15 Best Battlestar Galactica Characters

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The Battlestar Galactica Series coming to an end and the (main) characters are dropping like flies.

To review the whole reimagined series before they reach the ultimate climax, we thought it were time to round up all the characters and publish a list of our 15 Best Battlestar Galactica Characters.
The list is based on the complexity of the characters and their persona. It played no role if the character only appeared in only some episodes.

15. Lee “Apollo” Adama


The character of Lee Adama could have been much more intriguing and never really climbs up to become one of the stronger, better persona in the series, mainly because of poor acting compared to author characters.

Lee certainly was at his best as CAG of the Battlestar Galactica and in the period of self-conflict about which side to chose. Lee’s best scenes are arguably the moments when he stands up against the military decisions of his father, Admiral William Adama.

14. Scar


Scar is a Raider fighter, so called because of the battle damage endured over time. Scar is feared and has destroyed many vessels from the fleet, separating them from their wingmates.
The hunt for Scar starts a escalates the rivalry between Starbuck and Kat, who will eventually kill the feared hunter. Featuring in only one episode Scar is an exception in this list because of the fear and terror he manages to create among the squad

13. Lieutenant Sharon “Athena” Agathon


Sharon Athena, Number Eight, had as task to seduce Helo and then become pregnant, but things went wrong and she fell in love with Helo. As first Cylon in the series to show genuine feelings, she later managed it to win the trust of President Laura Roslin and Admiral Adama, becoming a trusted crew member of the Galactica.

12. Number Five, AKA Litmus Doral


Number Five appears to be among the most anti-human Cylons seen in the series. Five is downloaded frequently and always insists on humans capitulating without any resistance. Five considers Cylons as the kids of the humans, who will rule when the parents time has ended.

One of the copies of Number Five, Litmus, is a suicide bomber on board of the Galactica.

11. Louanne Katraine


Kat, a former drug-runner on Caprica, is selected as candidate Viper pilot because of her previous fly experience. Soon she develops as a psychological opponent of Kara Trace, who is her instructor.

Kat is headstrong, arrogant and a very driven pilot. This ultimately earns her the title of Top Gun on board of the Galactica, after she kills Scar.

10. Admiral Helena Cain


Admiral Helena Cain, from the colony Tauron, was Admiral of the Battlestar Pegasus. Although rather unpopular as a character, mainly because of the decisions she made when escaping the Cylon attack on the 12 colonies and for her attitude towards Admiral Adama, she certainly is one of the strongest women in the series.
Shot by Gina Inviere, in Resurrection Ship, Part II, she only appeared in 3 episodes but her character was revised in the movie Razor.

9. Tom Zarek


Tom Zarek, former political activist, is a charismatic power-hungry character. Torn between winning the sympathy of the people in charge and his own need for hunger, he shows his true and not really democratic nature several times. During the whole series he always sides with the camp most likely to offer him more power.

Under the reign of President Baltar, he becomes Vice-President and subsequently President when Baltar Gaius goes missing. Surprisingly he then offers Laura Roslin to opportunity to become President again in exchange for a role in the new government. He then proceeds to chase Gaius whom he now considers being a traitor and collaborator. Like these there are many more plans Zarek had before his execution, but every time his charisma manages to gather popularity among the fans.

8. President Laura Roslin


President Roslin is an admirable woman, taking the task up to save humanity from the Cylons. At first she is a fierce opponent of Admiral Adama’s decisions but with time both start to collaborate more and more. Laura Roslin clearly has and influence on the Admiral and due to her he becomes more democratic with time. It is obvious a relationship between both will grow, although I might have preferred to wait a little longer for the confirmation.

I doubt her relationship with William Adama makes this powerful and driven woman climb up our personal ranks as it seems hard to forgive her for having thrown Adama in the brig.

During the entire series Laura Roslin not only fights the Cylons but also a case of terminal cancer.

7. Colonel Saul Tigh


Perfectly played, Colonel Tigh is a rather disillusioned person in life, but a good soul. Just like Admiral Adama, Saul Tigh carries lots of baggage with him. Tigh also is an alcoholic.
Tigh has no real aims in life anymore and clearly suffers under the burden of life. He is satisfied with his role within the Fleet and aspires no higher role within the military. In times of absence of Adama it is clear that he would rather not prefer to be the Commanding Officer.

The bona fide character of Colonel Saul Tigh is only emphasized in a personal conversation with Admiral Adama after their return from Earth. Tigh values friendship over Cylonship.

6. Gaius Baltar


Gaius Baltar is at times hard to like because of the complexity of his persona. What makes Baltar hard to get are all the flaws he has and publicly displays. And his freak-outs.
His instability, and often his desire to be a Cylon, make this character rather unlikely not to be helped by his egocentric behavior. Technically one of the most complex characters of the series.

Most of all, Gaius has the honor of having a relationship with Caprica Six (or had one… he thinks). We hate him forever for this.

5. Leoben Conoy, AKA Number Two


Displaying as first character the weakness of Cylons for radiation in a stand-off with Admiral Adama, Leoben always fares a harsh anti-human course.

Leoben is specialized in seeding doubts and mis-information. His obsession with Kara Thrace borders the psychotic and it wouldn’t surprise me if it were revealed that Leoben is Starbuck’s father.

4. Dr. S. Cottle


Dr. Cottle, Battlestar Galactica’s Chief Mediacal Officer, is possibly the most charming and funnest character in the series. His (politically incorrect) smoking habit is perfectly timed and often makes one grin.

Although Dr. Cottle prefers to stay neutral in political matters, he was called upon faking the death of Hera tarnishing slightly his persona. He is a long term friend of Admiral Adama and also one of the few on board of the Battlestar Galactica who will occasionally speak up to the Commander.

3. Number Six


Let’s get things right: Number Six is the Sci-Fi fans’ and nerds’ dream. Period.

Other than that, the character is awesomely profiled and very complex, due to the different variations of Number Sixes. Predator alike but also caring. And bearer of Saul Tigh’s child, the first 100% Cylon Baby.

Have I mentioned Number Six is smokingly hot?

2. Captain Kara “Starbuck” Thrace


Having grown up with the original series it may have sounded weird some years ago had I said that some day I would laugh at Dirk Benedict for his “Starbuck” character, but this frakkin’ bitch blonde surely made that statement become true. Today it seems almost impossible to think that Starbuck should not be a woman.

Kara Thrace is another very complex character in the series, not just because she’s a woman. We would almost forget that if it weren’t for her permanent romantic escapades. We’ll forgive her this weakness.

1. Admiral William Adama


Admiral William Adama is without any doubt the most charismatic and best character of the series. Although at times his choices are purely militaristic and maybe unpopular there is no doubt that he always aims to achieve the best for his crew and the survivors even. He considers the task to keep humanity alive his task. This surely comes from his personal background, having had a harsh life himself.


  1. Luthien says

    Thank GOD Dee waasnt mentioned in this list. Ive seem people talk about how she was such a great character, and I almost gag. She was a complete waste of space. First, it seemed like she was this caring girl who fell in love with the Presidents assistant, sweet little love story. But then, FOR NO REASON AT ALL (except to backhandedly create more storylines for Lee) she DUMPS him out of nowhere – falls in love with Lee and proceeds to do nothing but kinda smile and be ‘sweet’. Then Lee, realising that she is in fact devoid of … anything of interest – completely loses intrest in her. Then she is like all… ‘you wronged me! and Im gonna be all stoic about it!’ Then, she like… kills herself. Of the entire show, Dee was the most useless element and (no disrespect to the actress) the show would have been better off without her sidetracking storylines which ment nothing to anybody and, with every second, relegated the awesome “What the hell is going on with(the quite awesome and badass) Balthar, is he mad or is he somehow connected to God… or has he a computer chip in his head controlling him” storyline with which the show became epicly wonderful. (Yes, I also think the Adama/Roslyn storyline has taken away from what made the show really great – Balthar. Im done.

  2. papertiger says

    Laura Roslin is one of the most annoying characters in this show. Everyone applauds her for grudgingly accepting the role of President and preserving democratic ideals, but that isn’t the case. She’s nothing more than a plot device. At first, she’s overwhelmed by the pressures of the office as well as her impending death from cancer, then she starts to hallucinate and–after one talk with the priestess–immediately turns into she-Moses. The rest of the time, she just throws out Hallmark one-liners and precipitates conflicts which Adama has to resolve. Her only purpose is to spout civil rights jargon and mess things up with her drug-induced paranoia and poor planning skills.

    The only thing that could have saved this character would be the revelation of her as a Cylon, at which point she would be thrown out the airlock.


      Wrong. She falls in love with Adama, have you not seen the entire series?
      She’s a major part of the story. Perhaps you’re just disgruntled with the writing.
      Can’t quite figure out your logic.

      • badger says

        Roslin was the most boring and cringe worthy character is the whole show, every time she was on screen i wanted to punch her and frakking half smiles

  3. Anni says

    I wouldn’t even put Lee in the top 15. I’ve hated Roslin at points but the acting was so superb that I always saw her point and even when I disliked her, I was intrigued by her. Lee had promise but man….was he self-righteous and boring. Maybe in the hands of a stronger actor, the character could have been interesting.

  4. Julian says

    I was able too handle how annoying laura roslin in the first 3 seasons.

    But come the 4th season she is so annoying I wish I knew where she lived so i could slap her in the face and swear at her for ruining one of the best sci fi series ever with her presence. Its so annoying that someone doesn’t punch her right in the mouth at some point in the series and shut her f’king mouth up.

    There is no way a harpy of a woman could scream the shit she says for that long and not have someone try too get her too shut her fucking trap.

  5. eetwo says

    Nice list but when you add up everything Gaius is obviously the #1. The talent behind the role is staggering.
    I loved his up and downs, especially the moments caught in unusual acts of pleasure.
    I loved when they gave him Ibogaine (although they don’t say it, its similar in some ways). Very psychedelic that is how it is.

  6. denat says

    Laura Roslin is not only an annoying character but is also poorly acted out. Did you notice that her facial expression never really changes? She always has that same disingenious and condescending smile, she moves her eyes without turning her head and takes her glasses off from time to time in a cliche attempt to be emphatic. That sums up the acting. Her role is also very inconsistent. I got the sense that at the outset they tried to set her up as a very principled character on the show, but she turned out to be more of a cold-blooded utilitarian…..with bizarre spiritual tendencies. What the…? Most annoying character on that show for sure.

  7. Jane says

    Kara Thrace is number 2??? Ugghhh! She’s the most annoying character in the whole series. She is arrogant, immoral, careless, irrational, and worst of all… impulsive. She never stops to think her actions through, which most of the time consist of nothing more than instinctual reflexes. She’s nothing more than an animal. Which, I suppose, allows her to excel as a pilot. Her competitive nature is admirable, but her other shortcomings outweigh whatever little good there is.

  8. ant says

    I find Laura Roslin very annoying, i find myself willing her to shut up and leave the screen, her monotone voice, and dull poker face drive me to boredom, i find Gaius Baltar and Number 6, the most entertaining, really i find the cylon characters far most interesting then the good guys.

  9. Ashwani Singh says

    I think one of the characters missing here is Helo. He is one character who is not afraid of what others might think as long as his own conscience is clear. Marries Athena, has a child with her, Kills an officer aboard Pegasus for the woman (cylon) he loves, kills the cylons when he hears of the plot to annihilate the entire race because of his convictions, helps creates the stealth fighter and is father to the mitochondrial eve what more do you need?

  10. S Pell says

    Laura Roslin – annoying, heartless bitch
    Kara Thrace – idiot
    Admiral Adama – was okay at first then turned into penis

    Gaius Balthar – legend
    Saul Tigh – I like
    Athena – I like
    Lt. Gaeta – I like

    Overall the show goes downhill at the end with the mumbo jumbo crap. Also the constant moral ambiguity just becomes tiresome. Surely some people have integrity?

    Pilot – great, 1st series great, 2nd series starts getting weird, 3rd series too much grimness, 4th series horseshit.

    Also the idea that because you have faith then you can basically do anything you want and screw anyone who disagrees smacks of religious fundamentalism. This is typified in the most annoying characters particularly Laura *spit* Roslin.

    I suppose in some ways the fact that I find these characters annoying shows the acting is good but the writing is what’s really annoying I think.

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