Save space with the Three Dee Power Socket

Until such a time as wireless power becomes affordable and ubiquitous, we’re always going to struggle with the need for multiple power outlets for all the gadgets we run.


While this Three Dee Power Socket design concept can’t do anything to help about the tangle of wires that emanate from peripherals and turn into plastic spaghetti, it could at least save some space and make the power strip or extension cord redundant.

It’s especially useful when you have things that need to be plugged in and out on a regular basis, such as cellphone chargers, as it expands and contracts as required.

When you’ve only got one thing to plug in, it sits flush on the wall and accepts a single plug, just like a normal power outlet. However, when you want two or more plugs from a single socket, it pulls out.


Generally, I’m not a fan of the traditional “cube” power block, partly because the old-fashioned ones can actually be a bit of a hazard if they’re not used properly. However, this one looks much more sturdy because it’s built in to the wall rather than being a separate unit.

It doesn’t exist yet, but you never know: someone might try to construct it.



  1. SeanTapscott says

    The power outlets in my country definitely don’t look like that. I don’t see any references to what country your blog might be about. I’m guessing perhaps UK?

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