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google latitude map view2 200x300 Google's friend locator

Something good has come from Google this week, Google Latitude. It’s paired with the Google Maps application allowing you to find your friends on the map at any given time. Scary… well, maybe. But don’t worry, as we know Google, this will be safe.

Google Latitude uses Google Maps My Location service that combines cell tower triangulation and GPS. Ah, too much tech to handle… well, in a snip, if you have a cellphone AND you allow friends to locate you, you can be found. There has been tests, that I’ve personally seen, on the CBS show and I must say it’s a 50/50 accuracy hit, at least for now. They tested Google Latitude on a family on a particularly busy and mobile day. Results were not so good, but brings a promise of improvement!

Oh yeah… this will work IF your cellphones can access Google Earth by the way. It will show you an actual map with a few pins on where your friends are (at least those you’re tracking). Cool eh?


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  5. hy friend i am from india.


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