Original Xbox support discontinued, MS to upgrade in-warranty Xbox units to 360

Microsoft has announced that it is officially discontinuing out of warranty support for the original Xbox, officially ending the Xbox’s eight and a half year cycle. The Xbox’s production was officially ended in 2006.

According to the official Microsoft support site, all service repairs for the original Xbox video game systems “for which the warranty has expire will no longer be available.” Microsoft did say that other kinds of technical support, documentation and content will continue to be made available to customers through its web site. The company also said that original Xbox owners who need to have their units repaired and are still covered by the warranty can request for an upgrade to the Xbox 360. Pressed for more details, Microsoft said that the upgrade policy will allow for the upgrade of an in-warranty Xbox to a Factory Certified Repaired Xbox 360 Pro SKU. Their will be no fee to pay for the upgrade.

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