Icon abuse: R2-D2 becomes desktop trash can

r2-d2-trash-can One of Star Wars’ iconic characters — R2-D2 — has had the desktop accessory treatment and has been turned into a trash can.

Knowing this, the sad thing is that it’s so very easy to visualize how you’d flip his domed head up and pop in some old candy wrappers, bits of fluff, useless receipts and such like.

I suppose you could restore a little dignity to him and use him for storage rather than trash. He has accepted worthier causes in the past (R2-D2 wireless USB camera) as well as other demeaning tasks (R2-D2 pepper mill) so the choice is yours.

r2-d2-trash-can-flipped R2-D2 stands nearly 10 inches tall and is constructed from vinyl. A “foot pedal” placed in a rather intimate position is used to tilt his head up,

Here’s the kicker. Not only will it not be available until November, but it’s labelled “Japan Only”. Huh? Anyone on Etsy fancy making a knockoff version? How hard can it be?

See it at Geek Stuff (Via)

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