Take Pictures Even When You’re Alone With The Bottle Cap Tripod

p2328ex1 That sounds kinda pathetic, doesn’t it? Who takes pictures of themselves when they’re alone? HAH! I can name more than 10 people who do! Come on, you have to admit it – sometimes, you just feel like playing with your digital camera and uploading those narcissistic pictures onto Facebook or your blog.

Okay, maybe not everyone has that urge but I can think of countless other situations wherein the Bottle Cap Tripod will come in handy.

Say you and your hubby (or wife or partner) are on vacation together. Naturally, you would want pictures with both of you in them, right? Option one: have the waiter take pictures of you. Option two: have one of you (whoever has longer arms) take the picture. Option three: lug a tripod along (assuming you have one). Option four: Bottle Cap Tripod.

Other possibilities: group picture at the office, group picture during a night out drinking, etc.

So what makes the Bottle Cap Tripod advantageous over “real” tripods?

First, it’s just ₤6.95.

Second, it’s so small you won’t even feel that it’s in your bag.

Three, you don’t need specialized equipment to use it. Just pop it on top of any standard screw-top bottle and you’re ready to go. More than serving as a handy holder for your camera, the tripod also stabilizes the camera for clearer shots. More so, it pivots round 360 degrees, making sure that you can take picture from any angle, wherever the bottle may be.

Now imagine yourself on a field of grass having a picnic…I am sure you can find a bottle somewhere to hold your camera.

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