Bizarre Sony patent to detect viewer smiling and laughter

sony-patent-subsection This is an absolute must-see patent from Sony. Not only is the concept great but the drawing is absolutely priceless.

First, the concept: Sony thinks it can improve your game playing experience if it knows when you smile or laugh at something on screen.

It will do this by tracking bodily gestures and sounds via a camera and microphone connected up to a PlayStation 3, and may well handle other emotions as well.

These could be used as controllers for a game, or possibly extended to give some “Big Brother” feedback if you’re watching a film or TV programme.

I suppose there are many possibilities.

But now we come to the patent drawing itself. As well as a rather boring flowchart, we have this great diagram that makes me wonder just what went through the mind of the designer when he/she was drawing it. I guess most patents are fairly mundane affairs, and this was the only way to spice up an otherwise boring day.


Now, has anyone invented that machine?



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    I seem to recall a machine similar to that in the movie Caligula, except instead of feet they were leather straps, and the unclothed woman using it was peddling while facing it… you can guess what it was for.

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    I suppose such a system *could* be used to provide feedback to the viewer, although I would be suspicious of it being used to provide feedback either to the game developer or TV show producer. But I’m paranoid like that.

    I do like the drawing, it would be fun to have people try and guess what the drawing is trying to represent without any real context.


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