Burger Kings Windows 7 Value Meal Available in Japan

windows7whopper-lg Sorry for getting your hopes so high. I invented the title because I’m not really sure whether Burger King Japan is actually offering Windows 7 as part of a value meal package. But  what I know and perhaps you do to by now is the fact that Burger King has released (tech lingo when new products came out) a new Windows 7 Whooper version.

To make this new version of Whopper special, Burger King has stacked up 7 burger patties  in an normal Whooper. Of course that 7 is pretty much symbolic.

The Windows 7 Whopper  will cost you around $8.53, and it doesn’t come with a soda or any drink at all.

The Windows 7-Burger King promotional gig is part of a series of launch gig including the giving away of free copies of Windows 7 to the residents of the remote Dutch Village called Zevenhuisen (trans: “Seven Houses”)


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