How Technology is Destroying Society

Technology Destroying SocietySo I have this sneaking suspicion that while technology is currently intertwined with my career, and is one of the things I enjoy the most, it is destroying the society I live in.


If you work on computers, you might have noticed that sometimes a whole day can pass in what feels like a few hours, especially when the computer and Internet are working well. The effect has only been enhanced as technology has gotten better, and we have gotten used to waiting less. I am less patient with things, as I have come to expect websites to appear nearly instantly, and my computer to load up any application I require in a minute or less.

With me, my job is one hundred percent online, and I never feel like I can catch up. I start each day feeling like I am behind, and sometimes wonder if I should skip sleep just so I can keep up with the news releases, the writing I have to complete, and the social networking that will help boost my career.

There is always so much going on, and while I might be asleep here, there are amazing products, services, and information coming from around the other side of the world. Information pours into my feed reader, and sometimes piles up, as I set it aside to deal with the influx of e-mails that I get every day. Dozens of people attempt to message me through instant messaging programs, websites, and social networking applications. Managing all this information can be exhausting, and sometimes feel very unproductive.


My wife doesn’t use e-mail anymore, nor does she hang out with all her friends anymore. She contacts them through Facebook, or through an instant messaging program. They rarely talk on the phone anymore, and when they do, she sometimes carries on a conversation with someone else on the computer at the same time.

In the old days, your friends were those that lived near you, or who you grew up with, but now I have friends all over the world. I say “friends”, but how well do most of these people know me? They have never visited with me, and most have never even seen my face. Can I really consider these people my friends? Would they help me out if I were having problems?

There are some weeks where the only two faces I see are my wife’s and her cat’s and while that sounds very pathetic, it is the world that I, and many of my colleagues live in. It is why web people interested in pretty much any topic have formed a variety of groups of like-minded people, and created conferences for pretty much any interest as well. We need avenues of socialization that technology is rapidly taking away from us.


With the primary method of communication in my household being text, what are we missing out on? Everyone knows that there is more that can be said through vocal inflection, body language, and facial expressions, but these are all lost when we type them out online.

The second issue is how people communicate. They have become increasingly lazy with their spelling, grammar, and use a myriad of short forms that almost need a special decoder ring to understand. It has gotten to the point where ever shorter messaging services, like Twitter, are popular in part because they limit the amount of things you can say, which is the reverse of what I believe we need to do. Communication is the key to understanding, both ourselves and other people.


I work from home, on a computer, for fourteen hours a day. I get up to get food, water, and other such things, but I go weeks without really leaving the house for any long period of time. I don’t walk, jog, or play any sports. I am part of the growing epidemic of obese people in this world, and it is not just because it can be hard to eat healthy, but also because I live a very stationary lifestyle.

Why is that? Well, I communicate through computers, listen to music on my computer, watch television on my computer and pretty much do everything that is currently possible with a computer, on a computer.


While technology has done many things to advance our lives, and make it easier to live, access vast stores of information and entertain ourselves, I sometimes feel that we have lost some of the pleasures of life that technology can’t easily replace.

Have you noticed an adverse effect on society due to technology? Have you and your family been able to avoid the less than helpful side effects of living in this modern world? What do you think society will be like in twenty or fifty years? Have your say in the comments below.


  1. Jillis says

    First off let me that you for a great article, I do think there are major problems with society as a whole and I do think it is in part due too the level of technological advenacement we have enjoyed as a society. In my country it has been clearly established that the introduction of self-closing doors in the public transport system has contributed much too the shrinking awareness of the amount of energy that is lost through bad conservation practices.

    Nobody closes the door behind him anmore, as they would say in the Netherlands .. small changes have big impacts in unforseen ways forever and always.

    This is how life is … unpredictable and not-so-well-behaved

  2. says

    I agree with most of what you except the part where you shift responsibility to being overweight to the reality that you do everything on your computer.

    You being a fat-ass has nothing to do with the computer or your job and everything to do with yourself. You obviously have discipline and a work ethic. You need to make the decision that your health and fitness is as important as your work.

    Once you make that decision and approach it that same way you approach other important decisions in your life, you will be able to make accomplishments there as well.

    Supposing the abscence of a true medical (or mental) condition, the only reason people are fat and unhealthy is because they’ve decided to let themselves be fat and unhealthy.

    Now get off your fat ass and go for a walk with your wife!

    • Ajay says

      The internet has made it possible for cowardice trolls like you to have their voices heard, without listening to your girly bark

  3. Dave says

    Hey Bloggertizer – I totally agree with you. I wasn’t trying to shift all of the blame towards technology, just that the problem has become more prevalent because of technology. I know my “fat-ass” is mostly my own damn fault, sweet things just taste so good… I really should go walking with my wife, but when I come back, I have hundreds of comments to moderate, dozens of e-mails and a variety of instant messages… Just makes it hard to unwind, have fun and get away.

  4. says

    internet is my life, i started turning off my pc from 8 am-2am everyday
    i only have free time to eat , i even forgot my bath.

    we always argue with my husband, because i dont have time for them.
    he wants me to sleep with him, but i cant even do that regularly,instead spend it with my pc.

    one day he said, should cut internet subscription for me to have time with him and my 2 yr old kid.

    i cried loudly and said , if you do that ,half of my life will get lost.
    and maybe lets get separated.

    i told him i can give up everything for blogging sake.

    but now where ok now, i set time for my family , because my mother is mad at me regarding what had happen to us and even the whole family.

  5. Denice Gsoell says

    I have to say although your article was extremely persuasive and well written, i think I disagree with you. In today’s society although technology is an important part of our lives, I think it’s ultimately a person;s decision to incorporate a certain degree of this technology into or lives. It’s a personal choice for technolgy to rule your life.

  6. says

    Just passing through and read your blog , I notice that despite having 3 email adresses , Skype , msn , Three telephone lines , a cell phone and infact living just 50 meters away for some people , they simplydont bother to , A; answer Emails , B answer skype messages , and C call back ( if at the time of me phoning there busy ) result , I EX communicate.

  7. Jeremy says

    Addiction to technology is hard to break just like smoking, drugs, etc. It’s an addiction with serious spiritual, emotional and social side affects. Blogging, myspacing, gaming, tv, etc. can replace everything else in our lives we were meant to do. Spending our waking hours glued to these things violates our role in this world as human beings. We’re created in God’s image with a designed purpose to live our lives for His glory. We waste our lives when we spend it in front of a screen.

      • Caroline says

        I don’t agree with the God part, but any way you look at it, we were not made/ evolved for this life, it does not bring us happiness. I always wish I could go back in time and live atleast in the sixties. Eventually, evolution produces the worst possible that will survive. Wall-E style humans.

  8. jack goldman says

    Technology is machines getting in between people to make money. All profits require a change, a transformation, by getting in between two people. That is where the money is. Government taxes and steals your life by getting in between you and what you want with taxation. Machines do this by enticing you to use a machine to take your time or money.

    I own a wilderness cabin on a wilderness lake, off the grid. It is priceless. I have to canoe to it. Nature is filled with life and love spontaneously given to us from the Universe. Cities are filled with carnivores, parasites, cannibals, vampires, on our time and life, harvesting your life with machines. It’s the Matrix. If you want freedom or love get away from the machine. Get into wilderness. Get into being a human being, in love, instead of a human doing, serving the machine.

    Protect yourself. No one else can or will. Manage your time. Have goals. Be proactive. Do not let the cell phone use you. You use the cell phone. When you let the drug use you, instead of you using the drug, you are an addict. Be proactive, not reactive. What is your goal? Why do you want a computer? Where will this vehicle take you? If you don’t use the computer, the computer will use you. It’s the same with all machines and all of life. Same with the car. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. Know what you want. Know what the price is. Pay the price. Be the master, not the slave, of the machine.

    Jack Goldman
    St. Paul, MN

  9. Sebastian says

    I enjoyed reading your article. Sometimes we reevaluate our own lives but just seeing ourselves in other people. The article was an observation of your life but resonates with alot of people who read it.

    I think that statement of you being a fat ass is pretty harsh.
    At least you are admitting to your own faults, now lets hope that you have taken some steps to take your life in a healthier direction.

    Im a graphic designer, im 5’8 and 140lbs so not overweight but I can see how the computer has sucked me into it, because its both stimulating and mesmerizing and is also very draining. I work long and crazy hours on the computer, but I do try to make the effort to be apart of the pulse of life and in nature. I agree with Jack Goldman that nature is filled with life and will inspire you to “live” more and spend less time infront of a screen.

    Yes technology has benefited our modern lives in many ways, but we should always have a healthy balance between what it is to be human and our dependance on technology.

    Hope your on the right track!

    • Luke Austin says

      I completely agree with both Sebastian, and Jack Goldman. We are living this life for a REASON. If we waste our life on addictions, it won’t end up as a life, so much as an mere existance. It is sad what technology does to people, it has even affected me, even though I try, and I go out to the REAL world, and socialize/play frisbee, or just go cycling for an hour or 2. It seems to me, that too much of anything, especially technology, can have bad side effects. I just hope that I can live an meaningful, and proactive life, where my choices, and say matters. In the virtual world, it just isn’t so, because all in all, technology has its good vs. its bad. In life, we need to juggle our time spent on a computer/phone, compared to actually being outside, and being a human being with a free will, not a husk of what used to be one. Make the choice now, because the present is the only time you ever will. Procrastinate, and you will either forget, or you will just simply not have the will, or initiative to do so. Make a schedule to go and exercise.It may be hard to follow through, but in the end, it is million-times worth it. Live your life the way we ALL should. Even I need help occasionally. As I have said All I can, it is wish that we can all become better than our current best, and actually progress in life, while living in it.

  10. Vito Desantis says


    I work from home, on a computer, for fourteen hours a day. I get up to get food, water, and other such things, but I go weeks without really leaving the house for any long period of time. I don’t walk, jog, or play any sports. I am part of the growing epidemic of obese people in this world, and it is not just because it can be hard to eat healthy, but also because I live a very stationary lifestyle.

    Why is that? Well, I communicate through computers, listen to music on my computer, watch television on my computer and pretty much do everything that is currently possible with a computer, on a computer.

    yo lazy its called get up and do some physical activities you work at home so you virtually make you own working ours you choose to sit in front of a computer screen for 14 hours a day and i bet for half that time your not even do your job your doing some sort of other B.S so don’t blame it on technology because your lazy. And the only reason why i fond this stupid post in the first place is because I’m writing a college essay on people just like you who think technology is bad because your to lazy to do something with your life and your blaming it on technology. Trust me I’m a college student and i also am on the computer countless hours of the day and i still find time to do physical activities to keep in shape so i suggest you start doing the same thing.

    • rafael says

      The article is wonderful. I am agreed with him 100%. Soon will are going to be a flesh computer. We are now talking like one and acting like we are an empty shell. No soul inside. We are not human any longer. That is the reality. Never mind how fat you are. This is a distraction. The reality is that we are distroying ourself in the name of technology..

    • Luke Austin says

      I believe there is both good, and bad sides of technology. Being addicted to it, for instance, is the bad part. the good part is the many conveniences, and the time saved using tech.

  11. lauren zoe says

    dammnnn Vito Desantis

    nasty bitch!! calm down…

    so maybe he is being lazy. and who knows, maybe he isnt always doing his work. and sure, there are some things he needs to change about himself.

    but you dont have to get all mean and shit.

    he has his oppinion you can have yours…

    it would seem like you yourself need to go out in the real world again, and learn how to treat and respect people.

    its his right for you to have the decency to treat him like a normal human would!

  12. [email protected] says

    its technology + secularization (godless) + immoral sense of humour that = to our newly formed depressive lyfstyle..

  13. Thompson1994 says

    It’s really sad actually. I’m 16 so I never really got a lot of time without technology. I really wish I could have experienced life without computers and cellphones. I want to go back to a simpler time when you wanted to talk to someone 300 miles away you sent a letter. When you had a conversation with someone it was face to face or occasionally on the telephone. Technology is destroying society, people are way too dependent on it. It’s scary to think about what would the world would come to if all technology stopped working tomorrow. It’s even scarier to think about what will be controlled by a microchip in ten years. We need to rethink this, slow it down a bit, take time to experience the world around us, the people around us. We need that human contact to stay sane, to survive….

  14. says

    Its an addiction. I hope one day, Facebook and all those sites become a taboo and people will eventually go to the days of visiting your friends house and speaking face to face

  15. M. Pearson says

    Technology has been around for decades, and has contrubited much advancement to our makes learning easier and,communication possible, transportation available, and in my opinion, and in my opinion, its becoming a vital part of American culture. If it was not for technology we would not be disscusing this online right now. :)

  16. Charmaine Bredenkamp says

    I am a high school teacher and my husband is a lecturer in chemistry at a university. Daily we see children losing the battle against technology. Most young people are hopelessly addicted to computers and they neglect everything else in their lives for the sake of computers. Every year we see numerous very intelligent students not making it at university, simply because the spend too much time on computer games. They do not learn self discipline, social skills or simply how to work. Children do not get the social closeness from their parent anymore, for they are allowed to spend hours in front of their computer. Long gone are the days of family interaction. All of this makes for a lazy, selfish and unsympathetic society. Our world and its most valuable asset – our contact with other people and our moral obligation to serve each other, are being destroyed right in front of our very eyes.

      • Luke Austin says

        agreed, it is sad to see the negative changes in society, and how many are just “hopelessly addicted” to computers. Parents should teach their children to go outside, and play ball, or frisbee, or other things that are of a more active lifestyle. In truth, a person can go farther in this life by being proactive, and being the master of the computer, not its slave. Life is given to us for a REASON. My belief is that we need to progress as an normal human being, because every choice MATTERS, whether they seem small, or big, it doesn’t matter. If we choose now to not get addicted on alcohol, or technology, or even drugs/sex, life will be the happiest thing for us to experience. Even then, we are not perfect, and most any wrong choices in life we make, can be fixed. It is usually better to fix them NOW, and focus on preparing for the future. When we actually go, and have families. A good question to focus on, is “what SHOULD I be doing NOW?” Don’t forget, spending time with family/friends is important, as well. Having said, we all have the choice to choose the better part, to choose the better lifestyle. Choose the right choices in life, and our future in life WON’T be in shambles. Better yet, it will thrive.

  17. Luke Austin says

    In a way, it is. How many children do you see spend their time inside? Just on the computer? Do they know HOW to work? Do they have any actual discipline? Please remember, while technology is a major convenience and time-saver to many, it is also an addiction that is virtually felt in all parts of the world, especially in rich countries like USA, where even the poor people can afford to be fat, and lazy.


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