CH-DVD – a Third HD-DVD standard


Because 2 standards wasn’t enough for China, here comes CH-DVD. Engadget has the full details.

From the article:

The Optical Memory National Engineering Research Center has announced CH-DVD, a high definition DVD standard based on the DVD Forum’s HD DVD, but with additional Chinese-owned technology tacked on. This additional technology takes the form of advanced copy protection designed to prevent the spread of pirated content. A new foundation called the China High Definition DVD Industry Association will be promoting the format, with the aim of launching a hardware player in 2008, and getting content producers on board before that.

If there is one thing that I don’t think ANYONE – not China, not the US, not Mars, needs, it’s ANOTHER HD format. Especially one that is simply more stuff tacked on to the established HD-DVD format. To me, I can’t see what the point of this is, or why anyone would think it’s going to be successful.


  1. says

    This HAS to be a joke. The last time China came up with anything on their own was probably during the Han Dynasty.

    “Based on” HD DVD is the Chinese way of saying it’s pretty much the exact same as HD DVD, without having to pay royalties to anyone.

    And extra anti-piracy features? From the country where Linux distributions can cost more than Windows because it takes more CDs to burn the copies? Don’t make me laugh.

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    Super Jamie:

    Shut up you racist prick. Maybe next time you should fucking know what your talking about. They made an agreement with the hddvd camp. And this doesnt really need to be successful in the US just in China so that they can earn money from themselves instead of “foreign powers,” which I find sort of weird since the players will need to support some “foreign” codecs.

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