First Dragon Ball the Movie promo picture emerges

If there’s one movie that Anime fans have always wanted to see brought to Hollywood, that movie would be the Dragonball one. After countless years of rumors, attempts, beginnings, teaser images. We finally have something a bit more “physical” than a CGI-render of Piccolo. This time we have a picture of the actor playing out the role of the main hero, Goku, in an actual teaser poster taken from Shonen Jump.


It actually looks decent. The costume isn’t too modern, nor too traditional, and I think that the hair stylists did a great job in recreating Goku’s gravity defying hairstyle.

Maybe it’s just my inner fanboy speaking for actually seeing something being produced and shown to the fans. Even if this ends up being the biggest flop ever, I’ll certainly be on the front lines of the theaters.

[Source: Dragonball the movie Blog]


  1. UnGreat says

    Goku as a white HighSchool kid………..cough..Smallville Movie…cough………….I think I just sicked in my mouth with rage.

  2. says

    If they do end up following Smallville’s ideas what’s so bad about that?

    It’s better than making it a senseless action flick with little or no story whatsoever. I’d rather see an imitation of a good script, then something more commercial, like directors usually do with some/most popular franchises.

  3. UnGreat says

    Then why bother calling it Dragonball?

    I’ll reserve judgment until i’ve seen it but the various onset pictures give me an uneasy feeling. Saying that, I watched the Dragonball and Dragonball Z DVD’s uncut in Japanese and realised just how terrible the dubbed versions I watched as a kid actually are.

    Man i’m a geek

  4. MoPlaYa says

    I`m diggin Chatwin`s look as Goku…I think this movie will be a fun and exciting….I hope people who see this movie arent hoping for an exact copy of the Manga or Anime

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