Giant Plush Microbes

Lovely cute giant microbes

Lovely cute giant microbes

Here at Forever Geek, we like to be completely inclusive – whatever kind of geek you might happen to be. I personally enjoy science. It’s with this in mind that I was completely captivated by the new Giant Microbes.

Of course, microbes tend to be extremely small – in fact completely invisible to the naked eye. The people at Plush have decided to bring these incredibly interesting micro-organisms to our view in the form of soft touch versions.

Naturally, all Giant Microbes are cute, interesting coloured and furry to appeal to mini-scientists of all ages (and geeks of an older age!). They make great gifts for anyone who happens to be under the weather and I’ve just ordered two of my favourites – the Red Blood Cell and Stomach Ache!


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    Hey Jim – these are cute! Where can I get them? I am trying to geekify my little brother and this is a great way to start, don’t you think? ;)


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