FlipShareTV Lets You Watch Flip Video to your TV Screen

flipsharetv Available  today at Amazon and announced  by Walt of WSJ is Cisco’s  latest offering  – the FlipShare TV. If you dig wirelessly feeding videos from your PC or Mac onto your 32″ LCD TV then this device is for you.

Honestly, what I’m seeing here is that more YouTube videos will be finding their way on to TV screens, right after they are ripped off from the internet.

Well, however you may want to use it, or what ever video you want to watch, here are the features that you should look forward to in case you decide to get the FlipShare TV.

  • enjoy videos in your FlipShare library on your TV, in the comfort of your own home. This includes videos you’ve recorded using your Flip camcorder
  • wirelessly and automatically connects your TV to your computer in a snap, sans the intricacies of technical setup
  • browse and play back your videos on your TV using the included remote control
  • share  videos with your friends and family using the FlipShare software’s Flip Channel feature, even if they don’t own FlipShare TV
  • watch personal videos and photos that you’ve imported into your FlipShare library on your TV
  • HDMI output

Looks fun, eh? Well, if you’re planning to buy the FlipShare TV, you better place your order now at Amazon because there are only two stocks left. Not sure whether there will be more in time for Christmas.

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