Google makes it easier to review venues on the move

I’m sure, esteemed geeks as most of you are, you already check out reviews of restaurants, clubs and other venues online before you leave your speedy home Internet connection behind, or at least via your 3G or Wi-Fi cellphone on the move.

Sensible move, though it can be a pain to piece together a decent selection of opinions when the connection is poor.

google qr code Google makes it easier to review venues on the move

Enter Google — fresh from adding fading effects to the main search page — offering “Favourite Places on Google”.

Each chosen venue will now display a QR code in its window, which you can snap a photo of with the camera on your phone and then quickly get information and reviews from Google’s central repository.

Most phones can scan these codes, provided they have the relevant application or OS on board.

Yes, you could just type the name of the establishment into your mobile browser, but that defeats the object. You don’t want to be standing around outside looking like an idiot for too long.

Would you use this service or continue to take a Google-free chance that you might get a bad meal?



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