Windows Vista on an old Pentium 4? Sure!

If you’re an XP or Windows 2000 user, who feels somewhat tempted into acquiring a new machine to be able to try out Vista, then you’ll be happy to hear that as long as you have 512 megabytes of RAM, a decent, even if old graphics card (in this demonstration, the computer had a Geforce 2), then you’ll be able to install Vista and have a machine that is, at the very least, able to do some word processing, or calculating tasks.

This video demonstrates what I said in the paragraph above. And although I don’t really see the big advantages in upgrading to Vista for the sole purpose of using word processing, it’s nice to see that you can still kick some life out of an old computer instead of rushing to the store to get a brand new Core 2 Duo processor.

From my personal experience of running Vista on a Pentium 4 processor, with 1GB of RAM and a Geforce 7600, I can say that it runs decently, even with the fancy Aero theme activated. But if you intend on doing a lot of multi tasking, then you’re better off sticking with XP or just get a new computer.


  1. boyet lugay says

    Sure it runs. right now im runnin vista utimate on my old P4 2.4 GHz with 512 MB ddr333 with 128mb fx5200 vga agp. but the trick is you have to deploy a dedicated USB flash drive tucked inside the cpu box for use with turboboost (4GB flash) and another 5gb partition dedicated drive space for pagefile use. heheh cheers!

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