Timeless Garden


This is a clock that’s called Timeless Garden and it was designed by Francesco Castiglione Morelli and Tommaso Ceschi.  Have you had the chance to ask a patch of grass the time?  :)  Well, this one could. REALLY!

I think this is genius work. No batteries nor are there any hidden plugs behind to connect to power source.  It’s just the patch of grass reacting with the soil and producing a small electrical charge to the LCD screen that displays the time.  I think this just proves how mother nature gives us clues to make living a little less of a negative impact on earth.

Aside from the time, it does “beautify” a nerds cubicle doesn’t it.  Nothing makes the mind a little less-stressed than seeing something grow in a soothing timid way.   Oh, puh-leez just keep growing regular grass alright! LOL.

But imagine the impact of this small invention affecting our lives in a huge way IF people would just think of alternative ways to generate energy than the traditional methods.  You’d see our carbon prints take a nose dive in a jiffy.


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