New Pokemon Expansion: Platinum – announced

All of our younger readers, and me, will be happy to hear that Ninty has just announced the newest Pokemon game to accompany the first DS version. And we all know what that means… a new legendary Pokemon!
pokemondiamond New Pokemon Expansion: Platinum   announced
The latest Pokemon to be added to the ever growing Pokedex is called Giratina and it’s… weird. It’s like an armored slug with tentacles and spikes, oh wait, I think I just perfectly described it. The game will be released this fall in Japan, and hopefully near or before Christmas for the rest of the world.

If you’re a Pokemon fan, own a DS, and still haven’t gotten your hands on the newest ones, then this should be the perfect opportunity to do so. Sure, the game is more of the same, but it’s the best iteration so far. Plus, being American/European has great advantages like being able to trade Pokemons named Pikachu for rare or legendary Japanese ones (they get them simply for the sake of different letters).

Now you know readers, if you own Ruby or Diamond, farm those Pikachus and do thorough searches in the trade channel.


  1. pOkEmAsTeR says:

    Eh… Giratina’s not new, you can catch it once you’ve beaten the Elite Four in Diamond or Pearl. Although, you have to go through a dungeon, and it’s easy to get lost… :P..

  2. when is the new game of pokemon coming to U.S

  3. giratina so sucks… who likes slugs?

  4. who likes slugs… like come on * rolls eyes*!

  5. Giratina has taken apon the new “Origens Forme” in platinum when you give it a special orb. and to the rest of you noobs who protest against Giratina, look again! The super-rare contrast between ghost and dragon make it a valuable asset to any team it joins. It’s better than Dialga and Pialga by a long shot! Giratina rules!!!!

  6. GIRATINA RULES!!! and now you can get heart gold or soul silver where you can catch ho-oh and lugia!


  1. Pokemon Harry Potter Naked Pokemon Misty…

    I didn’t agree with you first, but last paragraph makes sense for me…

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