Ryanair policy: not corresponding with "idiot bloggers"

ryanair-com-fly-cheaper-not-blogger Oh dear. It’s bad enough when a innocent post suggesting that there was a flaw on the web site that could allow him to book flights for nothing.

Of course it’s a bug, but you wouldn’t think a company would take such offence. One rep did, though:


you’re an idiot and a liar!! fact is!

you’ve opened one session then another and requested a page meant for a different session, you are so stupid you dont even know how you did it! you dont get a free flight, there is no dynamic data to render which is prob why you got 0.00. what self respecting developer uses a crappy CMS such as word press anyway AND puts they’re mobile ph number online, i suppose even a prank call is better than nothing on a lonely sat evening!!

Sheesh! Didn’t even bother with the punctuation, grammar or spell check. What’s amusing and pathetic at the same time is that, while the original post is fairly matter-of-fact (“this is what I did, and this happened”) the response is an attack on both blogger and WordPress.

That wasn’t enough, though. “Customer relations” obviously decided that Jason hadn’t had enough schoolyard reprimanding:

Website is not perfect, Life is not perfect…

If you would work in your pathetic life on a such big project in a such busy environment with so little resources, you would know that the most important is to have usual user behavior scenarios working rather than spending time on improbable and harmless things.

We very well know about these anomalies and unless it is not critical we are not going to sacrifice time to this.

If you would be a serious programmer you would know these things and would not post any of this on the web if you would think it can cause us troubles, but you would report to us directly.

Even you did not discover anything major you are still trying to benefit from this.

If I would be you I would think of consequences this can have.

If you would be a serious developer you would work out your About page as well. Or is this really about you? What is that bunch of links there? I could give my review of those websites and it would not be positive probably, but really I don’t know if you actually worked on them or what exactly you did and how big influence you had to make changes there. So keep working on yourself and don’t post bollocks.

Maybe if Ryanair wants to be a “serious airline” they should work on how their staff respond to online criticism. Of course, it could all be a hoax, or a wind-up, as there’s no way of knowing if all of these comments are from Ryanair staff. Some are. Still funny.

Jason retorts:

Ryanair UK staff – “report to us directly” .. sure, give me your direct phone number and name and ill report issues to you directly. Stop hiding behind your anonymity and office network. Low blows about me personally isn’t going to help your situation.

“If I would be you I would think of consequences this can have.” – That sounds quite threatening a tone to take from an employee on a company network. I have stated factual information, nothing else.

The next retort is pure ironic class:

Many of ordinary computer users/customers did find a way to report to us directly…
I am not entitled to deal with public nor have time…
It’s not about me, it’s about you…

It’s not a threat, its advice for you to present yourself better… but of course you think of threat straightaway, because that fits you better.

Defensive aggression of Ryanair stuff is less than offensive aggression of customers and each stuff member gains this gradually.

Offensive aggression of customers depends on customer’s ignorance, Ryanair restrictions, Ryanair policy, strictness and low prices as lower the prices are more people are traveling with bigger intellectual diversity.

OK, seriously, WTF?

To round it all off, Stephen McNamara from Ryanair has been quoted as saying:

“Ryanair can confirm that a Ryanair staff member did engage in a blog discussion.

“It is Ryanair policy not to waste time and energy corresponding with idiot bloggers and Ryanair can confirm that it won’t be happening again.

“Lunatic bloggers can have the blog sphere all to themselves as our people are far too busy driving down the cost of air travel”.

Honestly, this stuff makes me laugh almost as much as FAILBlog.

It’s not entirely clear whether Ryanair’s stance is that all bloggers are idiots (or, indeed, lunatics), or just some.

So, if you’re a blogger and want to correspond with Ryanair, my advice is not to bother. They don’t want to know. End of.

Right, I’m back off out in to the blog sphere where I’m free from lunatic travel companies.

(Via The Register)

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