Top Three Uses For Old Mouse Pads

mouse_pads And who said that you cannot be techie and help save the earth at the same time? That is pure rubbish, if I say so myself! There are so many tech products that are environment friendly, and there really is no excuse NOT to buy them. More so, there are many things that you can do to lessen your waste with regard to tech products.

How about those old mouse pads that you tend to have a lot lying around? I know for sure that I have at least five of those things at home. A thought just occurred to me earlier – you can use them for other things and reduce your waste. Here are my top three uses for old mouse pads.

I recently moved to a new condo and I have been shopping a bit for furniture and other odds and ends. I just realized that I do not even have to buy coasters as I can use my old mouse pads for them! How to convert a mouse pad to a coaster? Get a circular ashtray (or any other similar object), trace its edges on the mouse pad, and cut. Voila! You got yourself a coaster.

Padding for wobbly chairs
Now this might not look so cool but if you find yourself sitting on an uneven chair, and you start to frantically look for something to even the legs up, why not just cut up an old mouse pad and use it?

Padding for other heavy furniture
One thing that I hate when I move to a new place which is freshly painted is that the walls tend to get scratched easily. That is why I take great care in NOT putting tables, sofas, and cabinets up against the wall. To avoid scratching, I have discovered that cut up mouse pads can serve as a buffer between the walls and the furniture. Just use good old double sided tape and place the pads in strategic locations.


  1. Dawn says

    Great ideas! You got me thinking! Small circles and squares would be great under lamps, vases, etc, anything you want to protect your furniture from, and anything you want to keep from sliding around.

  2. Jeannie says

    when my house burned down and I was in a REAL bind, I used them cut into squares for dish scrubbies…you know the backs of mousey pads are rough :)

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