Feeling strong? Strap on a projector and take your gaming to the streets

I’ve just been sent this great video which shows the Extreme Gamer strapping on a PS3 Slim and an Epson EH-TW450 high definition video projector and then taking to the night streets to play Need for Speed.

You’d have to be pretty strong to do this, as not only do you have the weight of the hardware but also need a power pack.

This definitely works best at night (and presumably not when it’s raining!) because, bright though the projected image may be, it’s not going to look quite so good during the day.

The projector can display an image up to 318 inches (that’s 26.5 foot) diagonally. Pretty impressive and great for showing off on the sides of buildings.

Outside projection still has a definite cool factor, even though it’s so easy, but this takes things that little bit further.

I hope he packed his energy drinks.

Epson Extreme Gamer

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