Hankering For A Taste Of Rubik’s Cube

I am talking about literally tasting! No, I have not gone bonkers – why would anyone get a hankering for Rubik’s cube as a meal or a snack? Then again, you probably have not seen these wonderful concoctions yet.
rubiks cube cake 223x167 Hankering For A Taste Of Rubik’s Cube
Now does that look familiar? How about this other one?
tanya rubiks 223x318 Hankering For A Taste Of Rubik’s Cube
These are cakes that were made by some really creative AND geeky minds. Now who’s to say that creative and geeky do not go together?

The first cake was baked by Sarenea for someone’s piano recital. Her post says that the special guy is called Corvat (now that’s a nice name!) and I bet he got a thrill out of his surprise. The cake is a three-layer cake with white and green on the other sides. Now this Rubik’s cube is all solved, so it’s easy to dig in without worrying about how to solve the puzzle.

The second cake was made by Tanya for an 80’s themed party. It’s a chocolate cake and this is how she describes it, courtesy of Walyou:

The chocolate cake was cut from a 250 x 350 cm slab tin, each square is 6″ and 2″ high, the top two tiers are on a small cake board for support. Covered in chocolate buttercream and black fondant, the colored squares were cut using a ribbon cutter then adhered to the cake with a little water. I used a metal ruler to mark an indented line between each row. I would recommend using a real Rubik cube to get the colored squares in the right place, this cake is impossible to solve!

So which one do you prefer? Personally, I prefer Tanya’s, if only because the cube is unsolved.

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