Cheap phone modelled on Coca-Cola cup

Apparently there’s something to be said for making your gadgets less desirable to thieves. This usually involves not waving your shiny new cellphone around and shouting in it, but it can also include disguising them so they look like crap.

Take this landline phone modelled on a takeout Coca-Cola cup. Yes, really. In fact, it’s a double whammy because, at $6.64, it really is cheap.

The keypad is on the bottom of the cup and laid out in old-fashioned dial formation. The earpiece and microphone are located above and below the Coca-Cola logo. To hang up a call, simply stand the cup upright on a desk.

It would be great if the fake straw was an aerial, but in fact this isn’t a wireless model. In fact, that’s the giveaway that you’re really talking on the phone and not whispering sweet nothings into a plastic cup. Your friends and family may not think you’re quite so mad after all (just a bit).

I think I’ll stick to my iPhone.

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