Setgo Transport Urban Bag

transport base 223x223 Setgo Transport Urban Bag Here is a shout out to my Santa Clauses out there – I want a Setgo Transport Urban Bag for Christmas (among other things)! One thing that I noticed about myself is that I always – always – go out with a bag of some sort. I do not know if it’s a girl thing because some of my girliest friends go out without a bag, but I know I cannot go out without one. I have a place to put all my stuff – electronic toys included.

That’s why when I saw this urban bag (why it’s called urban, I am not entirely sure), I knew I had to let the Universe know about my wish. As you can see, the bag isn’t really much of a bag – it’s more of a sash for all your gadgets. The specifications from their web site:


Two quick access pocket for Cell/Blackberry/iPod
Inside zip-up pocket
Inside slide in metro card

Three internal pockets for gear storage
Large main zip-up Pocket
External pocket

Sleep/Sturdy Drill Nylon
Highly Durable Strapping

It may not be meant for women (looks like a guy wearing that bag to me) but I suppose it will do just fine. Imagine carrying only this thing on your person while walking around. Whether it’s exploring a new city or a country town, this bag will be perfect for everything that I need. For those in the US, the bag can be delivered before the 25th of December – perfect for Christmas! It goes for $79.

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  2. –> thanks for the heads up. Fixed!


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