SuperTalent Leads the USB Pack with Ultra-Fast USB 3.0 ThumbDrive


How many thumb drives have you bought so far? I’ve got a couple of them and I would say that this tiny portable storage devices definitely come in handy for bringing along important files wherever I go. The problem is most thumb drives come with a transfer speed of around 480/mbps. And that could be slow especially when transferring around 4GB of data.

Enter SuperTalent’s RAIDDrive – a USB 3.0 powered thumb drive which brags of up a nominal 4.8GB/s transfer speed.  4.8GB/s? So now we’re talking.What’s cool about this thumb drive is that you can still plug into USB 2.0 ports and it works like your ordinary USB thumb drive with the same transfe speed as USB 2.0 drives.

But when you plug it into a proper USB 3.0, that’s when the transfer speed comes in.

The SuperTalent RAIDDrive is available in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities. It utilizes a “multiple pairs of differential serial data lines technology.” In non-geek term it simply means that the technology it employs boost the performance of the thumb drive significantly.

The SuperTalent RAIDDrive is scheduled for a December release. Pricing info is currently unavailable.


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