Three new DLCs for Valkyria Chronicles


Valkyria Chronicles is probably the best Japanese style RPG for the Playstation 3 platform right now. And with Final Fantasy XIII experiencing delays, Sega’s RPG will most likely lord over the Japanese RPG front for quite a while.

Sega obviously realizes that Valkyria Chronicles still has legs that’s why it announced that on April 16 it will make a available three downloadable content packs for the game.

Each pack, which will cost $4.99, and will address the different needs of gamers. Those who want a harder challeng when playing the game can get the Hard EX Mode pack. the EX Mode will significantly increase the difficulty level of enemies and players won’t have the use of the Edelweiss tank when battling the Imperial hordes.

The two other packs will extend the playing life of the game through new missions. Enter the Edy Detachment is a mission in which a six member squad has been separated from Squad 7 and will be tasked to defend a village. Behind Her Blue Flame, on the other hand, players will get to ply a young engineer fighting for the Imperial Army. These packs will definitely make Valkyria Chronicles players go back to the game and new ones will be enticed to really pick it up now.

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