Retrevo’s Take On iPhone Users

Are you crushing on someone who cannot be seen without his (or her) iPhone? Are you looking for ways to get his (or her) attention? Maybe capture his (or her) heart? Well, trust Retrevo to get you where you want to be. They conducted a “Gadgetology study,” where they were able to figure out what goes on in the brains of iPhone users. Here are some of the results to help you score.

Don’t strive too hard for that college degree – iPhone users place more value on the cool gadgets that you own anyway. If you were thinking to impress that guy or girl with a degree with lots of fancy words, chuck the idea. Just work hard to get money saved up to buy yourself a plethora of cool gadgets!

On a similar note, if you have “out-of-date” gadgets, forget your chances with an iPhone owner. The survey found out that one in three iPhone owners find old gadgets a turn off. So make sure you do not bring out that brick of a cell phone in front of them! Then again, perhaps you should just get an iPhone and forget all about everything else.

How’s this for irony: one out of four iPhone owners broke up with their partner for the simple reason that that partner spent too much time on his/her mobile device! I honestly don’t get this. I would have thought that the iPhone user would be spending way too much time on his/her toy as well.

For more of these “facts,” visit the whole article here.

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