… cheese factor Warp 9! Goofy premise, wacky neighbors and friends, bad special effects – every cliche in the book : but it lasted *four* seasons!

    or see for yourself… if you dare!

    As an added bonus, tell me who the actress playing Evie reminds you of…
    … it’s clear as a bell!

  21. MadMolecule says

    A couple I’d add to the list:

    Man from Atlantis:

    Small Wonder, already mentioned above by stefyblueyes:

    And in the Sid & Marty Krofft vein, my favorite was “Land of the Lost,” featuring easily the crappiest special effects you’ll ever see:

    (Remember Will Ferrell’s character in “Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back”? He was a federal marshal named “Marshal Willenholly,” a reference to the opening song of “Land of the Lost.”)

  22. says

    I gues you are all too young to remember the very worst “sci-fi” TV show of all time in the entire multiverse: Lost In Space (Danger, Will Robinson!)

  23. Jonas Frink says

    Highwayman!!! Starring the 80’s energizer battery guy from Australia – A desert world of the future populated by big rigs with helicopters attached to them for ariel dogfights. Oh, and there’s a restaurant where everyone eats afterwards. Oi!

  24. Zleet says

    Andromeda started cheesy but watchable, but at some point just decided writers cost to much and got rid of those annoying things like a coherent storyline.

    Movie wise “Invincible” is still the worst film I have ever watched. Billy Zane plays a kung fu alien who teaches a group of humans how to fight by getting them to kick lightbulbs and slosh about in a paddling pool. All this so they are strong enough to fight the big alien bad guy whom Billy Zane defeats anyway, making all the training pointless in the first place. Also holds the record for the most walking towards camera in slo-mo while in formation i’ve ever seen. Blasted through “so bad it’s good” and into “makes my eyes bleed” territory.

  25. aApe says

    come one! the lost saucer, with ruth buzzy and jim nabors was WAY WAY worse than far out space nuts.

    ‘i said LUNCH not LAUNCH!!!!!!’ haha, comedy gold.

  26. Benny says

    Man .That Quark..the name and the idea of a captain
    of a carbage ship reminds me of Space Quest V with Roger Wilco
    who also was a captain of a carbage ship..SQ V was way better.

  27. Cyberziggy says

    Quark was intentionally campy in every way, and in my opinion, was actually funny.

    And if you’re going to include Saturday morning kid shows (Far Out Space Nuts), then you certainly should have included “Jason Of Star Command”. Remember that one?

  28. says

    You left out the spin-off to the original BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, aka GALACTICA 1980. Even Lorne Greene looked embarrased by this turkey. It is arguably the single worst science fiction show ever filmed, spawned from one of the worst science fiction shows.

    Which makes the current BG being one of the best, if not THE best, show on television right now (Personally, I lean towards THE WIRE, and SOPRANOS fans may also balk rating BG #1) all the more impressive.

    Just as long as Adama and Roslin don’t sit in a diner on Earth in the last episode listening to “Don’t Stop Believin'” or Starbuck muses her scar hasn’t bugged her since they ditched the Cylons.

  29. Astin says

    I actually enjoyed M.A.N.T.I.S. and Viper as a kid. Then again, I loved Knight Rider and it was really only KITT that saved that one. TKR was AWFUL, but the women were hot. Cleopatra 2525 = not so good. Mutant X is still on in reruns regularly. I have to agree with #1 though – Nightman was possibly the worst show I’ve ever seen. It had ONE saving grace. In the first episode, David Hasselhoff was the head evil villan, and he gets tossed off a cliff to his death immediately! Brilliant job there.

    You forgot one that should have easily made the list and nobody has mentioned – Homeboys in Outer Space.

  30. Chet says

    What, no mention of “HomeBoys from Outer Space?” Granted, it didn’t last long, but neither does a kick in the groin, and it caused about as much pain…

  31. says

    Sadly, I don’t need to watch any of the videos. I saw them all when they first aired. I enjoyed many of the listed shows when they first aired. Mutant X really grew on me and Cleopatra 2525 wasn’t bad.

    But I take exception to the conclusion of Quark. It was a spoof, a farce, a comedy. That it didn’t succeed has more to do with the fact that satire or farce has never done as well on American TV as on British TV. Get Smart is probably the most notable exception, partly because it grew into a more traditional comedy with pratfalls. Plus, spy shows were popular.

    But Quark, spoofing a genre that was little watched to start with, was doomed to failure. And it’s a shame because it was a real classic.

    I much rather choose shows that tried to be good sf and had no clue how, like Andromeda, or were unintentionally funny, like Space: 1999, than ones that played the genre for laughs.

  32. monkey says

    hey astin, remember what nightman said after he threw [tossed means something else here in australia! :) ] the hoff of a cliff?
    “don’t be a hassle.”


    my brother and i had many a mst3k-ish night watching that crap [seeing glen a larson’s name on BG still makes me chuckle]

  33. Anonymous says

    “Super Force” (1990) made “M.A.N.T.I.S” look like Citizen Kane. What rubbish.

    “Space Precinct” also should be considered for inclusion on a list of the worst 10.

  34. mungley says

    I loved Quark. I was about 12 when it was on tv.

    That was back when there was a drive to find a place where Richard Benjamin could be funny.

  35. Mikkel says


    Sorry, the first X-Men movie predates Mutant X TV series by over a year.

    Really, Battlestar Galactica 1980 has to be number one. That show was awful in ways that still hurt my head today.

  36. Cranky Old TV Lady says

    Planet of the Apes

    Earth II (I think that was the name; Roddenberry’s failed attempt at having lightning strike twice in the genre. Ted “Lurch” Cassidy was in it unless it was the other guy that was in that ‘Trek episode with too long a name to type out.

    Saw the headline on Digg and laughed and thought ‘wonder if ‘Starlost’ and ‘Quark’ will be there…

  37. Radimus says

    what was the name… Gemini man? the guy that was invisible without his magic timex. All the special effects were cheesy wire tricks.

    Don’t forget the bionic woman… estrogen spin-off.

    There was an episode of Bionic woman that featured some guy that was a Zen master or somesuch that could control his body to the point of mentally increasing his electrical resistance so he could climb an electric fence and such tricks… and stories different powers.

    Space Above and Beyond wasn’t that bad…

  38. says

    You Guys are too young to remeber the worst sci-fi’s ever made. The director was Ed Wood.
    Some of his movies were, Plan 9 from Outer Space, Glen or Glenda, Bride of the monster, etc. Everything he did was bad, but as a kid, it was the best of times

  39. Dude says

    The pilot for Mantis was intriguing. The scientist developed the exoskeleton after he shot in the back by cross fire during a gang fight. That’s why he decided to fight crime. However he also used treated darts a gas developed from plants and insects found in Africa. It held together pretty well and had all of the typical comic book hero hallmarks. Did I mention that the hero was and his assistants were Black? Then when the series was approved they changed his assistants from African college grad students to a white suburban street urchin and a white lab professor. They also did away with some of the darts and parallelizing gas.

    If they had stuck with original story line it would have been much better.

  40. AARGH says

    The Justice League pilot, hands down. Based on the Keith Giffen JLA, with the guy who played Major Winchester from MASH as a VERY overweight Martian Manhunter.

  41. Bobby Joe says

    Man, when I was 6 Manimal and Automan were awesome! You couldn’t get enough of the transformation sequences. Now werent there shows similar to Knight Rider that had respectively had a souped up motorcycle/helicopter?

    The 80’s were crap-a-rific!

    And I gotta say I also loved Quark for the food pill thing. For some reason that’s the only thing I remember from that show.

  42. George says

    C’mon now…Quark was a classic. It was supposed to be bad.
    As far as the inclusion of ‘Far out Space Nuts’, well consider these gems from 1970’s saturday morning tv that are as bad or worse:
    Space Academy with Johnathan Harris as Cmdr. Gampu
    ARK II – a fancy RV roaming around a desolate America post holocaust, oh, there was a monkey and a jetpack
    Jason of Star Command-spin off of Space Academy with the little flying robot
    Lost Saucer – already mentioned by someone else
    Isis, but it was not really SF, at least she was nice to look at
    Dr. Shrinker – oh man, THE worst one yet. It had a bastardized version of the Lost in Space Robot

    And for the not-ready-for-prime-time set:
    Starlost – shot on video for a dime, using standard six o’clock weatherman green screen not so special effects. It did have Walter Koenig in two episodes and John Colicos (Baltar) in another
    Fantastic Journey-was not so much. This turkey featured a group of diverse people from different TIMES, who were stranded on an island in the Bermuda Triangle. The island had a multitude of time zones and…oh, forget it.
    Flash Gordon-I’m talking the 1955 tv version. I know, it’s old and cheap. I’m pretty sure it was old and cheap in 1955 as well. It’s only redeeming value is that it did not last long.

    Did I mention StarLost?

    Oh, there was a show-I cannot remember the name-that came on CBS and was similar in theme to Fantastic Journey, only substitue a family in place of the ‘diverse group of people’ and put them in…oh, forget it. Why doesn’t that premise work?

    Oh..oh..then there’s the NBC version of Buck Rogers–c’mon folks, that’s worse than MANTIS. NBC also produced an update version of the Gene Autry serial about the Undergroung Kingdom. NBC also had the drab Project:UFO, which managed to hang on for two seasons and featured one episode that had Marta Kristen and the Jupiter two. NBC had a show about a Supertrain, but that’s off topic.

    Oh, forget it.

  43. Jim says

    Space: 1999 … Martin Landau & Barbara Bains (real life husband & wife of Mission: Impossible fame). The moon is blasted out of orbit by the nuclear waste dump stored there, and adventure ensues… ridiculous on so many levels

  44. says

    Anybody remember a show about some sort of weird, Starman-like guy who had special powers as long as he had sunlight? I think it was “The Phoenix” or something like that (I see it in IMDB), but I can’t remember much of the overall storyline, just this weird memory of the guy travelling from place to place each week and at ending up trapped in the darkness by the bad guys.

    I think it’s Mantis I’m thinking of when I recall a very brief memory of a “scientist in exoskeleton” who has had a bunch of rubble fall on top of him, and needs a reboot. Some kid comes along and he manages to get the kid to push a button, upon which he jumps up good as new. Anybody confirm that for me?

    What was the one with Roddy MacDowell where they had some sort of weird time machine and every week they’d run into a different race of people to deal with?

    The best part of all these shows was, at the time, they made perfect sense, story line and special effects and all.

  45. says

    Definitely not Mantis I’m thinking of since I just noticed it’s from the 90’s and the show I’m thinking of was easily late 70s or early 80’s.

  46. George says

    Hi Duane,
    The Roddy McDowall show was the one I mentioned in my post: Fantastic Journey. I forgot, the instrument that transported the group was this tuning fork like thing used by the ‘star’ of the show: Jared Martin. Truly, a BAD show.

    Anyone remember the NBC (again) pilot called ‘EXOMAN’? It, too, was about a scientist who was wheelchair bound and built this fantastic exosuit. It never made it to series, but was, instead, a ‘movie of the week.’ I don’t know, for sure, if MANTIS was descended from this abomination, but the basic idea was the same. Exoman was about 12 years ahead of MANTIS.

    Someone mentioned EARTH II. It was actually called ‘Planet Earth’. It was the second pilot from Roddenberry, post Trek, that featured the same plot: post holocaust Earth. It was another of Roddenberry’s unsold pilots (he had many.) The other one was called ‘Genesis II’. It starred Alex Cord and Mariette Hartley. Ted Cassidy was also in it. Planet Earth starred John Saxon playing a character with the same name as Alex Cord’s in Genesis II. The twist in this is that women are in charge.

  47. sulla says

    Add my vote for SPACE PRECINCT – that show rewrote the book on awful.

    Homeboys in Outer Space, too. Beyond dreadful.

  48. George says

    Space Rangers, anyone? Linda Hunt must have needed the cash.
    I kind of liked Space Precinct. Yeah, it was hokey, but it was from the Anderson’s. Hmm…I guess you should include UFO and Thunderbirds as well. UFO was awful and fun. At least it provided Gerry Anderson with sets, costumes and music to use for Space:1999.

    I love this thread…good list and great responses.

  49. JD says

    Perfect list!

    Someone asked about a motorcycle show, that was Streethawk. Came on a a year or two after KR first aired iirc.

    I’ve been racking my brains for years for a show that I don’t know if it only aired maybe half a dozen episodes in the mid to late 80’s. No idea what network I just remember certain tidbits. It was about a family that got caught up either in an alien or at least futuristic earth like planet and the government was after them. I remember they would solve some problem or get closer to either solving the mystery or getting home and they would suddenly teleport to some new unknown location. One instance had them appearing in mid-air over a lake at night. Some cheesy computer rooms were around at every facility – every single surface blinked in some fashion.

  50. Thomas says

    I remember seeing all of these shows! I gave them all an honest chance, but can’t really disagree.

    As a science fiction lover, though, it just shows you how depressing TV sci-fi has been over the years. There are a lot of other candidates!

  51. Xondar says

    I hated Nightman, what a stupid, boring show with horrible blue screened special effects. I was especially bitter when the station in my area stopped showing Babylon 5 and put Nightman in that time slot instead. Ugh.

    I also loathed Mutant X. It had decent effects, but it was boring as heck and an obvious rip off of the X Men. I especially hated it because they reused the sets from La Femme Nikita to make that show. Nikita was one of my favorite shows ever and it was pretty obvious by the butchered Mutant X sets that they never planned on making another episode ever again.

  52. George says

    I remember Salvage One. I don’t remember how bad it was, though. With Andy in it, it had to be hokey, but I think it was better than most shows mentioned here. I know it is on DVD and ran on one of the small cable nets recently–like within the last couple of years. I missed it because that net was not carried by Comcast where I live.
    There is/was a model kit for the spaceship.

  53. sebek says

    I was wondering if nightman would be on here…interestingly enough, the “father” of nightman in the show was played by my great uncle…quite the drop in quality from movies like “sons of katie elder” and “forbidden planet”

  54. SantaBJ says

    Well, no one can say that Mutant X was good. It was not. But what one CAN say, is that it was entertaining! It was; dumb as hell, but entertaining :P

    (Oh, and it had Vicky Pratt, so not tuning in was almost a sin..)

  55. OldSciFiGuy says

    I remember a simply terrible show from 1966 called “It’s About Time”, with Imogene Coca. And “Flash Gordon”, but not the one featuring a soundtrack by Queen, but the one featuring a spaceship on a string, shooting sparks instead of flames.

    And although it had it’s fans, “Time Tunnel”.

    Going back a ways, but so do I :)

  56. CoredToTheBone says

    Why hasn’t anyone in this thread mentioned The Core? Absolutely the worst high budget science fiction movie of all time! The Earth’s core has stopped spinning due to a science project gone terribly wrong. We must restart it or humanity is doomed to be destroyed by cosmic rays and falling asteroids! So our heroes get into a drill and drop deeper and deeper into the Earth, finding voids from time to time (Voids? What about the pressure at those depths?). But the real kicker was when their equipment goes all wrong and they must be saved from outside the vessel (pressure, remember?), so Delroy Lindo dons the heat suit to fix the whatsit, but it’s only rated to 500 degrees and it’s over 900 degrees out there! He toughs it up for the good of the others long enough to make the necessary repairs. What a man! Yuck!

  57. Greg says

    Wow, I can’t believe anyone else remembers Quark! I have fond memories of this TV show, but as I was in first grade at the time, my memories might be clouded by time and youth.

    I also liked Far Out Space Nuts. Wouldn’t mind seeing some reruns of that

  58. Spanky says

    That Team Knight Rider clip reminded me of the Simpsons ep where the watch “Knightboat”.

    “But Marge, it’s Knightboat – the crime-solving boat!”

  59. akb4 says

    I agree with the folks above who said Quark and Far-Out Space Nuts simply don’t belong on the list.

    But no one yet has mentioned V, the visitors. It was a mini-series. The most heavy-handed Nazi parable ever, about aliens showing up and being lauded and taking over society and secretly eating guinea pigs whole like a snake would and disappearing humans en masse, I think for the water in their bodies. Or maybe just stealing water. I forget and ghods know I won’t go looking.

    “the phoenix” was popular enough that there was actually an sf convention for it once or twice. it’s main attractions were hokey newage-iness and a star who many people thought was really hot; some blond guy. I agree with poster above who notes that Salvage One was hokey but not ten worst material. (The film with Andy Griffith as an evil biker terrorizing a hippie couple in mexico, though, that’s mst3k mind-bending).

    no-one’s mentioned “powers of matthew starr” yet. It’s in the “pretty bad” category, I think, not team knight rider territory. I kinda liked Misfits of Science; it was in the so bad it’s funny category, but I think the people making it had fun with it. And while I really liked it at the time (when I was maybe 8 or 10) I’m surprised no-one has mentioned the Logan’s Run tv series.

    Buck Rogers definitely bottom twenty material, if not ten. Bidi-bidi-bad.
    Space: Above and Beyond sucked.

    Andromeda had the very cool property of realizing that pretty damn soon handheld guns and guns aimed by people will be obsolete. It’s something about most SF that bugs me even more than noise in space. That said,
    yeah, they got really stupid after a while.

    (and yes, I remember electrowoman and dynagirl)

  60. Ricardo says

    omg Manimal mad contact with water, the gremlins will spread!!! wait he became Lionman(japanese funniest superhero)!!!!!!!!!!

    automan sucks
    I remmember have watched nightman – terrible
    and about quark, it seems like Monty Python

  61. yomongo says

    I worked a bond trader for a guy that invested 27,000,000 of Howard Gilman’s money (Gilman Paper Company) is a sci fi show called “Space Precinct”. It was a creation of Gerry Anderson. The idiot who threw away Gilman’s money, Jeff had never watched a TV show of this nature. He though he was going to have the next Teenage Ninja Turtles. All he did was to get us all removed from very good jobs. Here to Jeff Brunner, President of Gilman Securites past. The aftermath was Gilman went bankrupt and several thousand of people lost their jobs in St. Mary Georiga. I knew quite a bit about TV production and when I questioned Jeff as to why he would fund such a show he bragged it was cleared in 95% of the country. The show was basically for a young audience and it was shown a 2-3:30 am. Well done Jeff, and thanks for several million I never made……..thereafter.

  62. Bob-a-rino says

    JD and Primespace,

    Yeah, ‘Other World’ was so, so bad. Iirc, the big shocker was that the “people” in the alternate dimension/world/whatever were either clones or some kind of artificial creation. I recall a “blinking lights” episode where one of the denizens of world (possibly the teenage love interest) points to the tiny indicator lights on a wall in a control room and tells one of the family members (the teenage daughter) how each light is lit when a new “person” is created. That means she can trust him because they all have souls.

    Oh so painful. But for some reason my sister and I always watched it…

    As for the list, I recall thinking Cleopatra 2525 was the sh*t. Of course, that might have been due to Jennifer Sky…

  63. Carl says

    The list of bad sci-fi is interesting, but none of these holds a candle to “Plan Nine from Outer Space,’ “Killer Clowns from Space.” “Amazon Women from the Moon,” I could go on. I don’t think that who ever compiled the top 10 worst sci-fi movies ever saw any of the old “B” movies of that genre from the 50s and 60s, if they had, none of the movies listed would even have made the top 100!

  64. MrT says

    I think you forgot that should be somewhere in the list:
    Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future!

    watch and cry…

  65. NBCVIPER says

    I thought Viper was a good show, thats why I posted that intro on youtube. People always unfairy compare Viper to knight rider i mean come on David hasselhoff a tough guy? YEAH RIGHT! He’d be too busy with his hair to fight crime. Team knight rider now that show was a waste of film and time utter garbage. Manimal what the hell is that?! Jeez, Anyways when Viper was brought into syndication it wasn’t as good as the NBC verison.

  66. Eegee says

    I remember that at least some of the episodes of Andromeda were awful. Stupid we-don’t-have-enough-budget-for-something-more-than-people-with-masks-aliens and we-don’t-have-enough-budget-for-a-new-CGI-scene, too colorful scenes, stupid storytelling, etcetera

  67. Everything is coming up Milhouse says

    why the hate on Small Wonder? …I was all over Small Wonder, creepy ass robotic child that you sometimes got to see semi-nude which is totally ok cause she was in no way a child…plus I had never seen semi naked robots with human skin…hello adult possibilities, how the fuck did that go nowhere.

    I was like 6 when I saw it, but I still want the halloween costume…no one would appreciate the irony of putting on a fake human costume….not like in the ed gein way or in the unisex beauty mask michael meyers way…….in the clever way.

  68. Brenna says

    Geez guys…lest we forget *and Gods know we want to*

    Land of the Giants

    Starlost (a Harlan Ellison tragedy–not Ben Bova BTW-) He had a major rant about producers and TV at the time….

    Star Trek (The 3rd Season)

    Gerry Anderson, the man that brough forth such wonderful (snickers) programs as: Space:1999, Thunderbirds are GO!!!, Fireball XR-5 (where some days you wenot sure which were puppets or real people)…

    Season One of Star Trek: TNG—whcih proved that bad episodes of any series can be recycled…over and over again

    Time Tunnel, Lost in Space—kept you hooked by giving cliffhangers every week…and used each others special effects and or monsters…

    and these are the series that cost an arm and leg to buy to recapture memories of your youth….

  69. Phlegmbot says

    OMG, people, people!

    What is WRONG with you! Automan can’t be on this list! Not b/c it was genius by any stretch of the imagination, but it had its computer-generated tongue lodged VERY firmly in its motherboard! You can’t put a show that didn’t take itself seriously fer even a second in a “Top 10 Worst” — that’d be like saying that “The Office” is the “worst” documentary!

    And while I think the person who mentioned “Small Wonder” wins this contest HANDS DOWN, b/c, it’s true, there is NOTHING worse than “Small Wonder,” here’re some others that were missed:
    STREET HAWK starring Rex Smith: basically, Knight Rider in motorcycle form.

    And drunken actress Yancy Butler earns TWO spaces in any WORST SCI-FI list: one for WITCHBLADE and the other for MANN & MACHINE! (so obscure, doesn’t even know she was in it).

    Finally, to the guy who loved MANTIS, Team Knight Rider, AND Viper — I will pray for you.

    Thank you.

  70. Jon says

    Well….at least The Greatest American Hero didn’t land on this list! Quark was never meant to be taken seriously though, kinda like that English show, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that was run on PBS, not serious, LUDICROUS!!

  71. George says

    Man, after seeing all of the replies, it is clear that there were far more candidates for top 10 WORST SF Shows…all just as bad, like…
    Logan’s Run! I can’t believe I forgot that one…and I don’t mean the movie. I’m talking about the late 70’s CBS series that lasted about 9 episodes and featured a robot named REM. UGH.

    I think one is clear…NBC had the bulk of the turkeys.

  72. says

    What about Friday the 13th, the series? Minimal plot, terrible acting, excruciatingly poor special effects. Blech.

    Tales from the Crypt – see same description as above only add a very poorly constructed animatronic ‘host’.

    And then there was ‘Bibleman’. I swear that Willie Ames starring in anything is just plain doomed to the realm of terribleness.

  73. Harm Schoonekamp says

    I recently bought a DVD-box of Season One of Knight Rider. A bonus disc contained the movie ‘Knight Rider 2000′ .
    If you ever make a list of the worst scifi movies, this movie should definitely be included.
    This movie really is a horrible insult to the original Knight Rider series.

  74. Richard T. Balsley says

    How is it that you forgot the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Monsters (cheap ass Godzilla-esque costumes), Probe, Stephen King’s “The Golden Years,” Dark Shadows, Tracker, Thunderbirds, Starman (the series), Black Scorpian, and War of the Worlds? Nobody mentioned the Roddenberry series with the energy-like aliens that came to earth, nor did anyone mention Alien Nation. It was a fun show, but it wasn’t good sci-fi. These shows were so bad I wanted to rip my eyes out for ever having seen them. Automan was funny as hell. I got years out of that one of pretending to be smashed up against the window when my mom made any left turns.

  75. CurtisP says

    Quark doesn’t count. It was a comedy. And it was pure genius. But if you had actually researched these shows instead of just watching the two minutes of video before making your declaration, you would know that.

  76. This is A says

    a lot of the videos didnt play. it said :we are sorry this video is no longer available.” but who needz videoz 2 remember watching mutant x? a total x-men knockoff.

  77. Jaylin says

    Okay… I admit it, I watched just about every sci-fi show on TV at the time, and rushed home to catch many of these on the list. Michael, if you ever do another craplist, I have one word for ya…. “Airwolf.”

    Oh yes. You know you all watched it too!

  78. Ian says

    Okay…anyone remember a show that was set in like a post-apocolyptic time, all rubble and decimation. Think there were 4 good guys (one may have been a girl) who had these special suits that could help them fly etc…and the ememy was this Darth Vader rip off, lived in some pyramid..had a red electronic eye and had droid like creatures, like dinosaurs etc…it was almost surreal looking, like 3-D at times…think the main characters had these sceens on the chest of their battle suits, almost tele-tubby like…I know, sounds bizarre, but I was only young then so it’s no some acid LSD hallucination…would’ve been on late 80’s…think one of the bad droids was called ‘Blaster’ and had this gun that was on his shoulder, like Predator…ring any bells??? Please, I’m driven demented trying to find it!

  79. says

    Doesn’t surprise me I haven’t even heard of half of those on the list. Cleopatra 2525 is horrid and pointless. Just a bunch of half dressed women running around to get ratings.

  80. jim says

    you were talking about the Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

    as kids you could shoot at screen with series toys, some very early cgi

    way too dark for kids

  81. bob in texas says

    You are forgetting “It’s about time” Where two astro-scientists are caught in a time warp and sent back to the cave man days – cave men featered Sid Ceasar and Imogene coco.

  82. Mel says

    Hey,man,you guys need to shut your fucking mouths about Far Out Space Nuts,Manimal,and Mr.T and the All-American Team.Those were awesome shows!!!!You do NOT know a good show from a bad one,so shut the fuck up,assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Pedro007 says

    That show was “Captain Power and the Soldiers of the future”, the cool CGI robots were Soaron and Blastarr

    Now, does anyone remember a show like ‘Sliders’ in which they too traveled between dimensions or something like that, but with a blond kid, a short white hair scientist dressed in light colours (white?) and another scientist that was always pursuing them and played by a black guy in an hitech exosuit.
    At the end it had a twist: If my memory doesn’t fail me, it turned out that the ‘evil’ scientist was in fact the good guy, and the other that was always with the kid was the bad one.

    I think there was a little girl there too; and perhaps the blond kid was played by the late Jonathan Brandis, but I can’t find any reference at Imdb, and it’s driving me crazy!

    If someone knows the name of this show, please PLEASE help



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