Memoir digital photo frame scans in your prints

memoir-photo-frame Digital photo frames aren’t a new idea any more, but here’s an idea that’s a little different.

Say you’ve got a load of printed photographs that you’ve never scanned in to your computer. Get hold of the Memoir FS80 frame which has a built in scanner.

Yeah, I know most people’s photos now exist almost exclusively in the digital realm, but there’s sure to be a stack of shots gathering dust from back in the days of analog.

The Memoir FS80 with 8-inch display can scan prints up to 15 x 10 cm (about 5 x 4 inches) at 600dpi, has 1GB of internal storage, has a 5-in-1 card reader and USB ports for transferring digital prints to and from the frame, and even an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of backlighting based on the light levels in the room.

It’s available priced around £178 ($220).

Product page

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