Universal magnetic stand made from recycled computer bits

universal magnetic stand Why spend out money on fancy stands for your laptop and other equipment when you can do something like Sasha Djuric has and make your own.

His Universal magnetic stand photo stream shows how he took some old monitor stands plus the strong magnets from a defunct hard drive to create a compact music workstation for his Eee PC and various bits of audio mixing gear.


This set-up wouldn’t work for everything, as you’d not want to be sticking magnets next to anything sensitive like tape drives or a working hard drive. That’s not a problem for the Eee PC as it uses a solid-state disk.

There’s something cool about building this kind of stuff from scratch. Sasha used leftovers from monitors that were installed in an info kiosk. You make something good from what you’ve got lying around. Even the glued on plates come from an old CD-ROM drive case and the rubber from a blood pressure meter.

Unique, too. You’ll never build another identical one even from much the same parts.


fibra’s universal magnetic stand flickr set (via CDM) Pics used with permission.

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