Hot Cold Mug

hotandcoldmuga__74058 More of a safety device than a gadget, but definitely one that geek’s around the world will enjoy. No one wants to drink cold stale coffee, what we want is a visual way to note if the beverage in front of us is warm or steamy hot for the overnight projects. Oh believe you me when I say caffeine IS A MUST when a deadline looms and every last ounce of adrenalin is needed to pull it through.

It’s a little “steeply” priced for a mug at US$25 so might as well put this in as a project expense that helps out the team? Not sure about that, but worth a try! Check this product out here or right here. I hope they develop colored versions like RED for HOT and WHITE for COLD. I think black and white may be too bland. But anyway.

Here’s another mug of the same design and concept… but this time it toggles ON and OFF.


  1. [email protected] says

    COLD/ HOT MUG from China, the need to please contact me!

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